My family and I were at Mille Lacs lake for Labor Day weekend and the sunset was beautiful. My brother was fishing off the dock and I came out to take some pictures, and it all just fell into place.

Jack Russell vs. Sturgeon

Our 16 lb dog trying to drag a 100 lb sturgeon to the bank.

Fox in the culvert

This fox had denned up in the culvert on the lane at our farm. He ran in as we drove by so we stopped and waited and he eventually peeked back out.

Barndoor Madness

This was my largest halibut caught during my stay at the Tanaku Lodge in Elfin Cove, Alaska (65 mi. West of Juneau). The fish weighed 155 lbs. It was “only” the 3rd largest barndoor captured during the week of my stay. Others weighed 158 and 240 lbs. respectively. What an Anglers’ Paradise! Oh yeah, and the salmon fishing wasn’t bad either.

Wolf Tag

Even if you don’t shoot one… you should still buy one to support it.
Filled my tag 1/2 hour into the season!!!! Predator called it into 25 yards!!! Nice female!!!

pope and young jack-o-lantern

What can I say…I love whitetails! Happy Halloween!!

Natalie, with her brand new “Pink Rider” BB gun.

Thought I would send you this cute photo of my granddaughter, Natalie Beams, OKC, OK. The first day she went deer hunting with her new pink BB gun. The early morning rise got the best of her! The hunting clothes were handed down from brother, Reagan, but her hunting style clearly resembles that of her PaPa.
Here’s some pictures that were taken this past summer of a Bobcat with a Whitetail Fawn. They were taken in Franklin, Pennsylvania by my college roommates neighbor right in his back yard. Supposedly, the Bobcat didn’t want to leave his kill and stayed throughout all the pictures. I thought they were some interesting photos that you all would enjoy. Take care

Dove hunt/Rattlesnake ate the dove

A friend of mine sent me this pic. The Rattler was eating the one of doves shot during their dove hunt.

My Groomsman Cake

Everything on my cake was eatable minus the 3 plastic lure cases. The reels, the fish, and even the flies! The real trophy of the day was my wife but this was the runner up.


These are my wife and my new tattoos. Can you tell where our loyalty lies.
On a recent elk hunt in Canada I harvested this 7×7 with my Mathews Mustang bow. This bull came in and my Pink Muzzy found it’s mark at 20 yards. I stood on the bank of a waterhole and watched this monster expire only 20 yards from where I took the shot. I never celebrate the harvest until I have my hands on the animal and what a rush to lay my hands on this big guy that measured 387 6/8!!!

Alligator At Feeder

These alligator at feeder photos are from a email from a hunter in Bryan Texas and are titled Jackson County Deer Cam Pictures, Wanna go hunting in Texas? How would you like to go out in the morning in the dark and run into this! I havent seen these here so I thought I’d share. the third pic clearly show a 6-8 foot gator under the feeder
This behemoth fell to my friend Josh on a small lake in central Florida. It was almost 13 feet. He was caught on the dowel method and then harpooned. After 2 hours of a massive fight he did succumb to us.

Owl on the hunt

Using Moultrie trail camera

Alaskan Arctic Char

This fish was one of several char caught that day. This one was the largest of five that were 30 plus inches!!!
This is a closer up picture of the buck that swam accross the Grand Traverse Bay in Traverse City Michigan.
Took this one on a midge dropper on a very cold Colorado day.

double drop monster

This bad boy showed up on the trail cam a couple weeks ago. He has about 10.5 days to live because 09/26/09 means archery season is open. Perhaps I’m optimistic but I gotta hope.

Canal Brown Trout

Fishing with my 2 year old son in a canal near my house. Caught this 24″ and a 23″ brown on a spinner. He had a blast and was proud of our fish.

I got a Squirell

I was walking to my trail camera on september 14th 2009 so that i could check it. I opened up my moultrie trail camera, turned it of, and simply switched chips. When i got to the first picture of this cat i was a suprised. After a series of 10 or 12 photos of the cat chasing the squirell and rolling around, this one came up. He finally caught his prey.

MN Whitetail

Opening morning of MN rifle season. Browning BAR .308, Nikon 2-7 x 32 Scope 11 Point, Dressed weight 210lbs

That’s the Spot

Little to the left…That’s it! Our trail cam caught this guy in the heat of some intense scratching.

Hunting Camp Monster!

I had a wonderful surprise when I checked the hunting camp game cam. This is a 9×8 mule deer with around 6 kickers. It is my dream buck, and I might actually get a shot at him!

Who’s Bigger?

My brother mike with his tuna from the 09′ season.
After hooking up with a gorilla bluefish on the troll, our 5 1/2-year-old son Brody spent 20 mins reeling in his first bluefish without any help from dad.
we got this pic on public land!

Kiss this

Once again an amazing day fishing with my dad and uncle. We slammed ’em.
My son John shot this Antelope buck at 150 yards after a spot and stalk hunt that included crawling on our bellies thru sage and cactus. We had him scored at 79 1/8th which is close to the B&C; record book but for a 12 year old boy it will always be a record in our book. Thank you for your interest and I hope you can use the photo in an upcoming “Game Faces” section of the magazine.

Rocky The Whitetail

This Is Rocky You Could Say The Towns Pet. He Is So Used To People You Can Hand Feed Him. He Has Been Around For Almost 3 Years. This Is Him Munching On Some Pizza. Note: He Likes And Only Eats Plain Cheese

Oregon Bull trout

Went out with my father-in-law outside of Bend OR where he owns a fly shop. Chased the illusive Bull Trout aka Dolly Varden in their sea-run state. These big char are pretty wiley and would tear off small rainbows at the end of your line. Took this chub on a streamer. Broke my rod in the process. Awesome fish…

Boston Harbor Striped Bass

Took the kids fishing yesterday and had an awesome day in Boston Harbor. The fish were biting all day! Caught over a dozen stripers and bluefish. Very fun.
This is my friend chris. He took this awesome 18pt full velvet buck on 9/28/2009 here in KS.

Mountain Cuttie

Hooked this nice cutt on a dry Adams

Big Eyes!

Four Big Eye’s were boated during an overnight canyon trip on the boat Blushin’ Rosie.

The Sun and Clouds dancing over Lochsa Elk Country

Enjoying the show of nature while glassing for elk in Idaho’s Lochsa backcountry…..

finally losing velvet!

nice 10 point that is finally losing velvet! young deer, gonna see what he is like next year!

Greenheads Galore!

A nice way to start the 2008 duck season. We had set up in a great spot on a small creek, and they just kept swarming in. We limited in about fifteen minutes, but it was worth getting there an hour early to set up!

world record buck!

this buck was shot 45 min from where i live and my taxadermist did the mounts! awesome deer!

Canadian Goose Colossus

Brothers and newphew limited out in northern South Dakota goose hunt. You just have to be careful that these guys don’t fall on you because they are HEAVY.


Andrew age 14
I was hunting in Nothern BC for 3 years before I found this ram. He was 10 1/2 years old, and scores 162 7/8. I took him on my 32nd day of hunting at 181 yards with my 270 WSM.
getting ready for 09-10 season and getting some real good pics!

Desert Bighorn Banquet

This a a photo from one of the more popular water points the bighorn sheep use in our area.

Vermont Hare Hunt

Successful day of hunting the elusive hare in Northern Vermont.
nice 25 inch drum with 4 spots


This is my black lab Belle. Belle had been in the water on and off all day practicing her retrieving skills.
Large Red Drum caught Sunday Sept 6,2009 in Pamlico Sound at 12:00 noon on cut mullet. Don Easley caught and Todd Horsley boated fish. Released alive less than one minute later.