We were fishing on vacation in Maine when my husband caught and released this lake trout. It sufaced a few minutes later about 50 feet from the boat. A bald eagle was coming down for it when my dog, Hunter, jumped in and retrieved it for us. He loves to go fishing and swimming.
I caught this big bass with a Zebco 202 rod and reel in small lake near (the town of) Lady Lake Florida. The bait was a live Bream. The fish was never weighed but dad guessed 10-12 lb. She was full of roe and had been gutted when this pic was taken.

First deer with a bow

My first deer with a bow. Scored at 200 4/8. Was a Unicorn deer.

First Moose

While on a hunting trip in Alaska my husband, Charles Buckel, shot his first moose. It weighed 1600 pounds with a spread of 64 14 inches. His brother Paul, who resides in Alaska spotted for him as in some spots the bruch was taller than they were. This was the first time my husband ever went to Alaska or moose hunting. Not a bad trophy for a first time.

Another nice turkey photo

Used a Browning BPS 10 guage to down this Tom. Recoil from that gun was BRUTAL so traded for Benelli SBE. Been happy ever since. Like this one many of my pics are taken using a timed shutter release and a tripod.

What its all about.

Hanging out on the lake after a day of fishing – the sun is starting to peak through the clouds in God’s country up north. Very few people take the time to appreciate the finer things in life, that snapshot is a little reminder of what we look forward to each spring when the snow melts.

South Texas battlin’ bucks

First afternoon of 3 day hunt, got to photograph buck fight, my rifle was not even loaded at this time

What Pheasants

Payne and I went pheasant hunting, but no luck. We covered some great grown around Lincoln NE

Giant Mexican Needlefish

I caught this beauty in the sea of Cortez while fishing near La Paz Mexico. I later learned that this fish was within a few pound of a world record.

The Alaska Oil Pipeline

On a moose hunt in 1985 I took a pic of the pipeline near Delta Junction, AK. This is facing South toward the Alaska Range at the 562 mile marker.
Wyatt caught this fish on his birthday on the 1st day of the spring turkey hunt in 2007. A bad day of hunting turned into a good day of fishing. He has his dad beat by 1/2 lb. This was the fish of a lifetime for a 7 year old.

management buck

Texas hunt, management buck

Montana Bull

The fish of my life… so far… from the Bob Marshall

Facing the sunset

I came across this lady on my way home from work the other day. We were both admiring the sunset. She didn’t seem too bothered by me.

Mulie buck

This buck was standing off the road last summer, was able to get a picture of him. Though he had great potential.
Was invited to fish at an Amish farm pond in Bryant, Indiana. A great honor.

Small Mouth – Eagle River, WI

I caught this big old pig on a float trip down the Eagle River, WI. He fought so hard that he was towing the canoe all the way around the lake.

Another Great day of Shed Hunting

My lab with a nice 5point shed.

Through the fog

On the way to a blacktail kill.


Another one of my dad’s stained glass pieces.