Fly Fishing photo
Denver Bryan
Flyfishing. It’s a graceful sport…for the most part. But just because someone can whip a 5-weight rod and raise a trout in a pool 50 yards away doesn’t mean he can do it every time. It doesn’t mean his fancy felt-soled wading boots won’t lose traction in 20-degree water. It doesn’t mean his custom rod won’t snap. So we decided to take a look at the uglier side of fly fishing with a little photo support from Denver Bryan. Denver Bryan
A winter trip to the trout stream always sounds like a fun time. The crowds aren’t around, the scenery is fantastic. But things change we you start having trouble with tasks that would be no trouble any other time of year. Take, for example, walking. Wet boots plus cold snow equals platform shoes. Denver Bryan
Think you’d rather float than wade in the winter? It could work out, but Mother Nature might also tell you to try again later. Denver Bryan
Even if you do get on the river in the winter, don’t bank on your gear being much help. Denver Bryan
And speaking of gear letting you down, remember that regardless of the time of year, rods can only take so much abuse. So go easy on them. No one has invented the SUV proof rod just yet. Denver Bryan
Or a rod that likes tree branches. Denver Bryan
Waders don’t offer much in the way of padding. Denver Bryan
Float boats don’t always offer much in the way of sure footing. Denver Bryan
The difference between losing your last wooly bugger – yeah, the only flies that’s worked all day – and losing your last pumpkin-seed crankbait is that the crankbait will mostly likely be at the bottom of a lake, but the bugger you can see. It taunts you from high above. It dares you to try and get it back. Sometimes you accept the challenge. Denver Bryan
Fly fishing will eventually cause you to go legally blind. Denver Bryan
Don’t go there. Of course, we all have this problem. Denver Bryan
Differentiating between sips and rain drops ain’t easy. Denver Bryan
On the downside, you might have to replace lost wading boots more often than you think. On the upside, fly fishing brings friends closer together. Denver Bryan
So what if it’s barbless? It still hurts, man. Denver Bryan
After all that hard work, drift after drift in that run, your victory shot ends up sucking because your trophy won’t cooperate. Denver Bryan