We've received hundreds of photos from readers since our trail cam contest began back in April. There were four categories: Best Deer photos, Best Non-Deer photos, Funniest photos, and the Best Attempt to Cheat Bushnell out of $1 Million (in which we asked our readers to send us their best trail-cam Sasquatch impersonations). Each month we gave away a pair of Bushnell binoculars to the winners in each of these categories. Now, at the end of the year, we're giving away our grand prizes: One Bushnell Trail Scout Pro (a $480 value!) for the best photo in each category. Check them out (along with runners-up in each category) by clicking through the slides at left! **
Grand Prize Winner: Best Deer**
We get plenty of photos with deer and owls. But when we got one of an owl sending a deer flying instead of the other way around, we had to make it the winner. Josh Moore of LaGrange, Georgia caught this on his trail cam. none
Deer Photos Runner-Up: John Aucker captured these two bucks in a head-on collision on his trail cam in Beavertown, Pennsylvania.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Brian Branham got this photo of a buck claiming a hilltop in Catlettsburg, Kentucky.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Zach Allsup’s trail cam captured these two bucks, battling for leverage in Iowa.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Bob Ruse of Walla Walla, Washington sent in this amazing photo his trail cam caught of a buck reflected in a lake. It looked real enough to us, what do you think?
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Nick Pallo of Palmyra, New York found this picture of a buck with a little extra luggage on his trail cam.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Troy Rarick of Alberta, Canada got a closeup shot of this buck in the winter woods.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Randy had his trail camera set just right to get these monster racks fading against the setting sun in Vale, Oregon.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Bill Costin’s trail cam caught this big buck in Aubrey, Texas.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: Chad Patton caught this buck on his trail camera in Harrisburg, Illinois.
Deer Photos Runner-Up: This big buck stared right into Josh Delger’s camera in Brookings, South Dakota.
Non-Deer Photos Winner: Battling bucks is one thing, but it’s not everyday you see moose locking antlers. That’s why we chose this photo, from Van Christiansen in Ogden, Utah, as our winner.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Joe Le Boeuf Of La Marque, Texas captured this coyote chasing a raccoon up a tree on his trail camera.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: DJ Rankosky of Kalispell, Montana got this picture of an owl feasting on a carcass.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Nick Hayes of Whiteville, North Carolina caught this hawk mid-flight on his trail cam.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Mike Chippie of Windber, Pennsylvania caught this spectacular image of two bears mid-battle on his trail cam.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: This bear walked right in front of Kevin Gledhill’s trail cam in Carlisle, Pennsylvania.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Jean Souza’s trail cam caught this fox’s eye in Virginia.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Paul Hanslik got this shot of a coyote howling on his trail cam in Moulton, Texas.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Andy G. Of Slippery Rock, Pennsylvania captured this bear scratching an itch.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Tracey Rogers of Bethel, Vermont captured this hungry cat licking its chops on her trail cam.
Non-Deer Photos Runner-Up: Chad Berry in Medical Lake, Washington caught one bear following another.
Funny Photos Winner: This photo of a crew of raccoons sneaking up on a bedded buck was the funniest one sent in. Phil captured the shot on his trail cam in Newton, Kansas.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: This buck was caught with its tongue flapping in the breeze on Bob Ruse’s trail cam in Walla Walla, Washington.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: A doe gets up close and personal with Brian Bleam’s trail cam in Allentown, Pennsylvania.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: A curious squirrel investigates Doug Torok’s camera in Meadville, Pennsylvania.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: This buck was caught with some head-lettuce by Shelby McGary’s trail cam in Flushing, Ohio.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: A big raccoon gave this doe quite a scare and Frank Pallo of Hawk Run, Pennsylvania captured it on his trail cam.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: A reader using the handle Lundliker caught this raccoon-deer stare-down on his trail cam in Dodgeville, Wisconsin.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: Kevin Etter’s trail cam captured a deer taking a brutal hoof-shot to the head in Princeton, West Virginia.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: Something out of this shot captured the attention of both this doe and this raccoon on Brian Branham’s trail cam in Catlettsburg, Kentucky.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: Lynn Sheehan captured an acrobatic bear on her trail cam in Dallas, Pennsylvania.
Funny Photos Runner-Up: Michael Griffiths’ trial cam caught two deer duking it out in Kingsville, Maryland.
Sasquatch Photos Winner: It’s one thing to capture a shot of Sasquatch in the wild, but when Erik Stenbakken of Greeley, Colorado sent us this photo of Bigfoot rocking out to his I-Pod we had to give him first prize.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Pete Morgan of Bradford, Pennsylvania.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Betty of Kane, Pennsylvania.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Tony Gattas of Germantown, Tennessee.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Erik Stenbakken Of Greeley, Colorado.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Jeff Bender of Ebensburg, Pennsylvania.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Steve Stein of Salem, Illinois.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Danny Cornwell of Mt. Nebo, West Virginia.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by a reader using the handle “JRtaxidermist9,” of Indiana, Pennsylvania.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Gunner Benavente of Wolf Point, Montana.
Sasquatch Photos Runner-Up: Submitted by Shawn Mcleod of Ronan, Montana.