Mother lion and one of two cubs. The other cub is still in the gully. These pictures are from this spring the year is wrong on the time stamp.

Beaver Pond Goslings

I set my homemade 6mp camera on a beaver landing in Northern Minnesota, by pounding a stake into the dam and mounting the camera to it. I capture a variety of wetland creatures and other wildlife, but I always enjoy the Goose hatch. There’s just something about those little yellow puffballs.
It only took this bear a few seconds to figure out how to break into this dumpster.

Moose Fighting

There were three bulls in this series of photos. These are the two largest.
Appears as if the crow scared the king of the skies.

The deer locals call spotty..

She has been spotted locally for about three years or so now. Isn’t she beautiful?

Do You Want a Piece of Us?

These Brown Bears come into my black bear bait sight to eat lunch. Mom has a collar and her cubs are entering their second summer.

Bambie’s Mom and Dad?

I will definitely NOT be showing this photo to my wife, or she will never let me hunt again.

Florida Panther On The Prowl

This game camera picture of a Florida panther out hunting was taken in South Florida. Only a hundred or so of these animals are thought to exist in the wild.

New Brunswick Black Bear

I was wondering what or who was messing with my camera. I got alot of pictures in the middle of the night with the camera repostioned. This was one of the first ones I got of this large blackie during daylight hours. Up close and personal…..

ruffed Grouse strutting

Using a cuddeback capture trail camera I got this ruffed grouse photo at Crivitz, WI. Gary Kraszewski Green Bay,WI.

Snack Time

I enjoyed watching this family of bears before hunting season last fall. I have several pictures of her pouring the bait out onto the ground for her cubs.

Arkansas Bobcat

Only a few days after setting up our game camera in the front yard we captured this photo of a large bobcat.

Jumping doe

I got a cool picture of a doe jumping over some branches in the grass.

Fox Family…

I’ve been trying to get some pics of this foxy family, and they finally all got on one photo…barely!

stare down at the feeder

Pretty self-explanatory.

Tippy Toe

This Bruin just had to have a snack. The bottom of the feeder is six feet off the ground.

Say “Cheese”

I really think this Blue Jay knew his picture was being taken!


I thought this was an interesting photo. You will see a turkey going into strut with a hawk sitting next to him. This camera was set up on a deer trail. I never expected to capture a turkey and hawk in conversation…

Nah Nah

An up and comer posing for the camera.

Best Friends

These two seem to get along like best of friends, visiting my house every night. About once or twice a week they show up together. Enjoy

Taking a break

Caught this hog on a feeding binge. After two hours of feeding he laid down for nap and the moultree camera caught this picture as he woke up.

Travelling Tom

Another shots of the big boy that disappeared once the season started.

You Watching My Den?

Found this fox den when I saw a pup sunning midday…came back with a cam and got some cool pics for a week, then they moved out.

Pair of Suitors…

Competition is good…right? These boys strut their stuff around a seemingly uninterested hen.

Dottie in the deer corn

I thought my boxer Dottie was putting on some weight. I did not know she liked corn! LOL!


Capture this funky looking Elk walking down the road about 60 yards from the Camp.

Fox Family…

I’ve been trying to get some pics of this foxy family, and they finally all got on one photo…barely!

The Three Bears

I got this shot of some bears looking for something to eat.

Here Kitty Kitty!

Lion obviously knows its picture is being taken and still doesn’t smile. Thought it was a pretty nice picture anyway.

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