Got a trail cam out by the garden. Caught this picture of the fox & raccoon fighting.

Wolf pups

I saw a small wolf pack traveling parallel to the road, so I raced ahead and simply placed the camera on the trail. I went back and retrieved it with the amazing photo! The camera was in place for less than half an hour in total. Date/time was wrong as I just put batteries in in a hurry!


Not much to tell. Just a south Florida Bruiser who didn’t like sharing his limited canal space during the drought.

coyote pups playing

Set up my camera on a coyote den and caught these two playing.

Turkey In Flight

My trail cam took this picture of a turkey just taking off. It was just dark enough in the woods for the flash to go off, which really shows the colors in its feathers.

elk in deer spot

I am disabled and set the cam up in a place I could deer hunt with my bow. Never got a picture of a deer just elk and no tag for the area.

Black bear with blond cub

Taken while on a black bear study with Fish and Game in northwestern Montana.

Don’t Mind if I do

Check out this amazing bird with double tags. Never would have seen this in my life if it weren’t for trail cams.

Young Fox

This is a young fox underneath a mulberry tree in Southern Maryland.

Dancin’ ‘Coon

Looks like this guy was havin’ a good time dancin’ with himself!

True Whitetail Love!!!

These two seem to be preparing for the upconing rut! I hope they hit it off!

Caution! Gator Crossing!

I set up my Cuddeback Expert to capture beaver activity on a dam that I kept busted to keep water off the neighbor’s property. I was much surprised to get the picture and 60 second video of this 10-12 footer hi-centered on the log the pesky beavers incorporated into their dam. Needless to say, I am a little jumpy in this area on warm weather excursions.

Anyone Home

This big bear has been going around the neighborhood walking on everyone’s decks. I decided to put a trail cam on the deck & was lucky enough to get this picture.

Late-night Buffet

The baby raccoons were obviously having a midnight snack when this small doe walked upon them while feeding. They all seem a little startled.

Yogi’s Late Night Snack

Not like a picnic basket but had a good chuckle at this boy coming in.

Battle Training

It is common to see the cow elk do this, but I have seen numerous yearling bulls doing it this spring.

Huge bear right up on the deck

He was just looking for something to eat.


No idea on age, but this is a mature buck for sure!

shutter speed

not sure what kind of bird it is just thought it was a neat pic

coyote drive thru

A coyote getting ready for his late night snack of a young road killed deer.

Caught off guard

My husband was shocked to see this big guy on camera. He never saw it in person or got another pic of him.

Owl up close

I was surprised to see this when i checked my trailcam.

Who’s in there?

Elk are so curious, especially the yearlings. It is not uncommon to have several pictures similar to this one.


Set up my cuddeback on a nice rub hoping to get a good buck but ended up catching this guy goin by.

Mr. Majestic

This nice bull posed well for me one day. This happened to be a couple of weeks prior to the first hunting season and as far as I know he survived all the different seasons. Hopefully, I can catch him on film this year again.

Wrong Way

Snapped this Wiley dog trying to leave undetected. However he looked just at the wrong time. Caught him eating the bears food.

big cahunas

we caught this group of great bucks on camera cant wait for deer season. oooh yeah.

December buck

Taken 12/5/2010.
This is just a nise close picture of a good looking 4×4


This is a 4.5yr old buck that we have tracked since 2.5 on our PA lease..he was later taken as a 5.5yr old with 16 points and scoring 170″…this is what passing up a buck can do in a state like PA!

Eating Alone

This gobbler seemed to be keeping a wary eye out while eating lunch.

Don’t get any on my Stump LIcker

All types of animals love Stump Licker and obviously its a great place to meet chicks. This deer just happened to come to the stump in a moment of passion.
Don’t get many pictures of the velvet shedding process..

brother bucks

we got these two bucks on camera this spring in our land in wisconsin and they go everywhere together.

deer gone wild

not much to say about this but im guessing its a buck

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