Moon rise, sunset, perfect timing for a 50 pounder.

Xmas Spirit in Texas

A friend of mine took this picture in her front yard in Lago Vista,Texas.

This is what I was told to be called a unicorn deer

I took this deer a couple of years ago. I was told it is a unicorn deer. It has three sets of antlers. Is there a correct name for it.

calgary coyote

i took this out side my back yard in calgary. brandon Van Hal, 12

Montana monster brown

I caught this behemoth (somewhere in the 32″ & 13-15lb range) brown from a seldom fished dredge pond left over from the gold mining days in the late 1800’s. The only reason I was able to land him on my 8ft 4 weight fly rod was because after taking my wooly bugger he alligator rolled himself right up to my fly line which was wrapped around him like a lasso.

Hunting Californians in Montana

Well lets just say hunting camp was not succesfull for elk so we took to those californoians running around the Montana woods, as you can see it was pretty successful. No all is fun and games at hunting camp, funny enough the man hanging is from california, and the other 2 are Actually Montanan’s. Nothing like good memories at elk camp.

Daddy Daughter Time

A Father and Daughter spending a lazy off fishing day…Reading their Field & Stream magazines
1st time out Striper Fishing. I was sitting on the boat and my rod bent in half. It was the best feeling.

Eicher Buck

This buck came in to my set up shortly before 8:30 A.M. the opening morning of first gun season here in Iowa. He entered the field from behind me and stopped 40 ft. from my blind perfectly broadside. One easily well placed shot closed the book on the biggest eight I’ve ever seen. This buck grossed 157 3/8 in. sporting a right G2 measuring 15 1/8 in., and an inside spread of 23 5/8 in.!

Life on the Farm

Might be a hunting shot – figure they have their slingshots in their back pockets. Life as it was on the farm in ~1930. Either in Auburn or Downs, KS. The little guy on the right is my dad.

My First Fish

Having married a man that has fished and hunted all his life I decided I needed to acquire a taste for at least one of his hobbies. He took me fishing for salmon numerous times and all I got was cold! Then finally, I caught my first fish and I never looked back. I love fishing with him. Spending that time together in the outdoors is amazing.

Monster Bass

My boyfriend and I were fishin in a small lake by our house where we normally don’t catch anything over a pound and a half. He reeled in this monster one foggy morning and graciously let it go.

An old Pilot bagged his last Elk

This is my Father-in-law Ltcmdr retired John Schurman and I with his last Elk. A cow from Colorado’s White River area. John was a US Navy pilot with 27 yrs experience. We had a great time. He passed away in 1986 after a 5 year battle with bone cancer.
Just Harvested a Six Spur Turkey, weighted in at 19 Lbs and had 9 1/2 ” Beard. Called the bird in from over 250 yards, took the bird 10 minutes to cover the distance when i closed the deal, this is a one of a kind bird.

The Family That Hunts Together Stays Together!

We were all sitting around eating lunch with Grand Ma Rosie, and giving thanks for our right to bear arms!

Frog Hatch

That time of the year at lost lake when the frogs are migrating to the land, tried not to step on to many…

Opening Day Buck

This 10-point buck was shot at 187 yards by my husband, Daniel. It was once a 13-pointer but some of the tines had broken off.

Biggest Trout in My Life Time

Fly fishing the Gallatin River in the middle of a blizard on the forth of march 2009.  I hooked into this monster 31 inch brown trout on my 5 wt throwing my personal streamer pattern the “kitchen Sink”. It is truley a fish of a life time. I had pictures and measurments taken and then released the trout to fight another day.

Wierdest thing I found hunting

I went duck hunting around christmas and was standing in knee deep water. When day broke I looked down an saw this in the water. I feel sorry for the guy that left it behind. He had to hop about a mile to get to the nearest road. Its one of my greatest trophies. How else can say the went out with 2 legs and came back with three. I also limited out on woddies, so it was a good day.
My cousin Mike Taylor, using light tackle battles a great musky. This is a small land-locked lake – we have to portage to get into it. Unfortuantely we didn’t land the fish – we just about got tipped a few times during the 10 minute battle! Musky out of a canoe – an incredible experience!
Not too much to tell. All the water in eastern NC was frozen up except the sounds. Shot this true pair near the hwy 32 bridge over the Albermarle sound.

