My family and I went to Africa in August 2008. The second day, This blue wildebeest bull came in to the water hole. He presented a 17 yard broadside shot, which I took with my Mathews Drenalin and an Aftershock Maniac broadhead. I was more than pleased with the outcome.

My cousins elk!!!

He took it in the White Mountains of Arizona

Alaska Bull Moose

Jamey Rothmeier of Eagle River, AK, shot this bull moose while hunting on the Kenai Peninsula in Alaska.
Took 25 years to draw this once in a lifetime license! Had an awesome oufitter ( Turners Guide Service and guide ( Brandon Powell) help me make this my most memorable hunt of a lifetime!!!!! An 11 year old sheep that scored 7/8 curl.

Blue Wildebeeste taken while on a “No Boys Allowed” All women’s hunt to S. Africa in 2007

My very first 200 yd. shot using a 300 Win. Mag rifle w/a 180 grain bullet. (1 shot/1 kill) This beautiful Blue Wildebeeste was taken while on an NRA sponsored Women On Target hunt to S. Africa in Aug. 2007.

Alaska-Yukon Moose that is 70″ wide and scores 238 B&C

My friend and I went on a ten day unguided float trip north of Fairbanks in September. On the fifth day of the trip we had stopped and called for an extended period of time where there was good moose sign. After getting no response we continued floating and went around a bend about 100 yards downstream and this magnificent bull presented me with an 80 yard shot.

Blue Wildebeest

Although January is summer in South Africa and not the PRIME time to safari, a two day lay over on my return flight home and hard stalk hunting paid off with a trophy Wildebeest.

October Ox

Matt Culley killed this musk ox while hunting in single-digit temperatures in Alaska this October.
This was my first hunt in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. The quality of the game and intesity of the PH were extraordinary. after a classic stalk this 42″ BULL dropped to a single shot with my 300wsm at 125 yards. I was lucky enough to harvest 9 great animals. We already plan to be back withthe same outfitter next year!

First Bull

Opening day of ’07. Buffalo Peaks wilderness area in Colorado. Growing up in MO I never walked up on such a large animal! Finaly got to use my new pack frame.
After a full day of stalking thick thronvelt and high grass in 98 degree weathe, my PH and I found the track of this nice Kudu. With fading light and serious rain coming fast, we closed the distance and made a clean kill at 260 yards. Talk about taking it down to the last minute. But worth ever step.


Although January is summer in South Africa and not the PRIME time to safari. a two day lay over and hard stalk hunting paid off with a trophy Impala.

California Trophy

This California Roosevelt Elk was the first big game animal I have ever shot. He scores 322 6/8 B&C.;

San Andreas Wildlife Refuge Oryx

NM Oryx are a legacy of Frank Hibben, an anthropology professor and real world Indiana Jones who was on the NM game commission. Love them or hate them, they have added variety to big game seasons for NM hunters. This was my first Oryx taken during a depredation hunt at 260 yards with a Ruger No. 1 .300 Win Mag.


I had drawn a 2008 muskox tag on Nunivak Island and it would be a great place to try to take a big game animal with my homemade .53 rifle. I hunted the first week of March and the weather was still very raw. I will never forget how I felt as I walked over to him, his dark fur against an endless white background.

Pennsylvania Black Bear – Ryan Farley

This bruin was shot Monday, November 24th, 2008 in Lycoming County Pennsylvania. His estimated live weight was 586 pounds, with a field dressed weight of 497. The skull scored 20 9/16″, making the Boone & Crockett Awards Club. This big boy was brought down with my handloaded Barnes TSX 150 grain hollow-point bullets fired from a Ruger .30-06 rifle.
Trailered my horses from NY to Colorado and packed in 20 miles for an Archery Elk Hunt self guided on publc land. Found a small herd in a very remote basin, set up a spike camp that night and killed the herd bull at 12,000 ft elevation the next morning. Called him in to 30 yards, he was screamin and wanted to kick my butt. Now the work begins!!
I was lucky enough to draw a bull elk tag for MI’s 2008 December Elk hunt. This is akin to winning the lottery. Hunting conditions near Wolverine,MI were cold and snowy. After seeing only a few bull elk over the hunt, I shot this beautiful animal. I harvested him the morning of the last day of the hunt. He was a very nice 6×6 bull elk that the DNR estimated at about 8 years old.

uncle tony’s big bull

shot in archery 2008 unit 61
Hunter 12yr old Tucker Harris and guide Johan take this nice 55in kudu at 175yards in Namibia.

Bowhunted Bear

Joey Hughes took an 18-yard shot to drop this 400-pound bear while hunting in Kenora, Canada.

Nice moose

I shoot that moose on the second morning of rifle hunting season. It have a 49 1/2″ rack and the quarter at the butcher weight 705 pounds.I was going up the hill and when I reach the top,the moose just jump up,he was laying down about 50 yards on the other side of the hill,I raise my 30/06 and shoot.He ran about 55 yards before dropping.The best moose of my life so far.Thanks

Cousin Joe and a Idaho Black Bear

My Cousin and a nice Idaho Black Bear

New Zealand Red Stag

This was my second animal on my New Zealand hunt with my dad’s childhood best friend who promised him to take me hunting before he passed away a little over a year ago.