11 year old Hunter Yust is the son of my neighbor and good friend Neil Yust. This past November during the youth hunting season Hunter(appropiatly named) shot this massive 162.5 buck, near his home in Carthage, Missouri.


Father(Dan) & son(Will)Friedrichsen, shot these 2 whitetail bucks in O’Brien Co. IA on 12/06/08. They were shot 1/4 mile from each other, 6 hrs apart, during Iowa’s 1st shotgun season. Dan’s scored 158, and Will’s scored 138.
Shot him about 6:15 a.m. Jan. 29th out of my laundry room.

Heussner Family

Kaitlynn, Drake, and Gage celebrate with dad after he harvested this 160+ inch North central Missouri whitetail.

Ryan’s 2007 Buck “Big Ten”

My son Ryan took this buck on the opening day of the 2007 deer season with his compound bow . This is a 170 class buck .

I passed this guy up!

I had this bruiser at 15 yards broadside with my bow at fulldraw and my sight pin floating over the lungs but I never let the arrow go. There was a twig the size of a pencil hanging over the kill area. He was staring at me when I had to let my bow string down. He took one step into the open and let me pull back again and the picture says the rest.
Smitty asked me to go huntin’, but I hadn’t been out in the woods with my brother and nephews for some time, so I went with them. After coming out of the woods that evening, I noticed 24 phone calls from Smitty, he had gotten a big one. I thought that was a little ironic, as Smitty is a meat hunter and shoots the first sizeable buck he sees.This was the first buck he saw that day at 5:00pm.

This is what I was told to be called a unicorn deer

I took this deer a couple of years ago. I was told it is a unicorn deer. It has three sets of antlers. Is there a correct name for it.


Zachary Heavner,16. I came to a old overgrown field. To my left I saw a deer jump out bt a old apple tree. I put my sites on him and pulled the trigger.As i looked down at my hands trembling from the cold and happiness, and then reliezed I had just shot 123 yards and killed my dream buck.I walked up to the massive bodied 13 point layeing in the deep snow.He scored 170 5/8

Iowa Acorn Muncher

I got to my treestand about 45 min. before shooting light. At about 730am 3 small bucks came through sparring & browsing. This buck came by @ 810 & ate acorns til 845 when he gave me a 36 yard shot. He was green scored on 11-25 @ 182 5/8″ & 17 points! My second & biggest buck!

Gates County Christmas Miracle

I spotted this buck at 250 yards following a large doe that passed me 3 minutes earlier. I was certain he was going to trot across the 30-yard opening without presenting me a shot. At the last moment he paused, lifted his head and turned towards me. I squeezed the trigger of my .30-06 and dropped him where he stood. One of the best shots I have made and the finest trophy I have harvested.

Glad I passed

Best thing was, 3 seasons ago, I passed on this deer. I had just started hunting a new property. I was able to capture him on game cam at night during the past 3 archery seasons. He finally showed up in the thick stuff on the lee side of the North slope.

Louisiana Buck of a Lifetime

Got this 12 point buck two days before Christmas of this year while he was checking a scrape line. He has a 26″ inside spread with double brow times and a drop tine.
shot at 1p.m. opening day 11-22-08 best of hunting career
Taken in a marsh on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. He popped up out of the marsh grass and I laid him back down. He has white legs and spotted muzzle, chest and belly. Biggest trophy buck I have ever taken and a piebald at that!

A National Forest Public Ground double

Took a nice 4×6 after 7 days of watching the same clearcut, on the hike out my friends dad out did me with a slug 6×7. A great day of hunting whitetail in the snow.

Nate’s Freak

My son Nate shot this 15pt. nontypical buck,with a bow on opening day of the 2005 season, on our own land.
Shot on November 10th and found on November 11th this is my best buck in 30 years of hunting. It scored 182 1/8 gross and netted 176 6/8. Had nearly a 24″ inside spread and 40″ of mass.

