big hook jaw PA brown trout.

Montana monster brown

I caught this behemoth (somewhere in the 32″ & 13-15lb range) brown from a seldom fished dredge pond left over from the gold mining days in the late 1800’s. The only reason I was able to land him on my 8ft 4 weight fly rod was because after taking my wooly bugger he alligator rolled himself right up to my fly line which was wrapped around him like a lasso.

Fishing in the paradise of a mountain lake

This photo was taken while driving around Telluride, Colorado when I came across Trout Lake, which is just a few miles outside Telluride, at sunset during the Aspen fall colors.

Biggest Trout in My Life Time

Fly fishing the Gallatin River in the middle of a blizard on the forth of march 2009.  I hooked into this monster 31 inch brown trout on my 5 wt throwing my personal streamer pattern the “kitchen Sink”. It is truley a fish of a life time. I had pictures and measurments taken and then released the trout to fight another day.
An avid outdoorsman from his birth in TN in 1904 until his death in ID in 1988. He loved to fish Idaho’s trout streams.

Biggest rainbow I have ever seen personally

Dr Jerry Han holding an 18# 3oz rainbow caught on 1.03.09… on a special fly that Dr Han ties exclusivly. The fish was caught in sub zero weather on the 3rd of January, 2009 in the Columbia River. We caught numerous trout over five pounds, more than 10. It was unbelievable.

Henry’s Fork

Fishing Henry’s Fork at sunset.

Beautiful redside with salmon fly in its mouth.

Salmon fly season brings out some of the prettiest fish on the river.

Underwater rainbow.

Cool photo of a rainbow about to be released on the Deshutes river Oregon.

Black lab admires a nice rainbow on the Deschutes river Oregon.

Nice day fishing for steelhead using jig and bobber method when a nice Deschutes redside rainbow ate my black jig. Fish was released unharmed to fight another day. Photo by Justin Hanson.

Hug and release.

My Dad with a much deserved lake trout.

Michigan Hex Brown

Caught this river brown during a huge hex hatch in northern Michigan, June 2008.

Butterfly laker

One of 26 lakers caught on a spectacular day of fishing in the Northwest territories, Canada.

Brown Trout of the North Fork, Missouri

I took my dad night fly fishing on the North Fork of the White River with a big stogie and big browns.

PA Rainbow Trout

This fish was caught on one of my best days of fishing. Only two hours before I caught this fish I caught a 23″ rainbow trout, which was my biggest trout I ever. This fish was bested by this beauty, which was 25.5″ and weighed 7.25 pounds.

Halloween Brown Trout

I caught this brown trout on Halloween 2008 using a purple estaz fly.

Lunch Break, TN River Otters

On a recent trout fishing trip to the Hiawasse River, in Reliance,Tn. I obsevred 3 rivers otters feeding & playing about, for the better part of the afternoon, these 2 climbed up on a rock close by and feasted on rainbow trout for lunch. I caught my limit of trout as well. It was fasinating to watch these mischievous critters in their natural setting.

Solitude on the Little Juniata

Early morning fishing for WIld Brown trout on the Little Juniata River.

My Greatest Accomplishment

We were fishin at our normal spot in Cooper’s Creek which is in Suches, Ga. My drag took off and after about a 30 min fight, I saw this huge fish roll up. I ordered my boyfriend to get in there and get it out. He threw it on the bank and the hook popped out. It measure 26 inches and weighed about 8 pounds.

Housy Brown

I caught this brown in the Swifts Bridge area on a size 14 Prince Nymph on the Housatonic River at the very end of summer

First Fish

These fish were caught by Jevin Davis age 6. They are perfect pan fryers. They were caught through the ice on as small creek. They are brook trout and were caught in Wisdom Montana>
I caught this brown trout in Olcott, Ny. It was caught on a 7wt fly rod with 6 pound tippet using sucker spawn.

Kids fishing tournament

My son William and Nephew Landon with their stringers of rainbows at a local fishing tournament for kids. William won second place for his age group and took home a nice trophy and prizes, not bad for a 2 year old.