32hrs of tattooing on a 24" arm done by Layn Hamilton of Coeur d' Alene ,Idaho.

Alaska-Yukon Moose that is 70″ wide and scores 238 B&C

My friend and I went on a ten day unguided float trip north of Fairbanks in September. On the fifth day of the trip we had stopped and called for an extended period of time where there was good moose sign. After getting no response we continued floating and went around a bend about 100 yards downstream and this magnificent bull presented me with an 80 yard shot.

Biggest rainbow I have ever seen personally

Dr Jerry Han holding an 18# 3oz rainbow caught on 1.03.09… on a special fly that Dr Han ties exclusivly. The fish was caught in sub zero weather on the 3rd of January, 2009 in the Columbia River. We caught numerous trout over five pounds, more than 10. It was unbelievable.

Pass it down!

This is my buddy and his Daughter Goose hunting in Colorado with me in 2008.

Faithful Hunting Buddy

Duck hunting in northern Minnesota fall of 2008.

Peeping Tomcat

Eating breakfast, we looked out the window and saw our neighbor’s city cat sneaking a peek at some early morning wildlife action. It’s not often you see this in Portland, Oregon!

Best Bass

I caught this the same day my brother caught his big pike. It was 5+pounds and i wanted it on my wall. Of course it was returned unharmed. One of my best bass yet.

Baby Gator Attacking Bobber

My granddaughter and I were fishing for blue gill with crickets. Everytime we would cast the line in the water, the baby alligators would swim out and attach the bobber.

Gator with hog in his jaws

This big Gator crossed a road near Mims Fla. with a large pig in his mouth.

Bringing Back the Long Rods

This photo was taken just as the ice was leaving the Rainy River which spills into Lake of the Woods in northern Minnesota. With ice still lining the shore of the river we managed to latch onto this massive walleye. Since the ruler only goes up to 30 inches our best bet was this pig was all of 31 inches if not more. It was caught by my buddy Jason using a jig and shinner.

Brown Trout of the North Fork, Missouri

I took my dad night fly fishing on the North Fork of the White River with a big stogie and big browns.

California Trophy

This California Roosevelt Elk was the first big game animal I have ever shot. He scores 322 6/8 B&C.;

Ice Snapper

I was walk through the woods one cold day and while walk through a flooded portion I spotted this turtle under the ice. A older friend of mine told me that when he was a kid they use to go searching for turtles like this and then chop through the ice with axe, grab the turtle before it gets away from the whole, and put the turtle in a gunny sack for turtle mulligan.
Taken in a marsh on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He popped up out of the marsh grass and I laid him back down. He has white legs and spotted muzzle, chest and belly. Biggest trophy buck I have ever taken and a piebald at that!

Zeke’s Live Catch

Zeke the Wonder Dog snags a pheasant out of mid air before it has a chance to fly away.

Nap Time in The Swamp

Opening day of duck season. Buddies of mine decided to take a nap while there was a some down time in the action.

January Goose Hunt

Last day hunt with the boys. Frozen toes, 13 geese, and a whole lot of fun.

Successful Squirrel Hunt

We took advantage of a couple of warm January days in Michigan to go squirrel hunting. Our 2 year old son Ruger loves to hunt and help clean game-both big & small. This picture is father and son, hunting buddies for life.

Big buck making rub at last light

This big buck came in to the rub on the left at last light 10-27-08. Never was seen during the season. Nearby homeowner has seen him after the season closed. He’s still out there and will be bigger next year. Disreguard the date on the pic. Forgot to reset date on the camers.

Hawk after trapped Squirrel

I trapped this squirrel in my box trap, and a red-tailed hawk spotted it and thought it was a free meal. The hawk didn’t get the squirrel, the squirrel bit the hawk’s foot and it eventually flew away.

Huge Smallie

One of my best friends with a huge smallie caught this past summer on a yearly fishing trip.

Squirrel Doggin’ in the South

Dogs are tellin’ on a bushy tail that was a little hard to spot! This is one of my favorite pictures of my best 3 hunting buddies.

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