Fly Fishing photo
Ogden Pleissner
Angler and Guide (Kill Devil Run): Oil on academy board, ca. 1938. Ogden Pleissner
Beaverkill Bridge: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1952. The reverse of this work is inscribed, “Scene near Rockland, Sullivan County, NY.” The Beaverkill, which runs 44 miles through the Catskill mountains before emptying into the Delaware River, is one of the most hallowed streams in the east. Ogden Pleissner
Woodcock Country: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1960. Ogden Pleissner
The Battenkill at Benedict’s Crossing: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1970. Benedict’s Crossing, located near the old Benedict Farm in West Arlington, Vermont, has long been an access point for Battenkill anglers. Ogden Pleissner
Sketch for The Battenkill at Benedict’s Crossing: Pencil on paper, ca. 1977. Pleissner destroyed most of his pencil sketches. This is a rare example of a detailed sketch he later worked into the finished watercolor shown in the previous slide. Ogden Pleissner
Blue Boat on the Ste Anne: Watercolor on paper, 1958. The Ste Anne River on Quebec’s Gaspe Peninsula is renowned for its clear turquoise waters and big salmon. Ogden Pleissner
Clouds Rising–Pinto Lake, The Wind River Range, Wyoming: Oil on Canvas, 1937. Pleissner painted a number of oils of this spectacular and remote mountain lake in the Wind River Range. Ogden Pleissner
Evening at the Forks Pool: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1952. Ogden Pleissner
Untitled [Anglers and Float Plane]: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1945. This watercolor was probably done for Hercules or a similar gunpowder company. This atypical work, set in the American South, is painted in a loose, impressionistic style. Pleissner painted many airplanes during World War II, but this is his only known sporting painting that includes a plane. Ogden Pleissner
Untitled [Salmon Gaffing]: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1936. Ogden Pleissner
Glacier Country, Wyoming: Watercolor on paper, 1940. This depicts the outlet of Ross Lake, Wyoming, which sits at 9,765 feet in the Wind River Range. Pleissner painted a number of oils and watercolors of this scene, with and without fishermen. Ogden Pleissner
Leaping Salmon: Watercolor on paper, 1940. Ogden Pleissner
The Lye Brook Pool: Watercolor on paper, 1971. Lye Brook flows into the Battenkill just south of Manchester, Vermont. Ogden Pleissner
Old Orchard Cover: Watercolor on paper, ca. 1958. Ogden Pleissner
Passing Pintails: Drypoint etching printed on paper, 1942. Ogden Pleissner
Pico Mountain Middle Camp, Grand Cascapedia: Watercolor on paper, 1938. In 1938, Joseph Schlotman, a prominent Detroit banker and philanthropist, invited Pleissner to fish and sketch at Middle Camp, his camp on the Grand Cascapedia. Pleissner completed three watercolors after his visit. Schlotman is the fisherman seated at the center of this work. Ogden Pleissner
Reflections: Drypoint etching printed on paper, 1942. Ogden Pleissner
River Blind: Watercolor on paper, 1940. Ogden Pleissner
The River Warden: Watercolor on paper, 1941. Ogden Pleissner
The Bank Pool, Kedgewick River, New Brunswick: Oil on canvas, 1938. The Kedgewick is a tributary of the Restigouche River. Ogden Pleissner
The Rapids: Oil on canvas, 1938. Pleissner painted this oil in his New York studio, working from sketches and experiences fishing for salmon in the rivers of New Brunswick. Ogden Pleissner
The River at Evening: Drypoint etching printed on paper, 1942. Ogden Pleissner
Upper Camp Pool: Watercolor on paper, 1940. Ogden Pleissner
Wind Clouds: Watercolor on paper, 1940. This work depicts a landlocked salmon fishing scene in the Grand Lake Stream region of northeastern Maine. Ogden Pleissner
Wind River, Wyoming: Oil on canvas, 1935. Ogden Pleissner