Pickens County Buck

I killed this 15 point on 12-08-08 in Pickens County Alabama while hunting in Southern Whitetals Hunting Club.He weighed 204 LBS and had a 15&1/2 inch inside spread. Haven’t had it officially scored but taxidermist says 175+.

First deer with a bow

My first deer with a bow. Scored at 200 4/8. Was a Unicorn deer.

Kentucky Buck

Earl Sulfridge with a Kentucky buck.

Swamp Buck

My Dad with his huge 10 pointer. In addition to the 10 point rack the buck also sports 4 stickers coming off of the G2s and G3s.
A buddy and I went in search for my first whitetail deer. We played cat and mouse with this buck for about 2 hours before we finally caught him trying to sneak away. I was able to take a 150 yard shot and harvest my first whitetail deer. I couldn’t believe how blessed I was. I want to thank my buddy for taking the time to take me hunting, I never could have done it without him!

Dad’s Proudest Moment!

I could just see the rack moving in the two foot undergrowth. I crawled to the next tree about 20 yards closer and slide up the tree and took my shot and smoked him.
I shot this buck on Nov 16,2008 in Hillsdale Co. Michigan. I used my 50 cal muzzleloader.The buck went 35 yrds and down. Its my biggest buck to date.It measured 135 4/8’s from Commemorative Bucks of Michigan.I used some of the advice from F&S; to place my stand I think it going to stay.THANK YOU

Ohio: my first buck

My name is Randy DeBoard. This is my first ever buck. I shot him on my property on the opening day of ohio gun season. He has eleven points, is 6.5 inches around the base and has 28 inch main beams. My taxidermist, Dan Jennings, estimated the score to be at least high 160’s. I am waiting until the end of the drying period to score him.

sister shoots a big boy

my sister sandra shot this nice 8 point on the second to last day of gun season in NY. it was on a very cold sngle digit day around 730am with her 20 gauge.
I got this 9 pointer on opening day of last years muzzleloader season. He came in from my left and I tried 3 times pulling the trigger and nothing happened. Finally put safety back on and put it off again and finally the gun went off! He dropped within 10 yards of where I shot him!!

Absentee ballot PLEASE!!!

I shot this buck on November 4, 2008(Election day), in central Kansas. It was a 38 yard quartering away shot that I thought was a bad hit!I gave him 2 hours and 17 minutes. 20 minutes and a half a mile later I got to see that it was a good hit, taking out his diaphram and left lung. The buck scored 172 7/8 inches and weighed approximately 300 pounds on the hoof. Jason Leeper
I shot this buck at 45 yards on opening morning at about 7:15 and he dropped right in his tracks. Its my best buck yet and it made the 2008 season a success after getting skunked in Minnesota

Good Way to Start

My brother’s first deer with a bow. 125″ bruiser he got out of pure luck. Got out of stand to take a pee and found a deer trail on other side of stand. He cleared a basketball sized hole, and the rest is history. Pass through double lung/heart, and watched it go down. Still sat there for 40min.

Thank you Lord!

In 2006, I caught a glimpse, just a glimpse, of this buck with just minutes of shooting light left in the bottom of a deep dark coulee. When a doe snort-wheezed at me the buck came out of the thick brush allowing me to harvest him at 80 yards with one shot from my 7mm.

Huge ten pointer!

This dear was over 200 pounds and it broke off a point when it went down and ran into a tree.

“Droptine brute”

I shot this great 4 1/2 yr. old ten pointer on a day that I will never forget during the height of the chase phase. This droptine buck came into my setup at less than 15 yds. after I had laced the trail with estrous urine from North Country products. He went less than 40 yds. after the shot with my mathews bow.
2008 Ohio Bow Season I got this 14 point. I used a Horton Legend 2 Crossbow. I was hunting on our famliy’s land. This is my second deer. I got one on Sept 29, 2007. Which that was my first deer.

