Awesome double drop tyne whitetail that I managed to harvest two days later!!.

Battling Bulls

Placed my camera overlooking a stump with a salt lick. Had these two respectable bulls fighting. After this ten minute battle the stump had been completely shredded.

Elk On The Run

I shot this nice bull with my Matthews bow at 26 yards. I had several trail cams in the area. The closest trail cam was 200 yards away on an escape route. This bull ran past my cam with the arrow still in him.
Our department of fish and wildlife is very interested in this wolverine that showed up on our trail cam.

Marking Out Coyoteville

Coyote marking his part of the mountain.

Bull with Odd Rack

I captured this bull with an odd rack on my trail cam.

Horizon Buck

The timing was perfect and I was lucky enough to capture the outline of a buck on the horizon as well as a nice one up close.

Ring Side Seat

Great South Dakota fight and the young guy is learning his lessons. Harvested the big guy on left in late October.

Grow Em Big in Indiana

Have gotten 20+ pics of this bucks since August. The food plots appear to be paying divends as we have gone from many good bucks, to some great bucks to this one exceptional buck.

Nocturnal Giant

I have scouted this area of Virginia for several months now. I thought I knew every buck that was on the property, until this giant showed up one night. I have never seen him with my own eyes, but my trail camera has picked him up several times. If it wasn’t for my camera I would never know this guy existed. Its nice knowing that there is big bucks out there. Makes hunting just that more fun!

Gene Simmons Bull Elk

Set the camera up on a spring and had over 1000 pictures in 3 days. Caught this bull giving us his best KISS tongue!
Ten point came in to have an apple on the edge of a soybean field have 40 other pictures of him.

Sow and three Cubs

Sow brought her 3 cubs to my bait pile during the baiting season for bear

Creepy Shot

Creepy shot of a guy in front of my trail camera….

Baby Momma

Doe and fawn picture captured back during the Spring.

Pine marten eating my bone!

One of 167 pictures of pine marten over a three month period.

The Birds

Crap, there goes all of my corn!

Should have been there Friday!!!

180 class Wisconsin giant cruising past my stand while I am sitting at work daydreaming about him.

Big boy visits his scrape during the day

I have been seeing this buck for 3 years and this is the first time I got him on the camera….maybe this is the year!!
Our department of fish and wildlife is very interested in this wolverine that showed up on our trail cam.

The mind reader buck

I have about 50 pictures of this buck. He can read my mind cause when I’m there he is not. If I go to another stand you can bet who’s gonna show up.

Red Tailed Hawk

This is a pic of a red tailed hawk. I forgot to submit it last year so here it is. This is the only trail camera I have,but im only 13 years old.

Bucks in snow

Pic is after snow storm. I set up a shed trap in hopes of bucks losing antlers and this drop tine buck showed up.

Spike Brothers.

Always saw these two guys together. The one on the left was almost made it through hunting season this year but was shot about a week ago. Northwest Oregon.

Custom mineral lick mixture in the bean field.

If you put all the antlers together, you would have a nice size buck! Looks like they will be stealing my dad’s soybeans a few more years until they all fill out.


Kinda odd to see him in daylight…does not happen often.

We call him Tricycle.

Here is a day time picture of Tricycle, the three legged coyote living in our neck of the woods. I see him on occasion in the evenings and have him in several trail cam pictures as well. He is a survivor and a testament to how resilient these creatures are.

Merry Halloween

This photo was taken October 31, 2011 by trailcam during a Noreastern that recieved 19″ of snow accumulation in Northwest Connecticut. This photo was taken by our home in our woods. Enjoy and we did.

Sun Rise Buck

Deer was caught eating acorns under a White Oak tree in Tennessee.
This picture was taken earlier in the year. Two bucks are sparing along with a 13 point eating.

Lion strollin in the snow

This is one of 4 lions that I got pictures of in the last month. Picture taken in SD on a Bushnell Trophy Cam.

Ghost of the Corn

Cool picture of a buck coming out of the corn right in front of our camera!

kiss for the camera!

Thought this was pretty funny.

Velvet Ohio Bachelors

3 Velvet bucks coming into primos new red spot mineral supplement

Coyote Close-Up

Taken with my Homebrew that uses a DSC-W80

Mr Proud

Big buck on trail cam

This is not a beaver.

Lookin for beavers on my beaver cam but instead I got this thing.


Rutting buck in back yard!!!
I had cam pics. of this buck for about a week. Before a neighbor harvested this magnificant whitetail. end tally was 30pts. 20 on the right side and 10 on the left.

Piebald Yearling

Saw this unique little guy with his mother.

Oregon Roosevelt Elk aka Big Daddy

Have been chasing this guy for the last 4 years. He made it through all the 2011 hunting seasons so will be chasing him again 2012

Very tall brow tines & great overall color

Snagged a pic of this buck on the 5th day of owning my bushnell trophycam.


big buck preseason.
I submitted a picture of a buck I had got picture of on August 8, 2009 in Round 2 of this contest (MONSTER TYPICAL 8, #35). Here is the 13 point brute that had showed up on Aug 8, 2008. Saw him during the season but never presented a shot. Also found the left side shed.

Look at me!

We call him Beansnapper. I love his width. Its as if he couldnt be showing off his rack to the camera any better.

Nice Buck

Theres been a bunch of nice bucks this year behind our house. Heres one of them.

Oregon Coyote on Blacktail remains

This coyote has been working on cleaning up the remains of a blacktail deer.

Bachelor party!

One bag of corn on a small piece of property brought an unexpected and welcomed surprise.

We’ve Got you Surrounded

It’s almost as if the turkeys were threatening the raccoon to give up the corn.

oklahoma buck

I have watched him the last two years and have a shed from three years ago. I harvested him this year during gun season here in Oklahoma. I have several trail cam pics of him from last year and this year.

Here are the editors’ picks for the 50 best entries in the second round of our 2011 Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. Congrats to walleye34 who took first place with his “Just Droppin By” shot and will receive a Bushnell Trophy Cam; and to second-place winner, BearCreekBulls, who gets a Hide ‘N Hunt Blind from Hunter’s Specialties.

Don’t forget to vote for the Reader’s Choice Winners for Round III. The top three will each win a Freeman Guide Folding Knife from Gerber. And keep entering your great trail cam photos in Round IV for more chances to win. You’ve got until Midnight on December 8th to enter.