This was the night we got to Kentucky Lake to begin our camping and fishing trip. We had just finished setting up camp and wanted to get in a couple of casts before the sun went down. My wife ended up capturing this awesome shot of me casting out into the lake.

Boys first toothy critter.

My 4 year old and I were fishing a local pond when a nice pikerel took off with his mealworm, after giving it his best I helped him finish landing the fish.


Caught while bass fishing in southwest louisiana. He hit a crawfish jig, thought it was a big spotted cat (flat head) until I got him to the top. He weighed 49 1/2 lbs.

The Rut is on

Early one morning I looked out to see a heavy fog. So I grabbed my camera and set out to the local woods to see what I could find. No sooner had I arrived when I heard some commotion from the trees and through the fog I saw him, a huge 8 point buck on the hunt for this doe. I managed to move around just in time to see this site and snapped away ….the rut is on!

Tucker and Quail

Dayton Tennessee quail hunt.

Tom’s Goat

My cousin Tom Bernard and his twin brother Tim know every antelope in South Dakota personally. They are both selfish hunters and they lie about everything they shoot. Please watch out for them if you visit western South Dakota, I know the antelope sure do. They shoot .22/250’s on these and don’t miss many.

Grizzly Bears don’t like the Alaska Pipe line

Sure you’ll never see wildlfe along the pipe line, isn’t it right Al Gore!

Helping out

2008 season helping out the dogs at the tree

The Fighter

When I saw this deer, I thought he must have shed half his rack already. But it was the end of the season, I was freezing my butt off, and wasn’t about to pass up this monster. Turns out half his rack actually broke off. He had scarring/hair rubbed off around the back of his neck. It was evident that he had been locked up with another buck (wrung around the neck), until it broke off.

Henry’s Lake Splendor

Late summer at Henry’s Lake in Idaho can be spectacular. Both for the fishing and the scenery. Here the sun is rising and reflecting in a most stunning display of colorful majesty.

Twins…separated by birth???

We were fishing on the Mississippi river one fall day and my dad caught this small mouth bass using a white spinner bait. He had to kiss it goodbye before releasing it. We teased him that this picture they look like long lost twins with their profiles and “spikey” outlines.

Caught in the soybeans!

My farmer friends like to see these pictures. I shot this one in the soybeans on August 8th., 2008

Andrew’s first fish

Andrew Schnautz (3 ½ years old) came to visit me, his Uncle John in Virginia. We went to the neighbor’s farm pond for Andrew’s first fishing trip. Andrew’s first fish was this nice little brim. He kissed it and released it back into the pond.

Banded Mallard

Took this Picture on Lake Cadillac in Cadillac Michigan. I was up there with my cousin on the Duck and goose youth hunt. This duck was hiding out close to the road where he could not be harvested.

Rocky Mountain Blue Bird

Just Thought this is a pretty Bird. He kept watching me Fish. I think he wanted my Fly!

Spring Fishing

We were fishing small lakes in southern ky. Slowrolling giant spinnerbaits really paid off. We caught 40+ pounds of largemouth in a couple days. Most were caught on logs and points. The largest was seven pounds and we didn’t catch many small fish. These fish were released after the picture. I enjoy eating fish but never the larger ones.

Castin’ away on Green Lake

Mason has been casting a pole since he was 2yrs old, he’ll be 4 the end of May. He’d rather cast his pole in the front yard instead of playing with toys. He fishes better than some of the “big” boys.

Lindsey Wood’s first saltwater catch

My son (and his fiancee, Lindsey) were visiting his mother and I in the Florida keys. The Yellowtail Snapper were biting well. When the barracuda showed up, all we could catch were heads. The next line out included a treble stinger hook which resulted Lindsey catching this cuda. You can tell she was pretty happy about bringing this one in.