LIt up Dolphin

dolphin fishing in the Fl. Keys

Proud Hunter

I shot this with my first shotgun after i got my license
An avid outdoorsman from his birth in TN in 1904 until his death in ID in 1988. He loved to fish Idaho’s trout streams.

Birdfeeder Bear


Northern Lights

This is one picture of a few that I took of the northern lights while moose hunting in 2008.
My buddy caught this 12 pounder with a watermelon seed color trick worm.

Treed, Photographed, and Let Go

We treed this one on the first day of the season and chose to take his picture instead of harvesting him, saving him for another chase on another day, placing more value on the chase than the kill. It’s the ultimate in catch & release,

Spent Hope

After missing a Red Head and enduring my Labs stare I was looking at my feet. Decided this was a worthy pic!

My Biggest Walleye Yet

What an awesome day on Bull Shoals Lake!! My best walleye yet.

Dirty Pikey

My buddy, Eric, pulled this 40 inch bad boy through the ice in northern Minnesota after a 25 minute battle on a heavly fished lake. This monster is still lurking the depths, waiting for the day he can grab a state record.

My Second Walleye Over Eight Pounds In A Week

Bull Shoals is hot right now.

Personal Best Smallmouth Bass

In Sept of 2008 I was crowned “ELITE” Angler of the month by Hank Parker & & was awarded a ABU Garcia REVO Prem reel. This one of the first fish I caught with it. 22″ Smallmouth on Lake Chickamauga,TN. After a day of non-stop action, it was my NEW “LUCKY ROD”
They have been doing a lot of work on Wolf Creek Dam,Lake Cumberland, Kentucky. But my good friend and angler, Jamie York, landed this 42 pound striper while trolling. He is down there most every weekend. Most people think that the lowering of the water has hurt fishing …ask Jamie, and I’m sure he will tell you a different story!

first cast of the day!

I was fishing at one of my favorite lakes, and was on a crappie fishing trip. I got curious about a patch of grass, and ran a spinner bait through it. It paid off with a great fight from a nice bass.



Poker Party

Been fallowing these bulls all spring waiting for them to shed. I always take picture of them when I’m out this time they set up for a poker party with the dealer in the center. I want to find his sheds.

Bay of Pigs

My son and myself went on a Fly Fishing trip to Alaska on the Kenai Penninsula last August and he caught this 22 lb, 30 in silver salmon on the fly pole he has in his teeth. The locals called it the Bay of Pigs. It took him over 45 minutes to land it.

Post hatch

I took this picture of an emerged Pteronarcis californica a couple summers ago near Ft. Collins, CO. The fish were still quite happy to see the nymphs though…


This is a picture of a White deer that was located in our neighborhood.

a real beauty

i caught this steelhead in the ashtabula river .i hauled this 29 1/2 inch 10 pound steelhead with a minnow on a single hook and she was a beautiful catch.of course like all the others its catch snap and release.i believe in passing the moment on,ya never know this fish may become someones first steelhead someday and what a catch it would be especially for a child or first time trout angler.

Fishing in Bagdad

My brother Greg caught this 52 pound carp on steak from the mess hall.

Desert Beauty

I snapped this photo from my lunch spot during the early archery season

Fly-Rod Tiger Muskie

My wife’s first fish taken on a fly

First Spring Turkey

My brother convinced me that Turkey hunting was a great way to spend early morning hours in the spring. He was right and thanks to him for calling up this bird, my first.

A Favorite place, My Shotgun reloading bench

This is the wall above one of my shot shell reloading bench. Good memories when reloading

I passed this guy up!

I had this bruiser at 15 yards broadside with my bow at fulldraw and my sight pin floating over the lungs but I never let the arrow go. There was a twig the size of a pencil hanging over the kill area. He was staring at me when I had to let my bow string down. He took one step into the open and let me pull back again and the picture says the rest.

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