This beautiful PA black bear cub gave some serious thought to joining me in my tree stand during an archery whitetail hunt in Dushore, Pa. His curiosity gave me just enough time to grab my camera and fire off this 'shot'. He quickly joined his sister in a nearby tree and we three hunted out the evening together.

On the Scent

Black Dog and white snow made for a great shot as we strolled through the woods and he caught the scent of something under the snow.

Caught it all by herself!

5 year old Makenzie Detter was fishing a private pond with her Dad & Grandfather when she grabbed a worm, baited a hook with it, and cast out. The worm barely got wet before this lunker snatched it up. Makenzie set the hook and reeled it in, all by herself.

Louisiana Sunrise

Great Louisiana sunrise looking over the spread.

Giant Brown on the Firehole River Gets us in Hot Water

My good friend Gary Rudy (pictured) and I were fishing Yellowstone when a small rainbow caught by Gary was suddenly engulfed by this monster 25″ brown. With only a #18 beadhead miraculously in its jaw, we had to beach the fish fast and the only place was a small hotspring. I had to reach in to corral the fish but barely got it to the grass before scalding my hands! Now that’s a a “hot fish”!

Dean Mueller and his Piebald turkey

My father, Dean Mueller, took this turkey with his bow this weekend in Fayette County, Iowa.

No Dad, I will carry him.

All that I asked was can I give you a hand, do you want me to carry him out to the truck? I should have known better:)I thought this would make a nice picture. This was her first hunt of hopefully many many more.

“Catch and Release”

Just a reminder from the photo I submitted last year—If you do not want to shoot your spring Tom “Catch and Release” him.
The last time My friend went out fishing was when here dad took her when she was 5. Now in college with nothing better to do on a Saturday we decided to go down to the river and this is what she pulled out.

Bear den after dark

Bear den located 200 yards from our house, photo taken with Bushnell trail cam. Mom is checking the den to be sure the cubs are safely inside for the night.

Bear den action

Mom and 4 cubs (yes, 4) exploring the area around their winter home.

Bear den activity

Photo taken with Busnell trail cam of a mom and 4 cubs by their den. Den is located only 200 yards from our house, great viewing opportumities!

Big Ol Big Mouth

My beautiful wife caught this 6.25lb 22 incher at a small lake in CO on a 1/8oz trout spoon. I figure it’s one of the biggest bass in the lake. I can catch the numbers, but she always gets the big ones.

Wild Turkey

The Turkey is letting me get closer after just a few days. In this shot he is backlit during a recent sunset.

citation blue cat

60 pound blue cat, caught on cut mudshad. Virginia citation fish.

First big Fish

My father recently found this photo of me and my first bass – taken in 1960 when I was 10 years old – I got the reel from a special from Wheaties.
My son Nathan caught this nice 24lb cat while out with some friends in March; we were targeting spawning catfish. Between the 5 of us, we caught 6 cats between 5lb and 24lbs in about 2 hours. Thanks to my friend Chuck for sharing one of his tried and true spots with us.

It’s training season for Boise

Boise had her first duck season last Fall. Here were are in Spring 2012 and she is training for what promises to be a great bird season this coming Fall when she, her brother, Buck, and our family makes trails to the Dakotas (for pheasant) and other regions. In the meantime, she enjoys days full of fun, training, hunt tests and a spot on the couch at night…

Sheep hunting in the Brooks Range, AK

Only one shot was needed, the bullet landed center mass mid-level about one inch in front of the heart, penetrating both lungs. The ram took 3 steps, went down and never got back up. We ranged the distance at 255 yards at about a 15 degree angle downward. I was shooting a 25-06 that was sited in at 100 yards. Aimed about 8 to 10 inches above the shoulder blades

before the storm

this was in greeneville tn about 6:30pm before a big storm came in and this ol tom was gobblin his head off to the thunder and about anything else! this was an awesome hunt and an amazing picture in my book. thanks damien paysinger
March 31, 2012 first day stocking at local Creek. My dog watched that fish everyday and then pounced….. She was so happy she pranced on the land that the creek over looks 🙂

Big Hybrid Stripper

Caught this pig on a small suspended stickbait.The fish took about 40 yards of line and was a battle to land with small spinning rig with 4lb test.

