This guy was in the back yard last spring.

“Close” Call

While practicing my turkey call, I got this one in to about 3 feet!

Cold Turkey Hunt

Mid-December turkey hunt in eastern Kansas. Tempature was 10 degrees with wind and snow. Victoria did end the morning with her first turkey.
My daughter Chloe has been hunting with me since she was 5. She loves the outdoors, and outfishes me regularly! The past 2 seasons, I’ve let her carry a gun, and she’s hunted long and hard. Spring 2008, this tom came in silent, and she dropped him like a pro! I’m not sure who screamed louder, her or me, I was so proud.

Strutin’ Toms’

I hope to see these guys in the Spring.

Old Bird Gobbled his last time

This old Tom and 2 others came in on the last day of MO Turkey season in ’03. He Gobbled every few seconds from start ’til the shot. He went 24 lb, 1 2/8″ spurs, 11.5″ beard. I shot him with copper plated #4’s and found several lead #4’s in his breast when I cleaned him. The wounds were healed and he was fat.

Lone turkey peep

I came across this young bird with its mother last spring. It was the only bird she had with her.

Turkey Calling For that Rio…

As my dad and I sit in the homeade turkey blind, I can’t help but to capture the moment of my dad using his pot and stick call, to hopefully lure in one the Rio Grande Turkeys Texas has to offer. Luck was on our side that day! 🙂

Longest Spur 1 1/2″

This is from Spring of 2008 Biggest Bird I have ever Taken 23 Lbs 1 1/2 Spurs and 2 Beards 1 @7 1/2 / 1 @ 8 1/2

First tom with the bow

I was determined to shoot my first tom this spring with my mathews. After the first few days of the season while “running and gunning” and getting busted by other gobblers, I finally called this big tom in and dropped him in his tracks at 23 yds. without the aid of a pop-up blind. This day was one of the best hunts that I have ever had in the timber!


Steve McElmoyl and Matt Uber had a great day in the foothills of Visalia CA.

bird hunting in kansas

The last day of our hunting trip in Kansas. My dad, a friend and me shot these birds after a good week of hunting.
This 23 lb Kansas Gobbler came to hen yelps from a Lynch Foolproof box call. One shot from my Benelli SBE did the trick. Longest beard was 11.25 inches. Also had 8 inch and 3.5 inch beards.

Snoozing for Gobblers

My girlfriend taking a nap on opening day of turkey season.

Tom Tom

Michael G. Brown and his hunting buddy pose with two nice birds they killed outside of Sioux Falls, SD.

Turkeys in the fog

Some thick late winter fog made getting close to this group of Turkeys a little easier.

Longbeard from Missouri

This old bird flew off the roost and lit in a logging road 20 yards from the gun.
These two Gobblers 23 and 20 lb flew off the roost and came strutting in to check a hen decoy on opening day. Two shots from my Benelli SBE did the trick. Can’t remember exact date and time so guessed.
The first day of season was a bust, but the second day I found myself with this Gobbler down shortly after sunrise. Awesome!! He’s not my biggest bird, but he did put a big smile on my face! 9 1/4″ Beard – 1″ Spurs (which are becoming a necklace) – 19lbs
This farm i hunt is loaded with turkeys and i thiught i would try my luck with my bow and it paid off with a ten yard shot

Spring Gobbler

Shot the second weekend of the NY spring turkey season.

Michael Reilly gets a tom turkey

April 26, 2008 was the youth turkey hunt. We had 2 jakes and 3 hens come to my calls. Next thing I know, these two longbeards are sneaking up silently to my left. Michael took aim and fired. I was so proud. Not only because he got the bird, but because he learned that patience, and changing tactics and setups, were the key to this hunting success.
A nice Tom I took in 2007. 9 1/2 inch beard. Clearwater National Forest Idaho. If you think turkeys hunting can be tough on flat private ground, try them in the steep terrain of North Central Idaho where they are kept smart my hunters, cougars, coyotes, wolfs, bobcats, etc… I have even seen a Golden Eagle kill a hen Turkey a few years ago.

Can’t Not Hunt

Turkeys in the spring are usually shot in the morning. I dropped this 26lb gobbler on a 12 yard shot on an evening hunt. I missed another big gobbler at 6 yards that same morning and i couldn’t not go out in the evening. Came 150 yards gobbling the whole way…in the evening. Had beard rot, only 4″ beard 1″ spurs. Dad was right there with me.
My dad and I set out to get a double that day. The older we get the less time we seem to have. My dad and I take a week every year to set together to hunt turkeys in WI.
On New Yorks 2008 youth spring season, Father Richard Smith called in this trophy tom with a box call and a couple shakes of a jake gobble to give Dustin Smith a 10 yd shot. He sported a 10 inch beard and 1 in. spurs