This is my fathers (Steve Harmon) recent kill from Illinois. It was later in the day and way to hot outside for big deer to be moving or so he thought. After setting up where a 126 class deer was seen crossing earlier it wasn't long till this monster came within ten yards of him and made a rub. Seconds later he made his draw and a perfect shot.
Shot this 8 pointer in PA on public land(2F), on 11/11/09. 25 yard shot, 60 yard recovery. First bow kill for me.
Early Nov. Hunt in the heart of Texas!!
I have been hunting this deer for two years. Last year I drew back on him and couldn’t see through my peep sight so I let him go. This year he wasn’t so fortunate. I shot him at 5 yards and he only ran about 50 yards.
My first elk taken with a “special permit” tag in Wa. We saw this particular elk on 2 separate occasions and passed on him both times. We went back to this spot, where we had seen the most bulls, and there he stood. We decided this was the 1. I didn’t find out until later that night, that this elk was the same elk I had passed up 2 other times!I KNOW third times a charm!
After sitting the first day and only seeing one doe, the second day started off better with 5 does at daylight. About 9 a.m. I saw this buck in the distance and then again an hour later. The third time I saw him was at 40 yards.

Good Afternoon.

All 3 bucks were taken with 2 hours of each other! Great day for deer hunting.

Truck’s full

Here’s My son’s first deer, My Biggest Buck ever and my Brother-in- laws first all killed during modern gun season 2009.

Grandpa Trying to Read

Not only do Grandpa and I race to read F&S; now we share with the grandkids.
My son James, age 11, shot this 18 pt buck on Nov 15, 2009 from a climber stand on a farm in Ohio. The buck was trailing a doe during the rut. James shot the deer from 27 yards with his Hoyt Kobalt set at 43 lbs. It was a clean pass through and the deer only ran 10 yards before going down.

CB’s 8 point 22″ wide piebald buck.

Was lucky enough to get this piebald buck on opening morning of rifle season in Bedford County, VA. He is a typical 8 pointer, 22″ wide outside, 20″ wide inside and weighed in around 180 pounds. Was killed with a Savage 25-06 at 228 yards. We caught this guy on our trailcams several times over the last couple months.

74″ Plus size sturgeon, caught off the Columbia river.

First fish to be caught, it just had to be an oversize. No fishes were harmed during this process of catch and release.
This 18-point buck was taken November 16th with a Hoyt bow.
I Rattle this mature buck in he was one mad puppy he was pawwing the ground walking side ways with his hair on end. I got a 30 yard broad side shot at him and he died with in 70 yards

The “Backyard Brawler” from Oklahoma

Seven years ago I took over managing a 122 acre farm and after an agressive doe harvest. We are starting to reep the fruits of our labor. With this main frame eight point buck with a 20 inch inside spread, and a 12 1/2 inch G-2. And the funny thing is our area is not known for producing big bucks until now! I guess the cat is out of the bag. He is the smallest buck on our hit list.

Monster first bear

I took my first black bear, this 760 lb boar, on Nov 9, 2009 in Hyde County NC. The bear stepped out of the pococin and into my shooting lane at 9:10 AM. I took him at 156 yards with a Benelli R1 270 WSM. It took 6 shots to drop him where he stood. Thanks to Conman’s Guide Service for an unbelievable stand hunt and a once-in-a-lifetime bear!
While dropping this buck off at the meat market, Zachs buck outweighed the biggest deer brought in by any other hunter by 15 pounds, it hung at 200 lbs….As his father I was able to hunt most of the month except the day he shot this one, he phoned me right after he shot it and was sooo excited he almost couldn’t breath, we spent a lot of hours on this buck and Zach was truely blessed!
Had this buck the day before 2 seperate times and couldn’t finish the deal. Went back the next morning to a stand about 100 yards away and he came in at 20 yards. Missed the first shot, knock pulled out of the second arrow when I drew back, 3rd arrow went throught the heart. 3rd time I saw him and took the 3rd arrow to get it done!! The triple buck!!
This is the 2nd Mule Deer taken within 500 yards of each other on the first hunt of the year following a heavy snowfall. After taking this deer I was surrounded by 2 large rutting bull moose and a cow and calf moose. Saw a total of 6 moose, 7 bucks, and my buddy saw 2 black bears on the way up the mountain to help me pack this deer out. Great day!

