This is how deer grow in Ohio.

Together forever!

Florida opener ST Johns river .
I shot this deer two days ago after 7 years and a few thousand miles of hiking in the mountains around my home. He is more than I ever dereamed of…

More Pics of the Cats

Friend came home to cAts hanging around his garage

leap frog buck

looked out the back yard one night and the boys were just having a good ole time

Man vs. Ultimate Predator

Fly Fishing for Sharks outside San Diego, CA. It took 20 minutes to get this guy to the boat and released. I used a 12w Fly rod and it took out 100yards+ of line and had the rod in a complete U shape.

Vixen calls kit back to the den.

A vixen had a den of kits on my property giving me numerous opportunities to photograph them.

Granpa Is That You?

Photo taken by Tyler Kelly in Estes Park Colorado July 2011. The picture speaks for itself. Thank you!

Honeymoon Bass

I caught this monster on our last day at Angler’s Inn on Lake El Salto for our honeymoon. My new husband swapped baits and gave me his Strike King Sexy Shad XD. I set the hook and a nice bass jumped twice before it got to the boat. In the words of our Mexican guide – “Big Fish!”. Even though I caught the big one on our honeymoon, my husband still gets credit for being a great teacher!

Soaking in the massive scale of Idaho’s Wilderness

My friend Dustin and his lab Maggie looking over some of Idaho’s massive Selway Bitterroot Wilderness after a grueling day long hike and climb up and over Stanley Butte..
Fishing Idaho’s Clearwater river

Big Snapper caught same day as the Gulf Disaster

Woke up early and turned on the news for the weather, they were talking about an oil rig on fire Fished on the First Light caught this Snapper after an amazing fight then released season did not start for a month. It was a gorgeous day flat calm seas and some of the most amazing day of fishing in my life Knowing what happened to the Gulf from the events of that day make me appreciate it even more

Yelloweye Rockfish

These fish can get upwards of 100 years old.

xxl splinter

my son Caleb and i went to check my small food plot, game camera and ladder stand. We found that lightning had struck my stand and the tree 5 feet behind it, splitting the top out and driving this large chunk of tree straight into the ground beside the stand. Good thing seasons not in yet or i may have been in my stand lol

Food for Thought

Interesting diet for this for this offshore guy!

Fishing below Calf Creek Falls

Definitely the most beautiful place I’ve ever fished. The mist from the 125-foot falls surrounds you as you cast for monster brown trout. It’s pure bliss.

Ying Yang

A small buck with a crazy rack. Either a genetic issue or injury when he was young. 3 pts acting as a mouthguard on his right side, and a normal 2pt side on his left.

Who else hunts with their MOM!?!?!?

California is BLACKtail country! Here I am with my mother with our first buck! We hunted this buck on Aug 14, 2011 in the A-Zone. I spotted this buck about 100 yards away and shot him offhand with a .30-06 Remington 700. This is our first time tasting venison, it is delicious! (Sorry for not being in the shot dad, but thanks for taking this pic of me and mom!)


There’s an old shed by one of our favorite hunting spots that sits about 50 yards off the road. While driving by the other day, my son Kurt and I did a double take, then turned around and snapped this shot of a dandy 4×4 whitetail bedded down and peeking out the window. He soon got nervous and bolted out the back door. It certainly makes me rethink my plans for a hunting blind this fall! -Wade

My Monster

My biggest and most favorite buc…My partner and I tracked him for three years..had video, trail cam pics and sheds before shooting him. That’s what its all about!
That’s my Dad catfishing in 1951, (I wasn’t a thought yet), and then fishing for catfish with me in 2010. The fish weren’t monsters but the smile is.

Father and Son Giant Smallie

We where trolling for walleye in Gladwin Michigan. Dave Dunn was using a hot pink floating crawler harness because his wife Lisa picked the color. At first he thought he was snagged on a log. But then he felt it tug a couple times and the fight was on. The giant smallie gave an awesome air show as Ian cheered on his Dad. For northern Michigan this is a GIANT smallmouth bass! 22 1/2 inches…

Giant Southern MO Buck

This pic was taken on the land of EDGE pro-staffer Ben Morris in southern MO. This is a big buck for anywhere, but especially in southern MO this deer is an all-around monster. Guesses on score?

White Baby Deer

I took this pic on 8/09/2011 at 12:15pm from my deck. The deer was 75 yards from me in my backyard.

Happy Birthday to ME

Caught my first big Musky (46″)on my 40th birthday! Catch, Photo, Released. It hit a big bucktail while fishing from the canoe on a small SE MN river, beached the canoe and landed it on shore.
I was scouting a spot I recently aquired and this doe came out so I used a tip I learned on this sight! I put my camera phone up to my binoculars and got this spectacular picture!
20 yards in front of our stand, and broadside. This guy is putting himself in a risky situation.


this is a buddy of mine (okie), wont give up where he found this monster.

Why Me!

I walked outside to check on the horses in my temporary fencing and I saw this little fawn, which couldn’t have been a day old yet, stuck in the pool yard fence! It got in but it couldn’t get out! My lab/husky mix was going nuts! I got the little guy out and he was still at my house the next day so I bottle fed it but it died a few weeks later. 🙁

Money, Money, Money.

Me and three of my friends crawled 300 yards through a field’s drainage ditch on a large flock of snow geese. Ended up killing a double banded goose, with a $50 reward.

Abino buck

After the bears messed with my trail cam it took 5 pictures of this albino buck that we know to be at least 6 1/2 years old. Nice to know he is still around. We do have other pictures of him when he was younger and his rack was in better shape.

Moraine Park in Rocky Mountain National Park

Hauled in a few bows on a royal wulff… and some nice scenery

Deer with Dad

Got him on the edge of National Forest Land and my 75 year old Father had the energy to help me drag this boy back to the truck. After having back surgery when I was younger and having to squeeze under a fence

See through Velvet

Got a picture of this 10 pt right in front of one of our stands. The neat thing is the way the sun is shining you can see through the velvet and see his hard antler underneath. I thought it was pretty cool.
Long time coming. 30years of stripier fishing and coming so close to that bench mark.So many 45,48,49,even 49.75 lbs fish but couldn’t hit that 50, finally in June I landed a 53.5 lbs stripier 51″long with a 35″ girth.I just had to share it with my fellow sportsmen&women.And; for all the anglers that have walked in my shoes don’t give up your day will come. tight lines Capt.Vito

Portable Deer Blind

My neighbor gave me an old flat bed wagon that we converted to a portable deer stand. We installed hinged openings on all sides to allow a 360 degree view. To break up our background we have burlap “drapes”. Regardless of the weather, we’ll have a fairly comfortable place to hunt.

Snow Day in NM

This is after the one time a year it snows in Southern New Mexico. This is about the only 20 seconds i could keep my black lab still. she was romping around the yard

A place called “The Point”

Jerry Powell took me on an elk hunt where he’s hunted here since 15. Here my friend basks in this honeyhole. The day before he passed on a cow, allowed me to take it. Next day I went back with him for his chance, never scored but going back this year. I hope to lug his elk out, the photo speaks of a friend and a shared love of the hunt in a beautiful place and a beautiful country. Thanks Jerry!


Caught this unique buck on the trail cam close to my house. We feed them during the summer and it is fun to watch the bucks develop there antlers from year to year. This guy was a surprise we he showed up a couple of weeks ago.