I always carve something with a hunting theme. I can't help it, Halloween falls in the middle of hunting season. This years carving is a Mule deer skull.

Twilight Buck

Best depiction of last year’s 8 pt

Trail Camera Buck

This is based off a picture I got of a nice mature 8 point buck on one of my trail cameras.


I enjoy bear hunting so I decided to carve a bear face into my pumpkin.


I wanted to make the carving a little more visible, so I took a picture in complete darkness and inlaid the picture with the full pumpkin photo.

In the tree stand

There is so much excitement that overwhelms a hunter when a buck crosses their line of fire. I wanted to capture that moment in my pumpkin carving. I used a little creativity this is what I came up with.

duck hunter

Every year I go on a daughter father hunt to north dakota duck hunting. My idea stemmed from our hunt this year. The hunt was a success and so was my pumpkin !

Philosophy of fishing

Just something I sketched out in my philosophy class. I have found the best philosophy is taught on the water with a fishing pole and your friends. Give a man a fish and he’ll continue on with his business, teach a man to fish and he won’t bother with work again.


I carved the pumpkin to look like a chipmunk.

Girls hunt too

Just want to support all the lady hunters out there and make a name for ourselves. Here is the city there isn’t many of us.I am the only women at my company who request vacation time to go hunting. 🙂

Holoweenen Shed

My Daughter thought she would challenge me to carving pumpkins and this is what i ended up with she won of course with her winnie the pooh

big whitetail

Took about 6 hours to carve this awesome whitetail into a pumpkin.

Dry Fly

I started fly fishing a couple years back and although I have a long way to go, I have become hooked.

Whitetail Woods

My husband and I are avid whitetail hunters, so this carving makes perfect sense. I had never carved a pumpkin before and two and a half hours later, this is what I came up with!

Midnight Bawlin

This is for all those country folks that love to hear that bawlin hound late at night down in the bottoms of a slough.

Brown Trout, Fly Fishing

Most memorable fishing experience… Catching a brown trout with my dad.

Lone Wolf

This is my carving of the Lone Wolf tree stand logo. Hope you like it!

Bear Archery

I carved this into a 50lb pumpkin last year.

Bone Collector Emblem

I always liked this symbol.. so I figured I would do it on a pumpkin. 🙂

Fishin’ in the dark

Makes me think of fishing off a pier at sunset. Now I want to go fishing! Sorry it wont let me spin the picture

Grizzly Bear

I have always liked grizzly bears so why not carve one up. Hope you like it!

The Duckhunter

I love all kinds of hunting especially duckhunting. There is nothing like getting up at 2am and hitting the duck hole early and beating everyone else to the best spot
This was the cover of the rut issue of 2009. This pumpkin took me three hours to carve.

On The Run

I have submitted 3 pictures and all 3 are on one pumpkin, anyways this is what most hunters see during deer hunting

Browning Logo

I carved this for my son Jakob in 05.

Go kayaking!

Another favorite outdoor activity.

Howling Wolf

I Carved this in honor of the “One Man Wolf-Pack” quote from The Hangover

Buck Running Into Woods

I saw you were having a pumpkin contest and i have been dreaming of a big buck. I decided to carve this beautiful dream and it took me over 4 hours to complete it. I hunt on the edge of the woods so seeing a deer run into the woods under the full moon was an easy decision for me to carve.

Wolf Howling In the Moonlight

When I was bow hunting this fall, I came across a beautiful animal. It was a wolf. I stood in the bushes for a few mintutes and right when I was about to leave it howled at the full moon. This inspired me to make a carving for this. My friend told me about this contest and I just had to do it.

Exploding Pumpkin

I cut the top off this pumpkin and filled it with water and then shot it with my Savage model 12 204 at 200 yards with my wife at the camera to catch the explosion.

These are the 30 best entries from last year’s contest. Take a look before you set off to make your outdoors-themed jack-‘o-lantern masterpiece for the 2011 F&S Pumpkin Carving Contest.

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