Taking a break from sledding trailside when this very large Grouse came out of the woods, circled us and then jumped up onto one of the sleds.

Beautiful End to a Beautiful Day

While trolling for stripers on Norris Lake in Tennessee, I couldn’t resist taking this picture as the sun was setting.

Not only albinos, Twins!

I have been feeding these twin albino whitetails in my backyard since they were fawns back in 2006. If you would like to see more of the twin albinos, you can go to my TV link; http://kstp.com/article/stories/S348404.shtml?cat=1&v;=1 The twins are only 25 feet from my patio door so the film crew got some great footage!

LIt up Dolphin

dolphin fishing in the Fl. Keys

Sunset in God’s Country

September sunset in La Crosse, Wisconsin.

King Snake

I was moving some old timbers to setup a small garden when I discoverd this king snake. I was able to move him to a new location, this is the first king I have caught in my yard this year.

Alpine Pond: Fly Fishing at its Best!!

After backpacking into the wilderness for 6 miles, we made camp and got some rest. The next morning we followed an old trail for 2.5 miles uphill with an elevation change of 2,500 feet! This pond is off the beaten trail and its beauty is unmatched. The fact that is full of eager Cutthroats doesn’t hurt either!!

Mountain Bucks

I bumped into these two bucks on an elk hunt

Outrigge at Sunset

One of the benefits of trolling for salmon in the evening. Lake Michigan.

Lunch Break, TN River Otters

On a recent trout fishing trip to the Hiawasse River, in Reliance,Tn. I obsevred 3 rivers otters feeding & playing about, for the better part of the afternoon, these 2 climbed up on a rock close by and feasted on rainbow trout for lunch. I caught my limit of trout as well. It was fasinating to watch these mischievous critters in their natural setting.

Lake Clearing Weather

We were fishing on Red Lake in Northwest MN. We decided the fishing wasn’t good enough to go through what the weather was about to put in our boat!

Treed, Photographed, and Let Go

We treed this one on the first day of the season and chose to take his picture instead of harvesting him, saving him for another chase on another day, placing more value on the chase than the kill. It’s the ultimate in catch & release,

Cumberland River Early morning Fishing

Morning Trout fishing on the lower Cumberland river below Wolf Creek Dam
Steelhead making their spring run

Deer Tracks

These deer tracks are compared to my size 12 boots!

Lake Fenton Marina

The old docks on Lake Fenton, at dusk after an ice storm. Too late in the season to tempt the ice and too early for the boats.

Poker Party

Been fallowing these bulls all spring waiting for them to shed. I always take picture of them when I’m out this time they set up for a poker party with the dealer in the center. I want to find his sheds.

Ducks in Flight

My passion in the non hunting season is Wildlife Photography. I live in the lakes country of Minnesota where there is a wide variety of critters to take photos of. I would like to share some pics with your readers.

Summer Brown

This is a 22″ brown trout that couldn’t resist a size 12 yellow stimulator. My cousin caught the fish, and we had one of the best days of fishing either of us have had in our lives… The fish were hungry and we were happy to help them out!

Strutting for the Lady’s

Some Idaho Tom’s putting on a show

Click enlarge and see if you can spot the Gobbler on roost

He’s in the middle of the photo. Another Tom had just flown down.

Chasing my Bait

While fishing one evening in SW FL i had a unexpected guest chasing my bait,giving me a good shot with camera.I wish i still lived down there

calgary coyote

i took this out side my back yard in calgary. brandon Van Hal, 12

Deer at Play

While driving thru my backyard one afternoon this winter, two doe got up and started duking it out, not once, but twice. It was great to see. I’ve lived there over six years and this is the first time I’ve come upon a scene like this!

Eagle in the Park

Pictue in the Riverside Park in La Crosse, Wisconsin

Desert Beauty

I snapped this photo from my lunch spot during the early archery season