Monster Buck on Cash Lake Hunting Club

This buck was killed by a group effort by the members of Cash Lake Hunting Club. Woodrow Mathis and Jerry Adams ran this deer out of a bottom with their dogs, where I shot at him, but he went on to be killed by Cody Hagenbacher. If it wasn’t for the dogs, it is possible that this buck would never have been seen much less killed.
Opening day of the season PA rifle season. I was in the right place, at the right time. Largest buck of my life.
I shot this deer the day after Thanksgiving in 2007. I shot him with a .45 cal. Muzzleloader.
08 5×5 Whitetail killed by Ty Windhorst. After a long week of hard hunting and not much luck found this buck chasing does in a old grown over clear cut. Shot one time with a 7mm mag using federal fusion ammo.

Daughters impression of the deer

I shot this buck on my dads farm and when I got it home my youngest daughter said she liked daddy’s deer and was showing us what he looked like
I was hunting with a buddy in southern illinois two days before opening gun season when this buck come in at about noon.It layed down behind me at about 40 yards for about an hour and a half before it got up to follow a doe that came by my stand giving me a good shot.
This is a buck my dad shot they day after thanksgiving 2008. He was reluctant to walk the three miles into the national forest and up the mtn with me. At 7:30 am he was glad he did. Dropped this 14 pointer with a slug from his 870 at 30 yards. Had a couple broken points, so there is at least one this size that i will be looking for next year.

Granville County Buck

I was hunting this fall in Granville county NC and saw this buck. It was right before dark and i was getting ready to get out of my stand. He came out into a field and i shot with my marlin 336 chambered in 35 rem. with open sights. My aim was true and the pic tells the rest.
A nice 10pt. buck I shot with a crossbow in late oct. The buck was trailing a doe. I didn’t think I would get a shot, but as I was video the pair leaving the area the doe turned around and ran right past my treestand .

Thank you Lord, again!

In 2008, I harvested this buck using my 7mm in the same coulee as my 2006 buck and just feet from where I shot that buck.

Eicher Buck

This buck came in to my set up shortly before 8:30 A.M. the opening morning of first gun season here in Iowa. He entered the field from behind me and stopped 40 ft. from my blind perfectly broadside. One easily well placed shot closed the book on the biggest eight I’ve ever seen. This buck grossed 157 3/8 in. sporting a right G2 measuring 15 1/8 in., and an inside spread of 23 5/8 in.!

Lapeer Co. Buck

Buddy Rhino’s Buck

Monster SC buck

taken Dec. 2006. 129 1/2 B&C; (unofficial). 11 official points (2 points were apparently broken off on the deer’s left side before the G-2). Blythewood, SC.

Opening day double.

An opening day to remember, Best friends, two 8 pointers 162 lbs and a Maine Biggest Bucks eligible 212 lbs., 2 minutes and 200 yards apart. Memories to last a lifetime!
I have read your mag. for a long time. The issue about the best days to deer hunt this fall i took to heart. I was in the field each day you had suggested. On Nov. 12, 2008 around 17:10 he showed up. I was lucky enough to make a 18 yard shot the deer, he only went about 60 yards. The buck gross score 143 5/8. Thanks for the great info hope u run another story next year.
My brother had this deer on his trail cam and we bow hunted for it up to rifle season with no luck. Second day of rifle season my brother Jon Eide shot this deer on fence line while it sparred with another giant 4×4. He shot it from approx 350 yards with his 30-378 Weatherby.

Idaho Whitetail

My Buddy Dustin and his dad with a nice Idaho whitetail.

New York non typical

Hunting from the ground with his new Hoyt Katera, 15 yr old Dustin Smith released an arrow and a 15 yd shot dropped this 11 pt within 40 yds

Congrats Cousin

Matt Clementz of Sheridan connected with this whopper opening morning! His son also shot an outstanding 8pt with a 19″ spread! Happy father & son……even with $700.+ dollar less in their pockets!
23 yards, on the ground. Matthews Solocam with 125 gr. Spitfires.
I shot this buck my second day deer hunting and have been hooked ever since.
Shot this 10 point on the way out of the woods the 3rd day of the 2008 Wisconsin Gun Deer hunting season. This buck was with 4 does at the time. As our group spotted the deer they took off, I ran down a logging trail and posted and shot him as he crossed the road, he dropped on the spot.

