I use this farm pedal car to get gear quickly to where I can hunt. The over sized tires work well and I can hitch a wagon to the back. Very low "horse power" but it uses no gas.

The ultimate Deer Cart

We hunt federal land where motorized vehicles are not allowed and the distances we hike are normally a mile plus. There are plenty of old logging roads and if you are creative like this guy you can get deer out easy. We raced him using a deer sled. Short distance we won, but he is built for distance

Mr. boss

Custom built truck from texas. Has a 30 ft scissor lift. Built in feeder built onto back as well.

Heavy Load

Big Red sure helps taking a BIG LOAD off my aching back. Cmeeere Bullwinkle !!!

Quad carries the load

I shot my first 10 pointer this year and my buddy shot a doe. They were in a valley at the bottom of a steep, rough mountain. Two years ago it took us 2.5 hours to drag out an 8 pointer. This year we went in with the quad and a chainsaw to get the deer out. It saved a lot of time and a lot of pain in our backs.

The Company Truck

We’ve all been hunting and mudding out of this truck since we turned 16! It’s not worth much money but the stories are worth millions. It’s called the company truck and it’s got all the nicknames spray-painted on the side, Cash, R-money, Dub, and Chunk. Best part is the custom spray paint camo!

A Real OFF Road Hunting Truck

Tanzania, Africa. 8 day Buffalo Hunt. Crocodile infested rivers, Pissed off Elephants, Burned Poachers camp, Obnoxious Hippo’s. Nightly Lions, Charging Buffalo. Two Hunters, 5 Buffalo, 2 Puku. Great Hunt. Alot more Rodeo than advertised.

Montana treated us well.

We went five for five on a recent rifle hunt for mulies in Montana. This picture of a bed full of meat and antler always brings a smile to my face.

My Hood

The artwork was inspired by Desmond Mccaffrey “thanking god” been there done that before and had to paint the picture on my truck.

Cruising in the woods

The hood made my dad want to paint the truck and he had to paint all sides and the tailgate.

The Desicion between a non typical or a typical giant

The passenger side just tops it off with 2 world class whitetails and would be a hard desicion to make between a typical or a non typical giant. All artwork airbrushed by my dad

Montana Sun

Loading up a mule deer after a successful morning hunt. Backed the chevy right up on the rocks to load it up.

The Ultimate ORV

It’s a 1968 Ford Bronco with custom suspension mounts, james duff lift kit, a cammed 302 from a 1976 F-250, 37’s, detroit locked front and rear, warn 8k winch, custom steel bumpers and rock sliders, full roll cage, and a rhino lined interior. There isn’t anywhere off road it can’t go. Has been used as a hunting and camping rig all round NC and Va.

Sink or swim

Hurricane Irene came through Virginia with a ton of wind rain and devastation and for me that means water, mud, and more mud. Being only 15 I didn’t think my plan through to the shower without electricity but luckily right when I got to the house it was on. That Kawasaki Bayou 220 has been to hell and back.

Big Boss-Big Arrow

My father and I are big hunters and decided that we needed to make something unique. We came up with this idea of making an arrow out of PVC pipe to mark the end of our driveway where we hunt. We thought it would be neat to park the six-wheeler next to it to show how big it really is. This has become the talk of the town and we even have people stopping to get their picture taken by it.

West Virginia Hunting

The main access road to our camp utilizes a low water bridge that was impassible most of the 2011 season due to heavy rains. This never stops us from loading up the four wheelers with a weekend’s load of supplies and riding in the back trails to the property!

The Whole Package

On opening morning of the 2011 Wisconsin rifle season I killed the first buck off my family’s new property in southwestern WI. He wasn’t a real monster by any means but nonetheless, the 130″ 8 pointer was a buck I’d been chasing all season and I was PUMPED to put him on the ground! I figured the whole shot with my gun, buck, gear, ATV and trailer would make for a good memory!

It’s SCARY how Versatile a Hunting ATV Can Be!

Every October, just after dove season and prior to duck season, we tow our ATV into town for it’s annual pm and to get an edge on the other neighborhood Trick-or-Treaters. Even got “Dash” the duck dog in the spirit of Halloween! In addition to all of the decorations we have strobe lights and Halloween music blaring from Camo Candy Collector!

Two Old Bulls and a Jeep

This was the last elk we harvested before my father passed. He was always surprised we could bring them home with a bow. The old CJ 7 was a blessing to get this old bull off the mountain. My brother and I field dressed and quartered it then stuffed all of him in the jeep. There was just enough room for us to sit down for the ride back to camp.
This old machine just keeps on going. I purchased the PUG new in 1973 from Bruce Manafacturing in Minnasota. I have made changes to the original steering wheel for steering to hydraulic joy stick for turning left or right. Removed the fiberglass bed and made a stronger hydraulic dump bed. The PUG is slow (15MPH) but built like a tank. I have carried 2000 lb. of deer feed with no problem.

All in a days Work

This picture is of my two hunting buddies, after them & I got Joe’s Elk out. It was too steep to walk up the mountain, so we used my Yamaha 450 Kodiak to haul out 2 day packs, 2 framed packs, 2 guns,a 6 X 6 Elk that was quartered, & us 3 hunters. Don’t know what we would have done without it!

High gas $ = inovation

We drove out for the spring bear hunt multiple times without success. The hunting budget was drained so we had to improvise and drive the 45 MPG convertible Geo metro. It was cold and noisy, but it’s a good thing that we got out that last weekend! Got our first bear!!!

get the elk loaded

My dad and his friend shot this elk early in the morning. This is one of our 4-wheelers and the flatbed truck we use when we go hunting. This 4 wheeler has gotten us out of many things and the truck makes it easy to load are animals onto and makes it convient to take at least two 4 wheelers anywhere we want.