Fly Fishing in Texas

My wife and I were out walking at the State Park and she was trying out her new camera. I didn’t realize it until we got home but she had taken a great picture of this fisherman slowly fishing down stream from everyone else. It is was a peaceful setting and just very relaxing.

Fishin Dog

He sight fishes; he hunts . He is picky about what he licks. Smart feller… Bo Diddley’s Golden Hits. He releases all bass after a good licken ,just like his Pop ! C H Stanley

Marty’s Sheepshead, Outer Banks of North Carolina

This is a sheepshead caught by my husband Marty. This fish was caught fishing off the Bonner Bridge on the Outer Banks of North Carolina. The fish was caught using while jigging using a sand flea for bait. This was Marty’s first Sheepshead and a very nice catch.


these are some robins in our tree behind our house

Opening Day Bird

Taken opening day in NY.

My Youngest Son’s Blue Gill

This is my 5 year old who is terrified of fish but loves catching them with one of his better blue gill at Kentucky Lake.


A picture says a thousand words! Now five more, “Caught on a pupa pattern!”
Good fish. Caught on bream. 5 minute fight. 15 lbs 10 oz 50 1/2 in.

Wild Malard Duck

I was out taking pictures and found him hiding in my Pond.
3/18/09 – This was the first Largemouth for me of the 2009 Spring/Summer fishing season! Water temps were only in the 40’s and the air was still chilly. As I walked the bank of Lake Elkorn at dusk, I tossed a 2″ Rapala Floating Minnow (Gold) and caught this scrappy Largemouth. He was just a dink, but he sure got the blood flowing and gave my crankbait confidence a lil’ boost!

Last day of the season limit

My 2yr old black lab Lucy and I headed to our new honey hole for only the second time this season. I don’t know who was more excited, me or her. After a 1+ mile hike through some very thick brush and just before the sun came up, we settled in. Ducks pored into the hole and I had three in the bag. Just before quitting time, I shot doubles to round out my limit and Lucy performed wonderfully.

Brothers Walleye

Walleye my brother caught one nice spring day. That was a 25-30 fish day. 2 or 3 around the 11-12 lb class. He was excited

Turkey Dogs

We just picked up our new pup (Beretta)the night before and brought her along for a turkey hunt. (the dogs stayed in the cabin during the actual hunt). Beretta must have brought some luck – shot this 23lb 2 oz tom first thing in the morning. It had 2 beards, one was 11″ and one was 10.5″ and 1 inch spurs.

Chesapeake Sunset

My son,Colin Green, asked for a father and son overnite fishing trip on the boat for his birthday. We anchored in a cove on Coulbourn Creek in Tanger Sound after fishing all day out in the Chesapeak. What a great memory with my son. It was a perfect day.


caught on a big minnow at 18 mile creek hell of a fight
I just read the story of “The Fish Retriever”, and was fasinated at the fact my dog is not the only crazy fisherpooch. She is a self taught fish retriever. We just take her fishing and she brings them in. Thanks for your story and about the danger of fish poisoning.

Coho Salmon Success

Fishing the wilds of the Alaska Bush my buddies and I wore ourselves out catching Silver Salmon last summer. The river was beautiful, and the fish would not let up. It was an amazing time.
Another big blue on ocracoke

I thought they said you had to kiss frogs?

This is Avery. My 3 1/2 month old angel of a God Child. Her gdaddy (that would be grandpa) just got back from fishing. He landed several large triggerfish such as this one. This little girl has a long legacy of fishing and hunting. Looks like she is up for the challenge. I think she may be staring it down.

Albicore Fishing In Oregon

The big Pacific Pond decided to lay down so we headed West to the Horizon for a day of Albicore fishing out of Garibaldi Oregon. I fish on the sport boat Time Out. It was a great day to be an Oregon Tuna fisherman!

Turkey Float Hunt in Northern MI

2009 float hunt for gobblers in northern MI. Great fun


Fishing & camping, you just cant go wrong. Once Tyler made his first catch he just cant stop!