My first WY whitetail

I watched this deer two years before I was in the right place at the right time.

My first big ohio whitetail

I had hunted public ground one day during the rut.saw this big buck i had no shot on him.so the first day of gun season i went out sat up in my stand for ten min and he walked out at 30 yards made a good clean shot
this is by far the biggest buck I have ever taken. Iwas shaking so much I missed him completely on the first shot but right before he got to the thicket he stopped and gave me a shot at his neck.awesome experience.
Opening day at 12:00, I saw a doe cross an opening that I was watching. I prepared for a potential buck following her, but the buck appeared much closer to me in a very narrow opening, I had only a second to stop him with a bleat. He stopped, turned his head to look at me and I swallowed my heart, aimed, and squeezed the trigger.
Got this buck on Nov 17th 2008, chasing a doe.

Ohio Whitetail

Nov 1st 2008 I shot this 9 point buck. The horton crossbow dropped him like a bad habit. I shot him around 25yrds and he ran 25-30 yrds and rolled into a creek bed. took me and 3 friends an hour and a half to get him out!! He weighed 215lbs field dressed!! Truly an amazing experience for me. The biggest Buck that I have killed!!

Luke Newman’s Corkscrew Buck

I shot this crazy corkscrew buck with my 300 Win Mag. Out trophy buck hunting with my buddy Cory for a few days and had passed up some nice bucks but was holding out for the big one. Finally shot this one on the forth day. Just could not pass up this deer mounted on my wall.

First wall hanger!

It was the last morning of the season and I was out hunting and all of a sudden this wide 7 point stepped out into the field.
Old archery kill in Halifax, Pa
I skipped school to go hunting and i took the stand my brother wanted to hunt in and shot this deer. The most amazing thing is that it is the biggest deer to come off that land in over 50 years and is my uncles (the landowners) dreambuck. – also notice the torn right ear. He must have been in a fight last year because his horns werent banged up.

My first deer was very very big

I shot this deer when i was on a SCDNR youth hunt Oct. 18 2008. It weighted 170 lb. it is a 9 poit with a split 19 1/2 inche outside spread and 17 1/2 inche inside spread. I was the bigest deer taken of that property.

First Pope and Young Buck

This 240 lb 130 2/8 (green score) ten point Johnson Co. Kansas Whitetail came in to a grunt call. One Maxima Hunter arrow with Rage 2 blade broadhead did the trick. The bow is a Mathews Switchback XT.

Tyler’s First Buck

My Friend’s Son Tyler With His First Buck. Taken With A Muzzleloader.

Trail Cam Success

This buck was taken the morning of Nov. 29. It was late in the morning and the deer activity had slowed down to nothing when this bruiser materialized out of the cornfield. I dropped him in his tracks with my T/C Encore. It was the first buck that I harvested that I also had trail camera pictures of.

Southeast Wisconsin Trophy

I got this deer on the first day of ever deer hunting with my girlfriends parents. We pushed him out of a river bottom by their house. It was a 165# 8 point with an 18 inch spread. It was also my first deer bigger than a spike.

Indiana rut hunt

Opening morning shotgun started off really slow seen just two deer all morning. Lite rain started and looked to get down for lunch, when I heard a grunt and the next thing I knew a doe came runnig in out of the swamp with the buck right behind her. I shouldred my 11-87 and squeezed the trigger and the buck dropped in his tracks. the buck was 3.5 old and dressed out at 192lbs.

first BIG buck

Well it was a great kill……..

Opening Day Buck

This 10-point buck was shot at 187 yards by my husband, Daniel. It was once a 13-pointer but some of the tines had broken off.