Last minute Buck.

Whew…..I had a chance to sit one last night before the gun hunters hit the woods. I’m glad I harvested him before the “cheaters” hit the woods.
friday the 13th before school went hunting missed a doe at 6am and saw two other deer no shot i hung my head about to sleep and heard a crash looked up and he is ten yards away running in i quick grab my bow he saw me pegged me for a sec.he put his head down i drew he started to run i grunted he stopped i shot him. he went 35 yrds and died. i immediatly called my dad. happiest moment of my life

Wisconsin Halloween Buck

150+ class buck shot in western Wisconsin on Halloween morning. 1st buck shot with the bow.
This 11 point buck was shot on the second morning of first shotgun season in Illinois. He was hot on a doe’s tail and came rumbling through the woods after her before he was dropped from 85 yards out.

Public Land Hunting…

I shot this 11 point on public land on opening day. I jumped him and another buck along with two does in a grown up field. He is the biggest buck I have ever killed, can’t wait until next year!

A couple of Woodys

I shot this 2 woodys in South Dakota 2nd weekend of duck season.
This is another picture of my 170 class mule deer buck. I took this buck opening day of the 2009 West River season. It was around 3 o’clock, when this buck was chasing 2 does right by the truck. I ran to the truck picked up my dad and long story short, best buck I’ve ever taken. and Thanks to my amazing girlfriend for letting me use her camera. I got tons of great pictures this year.
A 10pt, weighed 165 field dressed Shot on public land when he came in to a grunt call.
Me and my best friend were hunting in the same tree when about 7 in the a.m. a biger buck then him came dwn the hill but 60 yrds away to far for a shot then 7:30 he came and chased a doe 4 yards from my stand he was in persuite and i shot him at a trot at 17 yrds away with my pse xforce we seen 21 deer tht day 12 bucks he was meant to be mine!!! 11 point 19 inch spread!!!

Jerry’s Cat w/ Ted and Gary

Caught this 75.4 lb catfish on 10 lb. test line. Certified as a line class record by the Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame.
This buck was shot on second day of the 2009 gun season. by Randy weber it hasn’t been scored yet but we think that it will score 160 to 170 19″ inside 5″ mass 10 point

First Hunt, First Buck

This is my son Logan age 10. His first hunt, first deer! He had no idea how big it was until they got closer to it. Talk about excitement. Truly a great experience for your first hunt.

Little girls do like the outdoors

My 5 yr old daughter helps dad during the 2009 dove opener.
At the White Oak Clubhouse in Cades, South Carolina with a 12 point buck I bagged that morning. After hunting faithfully for 15 years I finally got my shot at a trophy. What a great feeling!

Big Buck!

BUddy Got this Big BUCk!
My first buck down here stationed aboard Camp Lejeune nc.
This is My 11 year old son Holden Hemming, Circleville, Ohio. This deer was taken on the first day of youth season, he and his dad went out early…this is his 4th year of hunting…but 1st big buck, 12 points, scoring at 184 green. He was hunting with his brand new 20 gauge single shot, shotgun.
Shot November 11th at 3:55 pm in northern MN. He came in hot on the heels of a doe and gave me a 12 yard quartering to shot. He went about 150 yds after the shot. 19 4/8″ inside spread, and 11″ G2’s. Net typical score of 155 (156 7/8″ gross). My biggest deer to date and third Pope and Young buck in as many years!

Double Take

My best friend and I had the hunt of a lifetime when we took these two bucks from the same stand within ten minutes of each other. Both bucks were chasing a doe before coming to an area of standing water to drink just before dark. My 10 pointer grossed 163 1/8 while his 8 pointer grossed 131. We have a lot of great memories of hunting together but this one is sure to last a lifetime.
me and my daughter whent for her first deer hunt. the second day in of the hunt me Russ & paige Schmitt’s known as team Schmitt. about 5:15 pm we had this buck come right up to us.way to go PAIGE DAD LOVES YA

Typical Ten

Thanks to F&S; I knew to hunt this buck Halloween night! My dad went with me. We didn’t know how big he really was! He came in right before six and quartered away at 30 yards. The exciting part is that my dad had never gone out with me before and had a video camera with him and taped the whole thing! I have to thank my landowner who allows me to hunt and God who directs the deer and the arrows!

