2007 Best Galleries

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2007 Best Galleries
The Buck of a Lifetime
Wildlife photographer Bill Kinney spent eight falls, his life savings, and too much of his career photographing one of the most magnificent wild whitetails we’ve ever seen captured on film. Watch here as the deer grows from stripling forkhorn to massive king-of-the-woods. Bill Kinney
2007 Best Galleries
Return of the Booth Babes
From the 2007 SHOT Show floor. We just couldn’t help ourselves. And, judging from the number of clicks this story received this year (see the sideabar at right), neither could you. Jaime Santa
2007 Best Galleries
Bucks In Love
Photographer Charles Alsheimer spent two days capturing this rut sequence, in which a 140-class eight-point fights off his rivals for the affections of an estrous doe. Charles Alsheimer
2007 Best Galleries
Flathead Wrestling Is Not For Sissies
Nothing says Oklahoma like diving into a muddy lake (wearing overalls) and dragging an angry catfish out of its hole using nothing but your bare hands. Lee Kjos photographed six-time noodling champion Don Brewer catching a 62-pounder in Lake Eufaula. Lee Kjos
2007 Best Gallereis
Baja by Bike
Why would anyone take on 2,000 miles of Mexican highway, teenage guards carrying automatic weapons, and the risk of death by donkey? To reach one of the most fertile fisheries left on the planet. Tim Romano
2007 Best Galleries
Bear Vs. Wolf: Fighting Over A Caribou Kill
Photographer Donald M. Jones captured this great series of a sow grizzly and her two cubs stealing a bull ‘bou from a couple of wolves in Alaska’s Denali National Park in 2004. ¿¿ Donald M. Jones
2007 Best Galleries
Hogzilla Or Wilbur? Solving The Mystery Behind The Latest ‘Giant Boar’
Is this new world-record-sized hog the heir to the great Hogzilla? The answer depends on who you ask … and how loosely you define “wild” and “feral.” Kirk Deeter, on assignment for Field & Stream, has the dirt on this monster swine story. Courtesy of Bill Coursey
2007 Best Galleries
Whitetails Unlocked
We love this story from South Dakota readers Terry and Sherry Bolding, who rescued the enormous whitetail buck in the photo above from certain death by starvation. Terry and Sherry Bolding
2007 Best Galleries
Losing Game: Energy Development in Wyoming’s Upper Green River Basin
The Theodore Roosevelt Conservation Partnership’s energy policy manager and an aerial photographer hired by Field & Stream took to the skies in May to see how natural gas drilling is affecting western wildlife habitat. Here’s what they found. Cameron Davidson