Modified Honda

I have modified my Honda to be better suited for hunting deer, coyote and hogs in South Texas. I made a ROPS and installed a top which is strong enough to allow large deer to be winched up and transported back to camp. I can cover the entire rig with a military camo net and use as a mobile blind for hunting game.

Back to camp

I shot this bull above the road and was fortunate to drag him to the road and loaded the entire animal plus me on the little King Quad and went to camp

North Dakota duck hunters “Chair”iot

Family and friends from South Dakota were visiting and hunting and recent rainfall was excessive and it was too muddy to leave our yard with conventional vehicles. This gave birth to the Chairiot. It is a small trailer with a wooden chair fastened with a few rubber tarp straps and pulled with our Honda 3 wheeler. It got the three of them out and on a successful duck hunt here in North Dakota.

All Terrain Dog

ATV Tribute. My snowmobile is in the back ground, it’s old but gets me on the lake. My name is Jamie and pictured with me is my dog Max. The snowmobile maybe fast but when Max pulls the sled it’s earth friendly, and he enjoys it. Max can get to lakes even my snowmobile cant get to because of trees. He is a all terrain dog, maybe not four wheeled but four legged and I wouldn’t trade him in.

Sometimes you just need a pickup

Opening day was good to us this year.

Two Shots, Two Toms

These toms came running to the call. My son rolled the first, and I got the second running away.

As good as a day can get

14 point with a big old coyote

Boat Tote

The best way to get to the hard to get to fishing spots.

Starting Early

This all-electric ATV came to us as a discarded Lightning McQueen Power-Wheels and now has a new life as my daughter’s go-to heavy hauler. With a sophisticated one-wheel drive system and a 6-volt battery she is easily hauling this large bear out of the woods to end another successful day.

Moose all in one load

An end to a great once in a life time hunt. After a long butchering job I was able to load the entire moose and me on the little King Quad and get it all back to camp in one load. Love that little ATV

Mulie Wagon

With the price of gas these days, I would opt to take my Honda Accord out into the field rather than my pick-up to save a few bucks. I don’t have much into it, so when she goes, she goes. It’s surprising sometimes what a little car can do if you try it. This mule deer was a 170 class from South Dakota, and I don’t think it could’ve looked any better anywhere else but on top of that car.

A boat inside a boat

I made my 4×8′ single axle trailer double as a boat trailer with a removable wood frame. On this particular trip we were headed for a camping trip/my bachelor party. We had a few people going and had to load my brothers boat inside my boat.


Awesome day of snow goose conservation.

who needs a truck my little Saturn will go anywhere

this is my husbands only deer this year as doctors used up most of his season taking part of his lung and giving him his 4th round of chemo.hopfully next year is better 🙂 I on the other hand got my first deer with my gun and my bow both yay!!

This is how I roll

Yea.. That’s the bag holder around his neck. We all can’t afford bad boy buggies, Club cart works!

Scoutin’ mid-August SW’ern Wisconsin style!

The boys and I decided we’d hook up the trailer we used to pull the ATV to the land, onto the ATV itself in order to utilize it’s capacity potential. Leather seat and chair were attached via ratchet straps. Room for all gear needed and 3 men comfortably. We loaded up and cruised the land for a nice long 4 day weekend scouting and setting up our 300 acre honey hole!!

Mobile Blind

I have modified my Polaris RangerXP-700 to be more usefull as a hunting rig. I hunt coyote, hogs and deer in Uvalde County Texas. I have made a “L” shaped loading ramp that is hinged to the rear bumper and is connected to a winch. Just roll the animal onto the ramp at ground level and lift with the winch. Very handy for loading and moving game back to camp.

I can go anywhere

First time going in my friends 4 runner, near a place back home.

big pig

i shot this during deer season. Wish I had my wife’s atv to load it with,her’s has a pole with a wench on the front

Beach Rig

Sometimes we need some assistance to get to those sneaky spots on Long Islands East End Beaches, this time it payed off.

going through the field and stream

Out on a late November ride, we found this large mountain meadow had become a small mountain pond. I couldn’t resist the opportunity to plow through it.

The Work Horse

I was on a late season Bowhunt in 2009 and was lucky enough to get a double Bowkill early one morning.Good thing i had my trusty Yammaha kodiak 400 to haul the load out for me.

Skulls and Weapons

A couple of my deer and one of my guns and bow.

Mudding in the backwoods

We were scouting for deer season in the woods, and it had been very rainy the few days before, so after we were done scouting I proceeded to hit every mud hole I could find. It was messy, but fun!

Tennesse Buck

This was the opening day of rifle in TN. This 8 pt rolled all the way to the bottom of a valley. We had to use this old Kawasaki atv to get him out. It kept breaking down though. This photo was while I was taking a breather from pushing the atv up the hill haha!

Loading up!

Loading up my wife’s first mule deer buck on the back of a Polaris Razor loading it into out truck!

Red Neck Quad

I could not afford a real quad, and at my age, it was getting to hard on me to drag a deer out of the woods, so i took the mower deck of my old riding lawn mower,and with the small trailer it makes a real nice deer and equipment transporter. I have a few trails criss-crossing my property so it works for me.

_Four-wheel drive trucks, ATVs and snowmobiles have become the modern-day packhorse for hunters. To pay tribute to the machines that get us into the wild and back again, we hosted an off-road photo contest, asking our readers for the best photos of their vehicles, in all sizes and configurations, they use to hunt. They didn’t disappoint.

We chose danner690’s photo as the winner and he gets a new BowTech Diamond Outlaw bow. His certainly isn’t the biggest, baddest or coolest-looking hunting vehicle we’ve seen, but if a guy has the courage to head into the field on a contraption like that, and it works for him, he deserve a good bow to go with it. –The Eds