My Big Buck in NW Indiana

I shot this buck Nov 20 with a Remington 870 20 gauge shotgun, just before dusk on our property in NW IN. I’ve been hunting with my husband for three years, and got a doe the first year, but this is my first buck. He’s an old guy – older than 5.5 years. He has 8 points, with one more broken off. He weighed 224 pounds!

Soth platte Brown

just another day in the office
Opening morning of Oklahoma rifle season. I’m glad I passed up that nice 9 point at daylight.
Had this 6 1/2 year old 11 point run right up to me in my ground blind. It was 2 pm.sunny and 60 at the time. I had to stop him with a call. Made a neck shot at 18 yards with my 50 Caliber CVA Muzzleloader! We have been after this buck for the past 3 seasons on our family farm. He weighed in at 265. My best buck of my life!

Kentucky 15 point 171″ B&C

This buck was killed about 1/2 mile east of Lake Barkley
he killed it with a knight and hale muzzleloader

Mr. Big Lives on………

Awesome Whitetail…….. trail cam shot taken at my buddy’s spot in lake County IL.–My buddy John “Black Bear” Hoffman shot the brother of this monster just days before this cam shot, from the ground no less !!!

Drop Tine in N.Alabama

2 does came under my stand at730,suddenly they both looked directly behind me and then he grunted twice i knew he had to be a shooter so i stood up and turned around slowly to find this giant only 20 yrds behind me so i found his shoulder,moved back and down a little bit and sqeezed the trigger..i didnt know how big he really was until i got to him..this is def the buck of my life

longbeard w/ white hen

See this white hen and a couple others fairly often

Buck of a lifetime

This is a once in a lifetime deer for an average hunter!

Albino Pheasant North Dakota

I shot this partial albino pheasant this Fall (2009) in North Dakota. I spotted the white head from the road. Grabbed my gun and sprinted out into the wheat stuble field. The bird held until I got into range. One in a million chance of ever doing this!

this little buck went for a swim

this little buck wanted to go for a swin
A photo of my oldest son with his o6 buck,taken on opening morning of gun season. Pictured with Nate is his son and my grandson Dillon age 2.
I killed this deer with a bow (first deer with a bow) on October 18. A nice eight point who boasted a big 19 and a half inch inside spread expired very quickly after a double lung shot ended my hunt.

the kids like it

The second day of the Missouri November rifle hunt was a success.

longbow bear

I shot this 350 lb black bear with my longbow. im 17 and this was my first bear. It was quite a thirll!

HUGE mule deer!

These horns were taken off a mule deer that my great grandpa shot in the late 50’s. I have no idea what it scored but its a monster 5×5.
he killed it in illinois
Nice eight I hope to take this year.
I had no idea the deer was as big as it was until it walked 10 yards in front of my stand. Then I clicked off the safety and he looked up at me; I was trying to stay as still as possible, but I was shaking bad. So i just stared at him until he looked down again, and BOOM! Everyone in town seemed to be stopping at the register station to take pictures. Not to mention my whole family.
Thanks to the advice in the best days to hunt issue I tagged this 15pt buck. He field dressed out at 188lbs. Its a Great buck but even better for the first with a bow!
I’ve had this buck on a trial camera for 3 years now. The morning I got him was the first time I’ve actually laid eyes on him however. He was always too smart, until a doe made him turn dumb that morning. I think I ruined his day. 10 point, 22 inch outside spread, 9 inch G-3’s, split brow tine on his right side, 5 inch circumference for the mass.

Davidson River Rainbow

Caught on pink egg pattern, 20 min fight, 28inches
my 5yr old son Hunter was out hunting in Ohio for youth deer gun season with his dad. They were sitting in a blind when this deer came, Hunters dad told him to shoot when the deer stopped running and Hunter shot and killed it. He was so proud to kill his first deer and that his first deer was a buck.

Big Fat Steelie

Another beautiful steelhead! This time on a black bugger! I fought it for 20 minutes and fell in trying to keep the fish from breaking down into another set of rapids. Good thing it was nice weather!

Son in law strikes again!

A photo of Scott my son in law,with a 140 class deer. Scott has shoot alot of nice deer mostly with his bow.


Even close to the cities there are places for us to hunt, explore, and take in awe.

Eagles fighting over a carcass..