23″ – 10+ pounds

Caught on the Lake at Buxton Ranch –

Idaho Steelhead

A great day on the Clearwater river!

Spring Turkey Hunt

Eastern turkey hunting in Oklahoma. Set up below a ridge line of trees.Called the gobbler down and waited till he broke the grass line and continued our conversation until we met. I love turkey hunting!

Big Tom

7am. 2nd season. I had a hen and B-Mobile set up. I started on my slate call and worked 2 Toms right up. They went straight for B-Mobile jumped on top of him and started attaching! I waited to shoot the bigger bird. My morning was over by 7:13am. This bird weighed 23lbs, had an 11in beard and 1in talons. My best yet!

Typical ice this past “winter”…

Take a look….ugh…

Pulled over for lunch

Don’t you wish your lunch spot looked like this?
My 2yr old son casted out a brim and let it swim for awhile. Next thing we knew he was holding on the pole and trying not to fly off the dock. He worked this big boy in all on his own. So proud
I called in this 2 year old to my little brother Sunday morning of the Youth Season here in Ohio. It was his first tom with 1 in spurs and a 9 in beard.

Current brown

Great color on this fish

bucket mouth

catch and release largemouth. My daughter and I shared in the fight. She insisted on holding it for the photo! 18″, no scale but guessing 4# range.

My little girl Likes Steelhead

My Dad, and I Tagged two Fish. the rest We released

L. Michigan’s bipolar side…

Loc.= Manitowoc, WI harbor A.O.
My buddy had me take this pistol off of him to do some research on it, as well as clean her up a bit. She was pretty dirty, and had some superficial rust in a few places. I did a complete strip of the parts, and I am happy to say, after some cleaning, this Remington Rand could take the beaches at Omaha if she wanted to. Mechanically this pistol locks up like a bank vault.

Deer in Late Evening Fog

These deer were in a field behind my home. Photo was taken late evening. Sun had peaked out after a rain shower, creating some fog. What you do not see are a pair of geese in the area that had the deer curious.


After I landed my first brook trout and a respectable brown trout, I rounded the day off with a Trifecta by catching a rainbow. Probably the first and last time I will be able to pull it off.

Ally’s First Turkey!!

My niece Ally nailed her first turkey. It took a few shots but she got it done. He had a 10.5 inch beard, weighed 21 pounds and had .75 inch spurs…..a nice 2 year old bird.
While fishing on Truman Lake,Deepwater branch, we caught a 77lb flathead monster catfish our first day checking jugs! It took all 3 of us to get him in the boat. Best fishing trip of our lives!!

Stephens Big Catch

2nd Cast in on a local friends farm and my brother caught this huge one!! We didnt have a scale or anything to weigh it on but it was massive! Awesome catch! Really proud!
Five year old Leland went up on the Chattooga River with his mom and his Papa. They were fishing near the Walhalla Fish Hatchery. His papa helped him cast his line. They thought he had gotten hung on the rocks. But he caught his 1st 18 inch Rainbow trout. You can now say he is Hooked!!

Old Goat!

Spotted this pronghorn about 2 miles away and the stalk was on! Snuck within about 100 yards and the rest is history. We estimated him to be about 7 years old, he didn’t have very many teeth left!

Spear Fishing

39 inch northern speared by my younger brother. So far he had missed three northerns within a week that were ten pounds or bigger apparently the fourth time is the charm.

her first ever fishing Tournament. She won!!

she was so excited to get the first place trophy. they have this every year and she is so happy to compete year after year… she is hooked.

Provo River Brown

Had a great time fishing the other day. Caught all my fish on midge larvae and caddis larvae imitations.

Farm Pond Lunker

I caught this 8 lb. 4 0z. largemouth bass in a two acre pond swimming a 1/2 oz. black and blue football head jig with a black and blue super chunk craw trailer in about 3′ of water at 2:00 in the afternoon. My rod was a carrot stick and I was using 30 lb. Spider Wire Stealth braid. This was my first trophy bass.


Picture from the Blackrock rock fall on the Appalachian Trail outside Charlottesville, VA

Tagged Three, and friend tagged one

an ok day. Caught most of native fish. But got a few keepers

Clearwater river steelhead

A good day on the river in Orofino, Idaho.
After missing this turkey in the morming, the evening hunt was more successful.

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