I set my trail camera overlooking a deer carcass the results were amazing lots of good photos but this one tops them all.

The Battle!!!!!!!!!

Believe it or not, the little guy wins………
This 11-point buck was shot in a 10-acre prairie my dad and I planted in northwest Indiana, surrounded by woods, farm fields and near a creek. I shot him right before dusk: the biggest buck we’ve seen on the property. My dad shot a 10-pointer four days before out of the same tree stand.
Me and my good budy shot these two big 8-pointers 4 days apart out of the same stand. The best part, there is one big eight left with a target on his head and he is even bigger.

Ten Point Buck

I was watching a doe behind me when I heard something. So I turned around and saw the buck trotting towards me with his head down. I shot twice he went down then he got back up and I shot again as he went behind some brush. I poked him with my gun and he got up and ran in the corn so I finished him in the corn. The green score is 167 and he weighed around 230lbs.
Taken in Ohio 2009.

“The first time in”

I shot my second best buck on 11/2/09 in Monroe county, N.Y. my very first time in this specific location. He came right into my rattling and grunting sequence at 8:30 in the morning and presented me with a picture perfect broadside shot at 20 yds.

Josh Cabler and Cody Boye

Me and Cody with a pile of divers.


My daughter Mackenzie, age 14, shot this buck on Halloween, which is also my birthday. It is only the 2nd buck of her life-we can’t wait to see what she brings home next year!
11 pt 21 inch spread a 2 inch drop with a 3 inch eye guard and kicker off the back

My Wife’s Trout

My wife does loose all my gear but she seems to catch bigger but fewer fish than me when we fish together. I was catching lots of 14″ and smaller cutthroats and then she pulls in a 32″ Lake Trout that was eating the cutthroats that I was catching. I was proud of her but don’t take her as often, I still have an ego to take care of.
My dad and I had a great Day!

“Woody” 2×4 Whitetail

Nov 14th, 2009, 8:00am, +300yds, 300ft in elevation, 30.06, 165gr bullet = 2×4 nicknamed “Woody” Bullet entered right behind the right shoulder and exited through his chest. Buck ran~30 yards. I thought it was going to be a pretty decent 4×4 until I got his head pulled out of the log and snow he plowed into, and was pleased to see the perfect bull horn on the right side.

My buck

Well it was a Saturday night and there was about 3 does and 3 fawns out in the food plot. Then 3 of them just scattered and this big boy came out.

Glassing the Fog

All the expensive optics in the world can be no match for mother nature some days….glassing the sea of fog…
I was fishing a benifit tournament for a widow of a man that fell out of his boat during the winter months in Texas and drowned. In the first 10 minutes of the tournament I caught a big fish. We didn’t weigh it just put it straight in the live well and kept fishing. It weigh a even 11pds. at weigh in. We won big bass and 2nd overall. We donated our winnings to the widow.
It took me a little longer than Keith but somehow 4 birds ended up in my gamebag. Jill, (in photo) and Buck worked their hearts out to find and retrieve our birds. Jill just weaned her puppies 2 weeks ago.

Upstate New York Bow Buck

This buck was taken from a tree stand on November 5,2009 the afternoon before the picture was taken. The deer went down 30 yards from where he was shot. To date this is the biggest deer taken off the land we hunt on. He weighed out at 180 pounds and was 3.5 years old.

First Deer!

On his first day hunting with his new crossbow my 8 year old son shot this 7 point buck. Afterwards he told me he couldn’t stop shaking and I told him neither could I. It was by far the best experience I’ve had in the woods in my 30+ years of hunting. Cam told me it was the best day of his ENTIRE life!!

Weird Non-Typical on Public Land

First year hunting public land in Illinois at Beall Woods State Park, open to archery only. I saw this buck a couple weeks earlier just as pre-rut was coming on, but he was just out of range. November 16th he came by at 15 yards. My personal best buck and also the weirdest.

That doe I shot the other day…

One of the many delicious meals i often speak of. Seared venison loin, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, sauteed mushrooms and onions. Paired with a glass of red. Yeah, i know,…we should open a resturaunt.

heading home

my son hunter heading home with his first opening morning tom

November is prime time for the rut, and you’re taking advantage. We’ve received hundreds of photos of the big deer you’ve taken over the past 30 days. These are our favorites.