My wife received her first gun. She grew up in suburbia, but now she is getting comfortable and even wants a Benelli ultralight 12ga. One upside, it is cheaper than jewelry. She is looking forward to using her 870 for hare, coyote, and birds.


I spent several days last week in Yellowstone hunting with the camera. An amazing, and extreme place in the winter. Watching the buffalo plow snow looking for grass is something everyone should witness.

Morning Mist

I snapped this photo while having a cup of coffee near the madison campground in Yellowstone NP. Fisherman: unknown
My second year bow hunting I went on a quick hunt before football practice. I called this buck in and shot him. Went to practice and came back to find my 180-class deer. He had a gross score of 194 3/8 and a net score of 186 4/8. By far the biggest buck in my family, and after all the time and effort put in, it was worth it.

Blackbird Tornado

I saw a huge flock of Red-Winged Blackbirds swirling down in an alfalfa field on my way into the stand for an evening bow hunt last season. Luckily I caught the birds in motion at a great time.

A good winter day…

Training the bluetick pup.. This was his second treed lion, a female. She was lovely and posed well.
Im new to Arizona, and this is my new favorite outdoor activity. In an old wash northern part of Phoenix shooting the A.R.15, 9mm, m44, and a pump action 22. Im 31 now and never before loved something like guns.

Hooked Sail

Underwater camera

Cool Presentation

Near Big Eddy Deshcutes River, Bend, Oregon

Dall Sheep Hunting

You never know what you will find when you summit a 4000 foot mountain in search of Dall Sheep. This curious caribou checks out Austin Manelick and he glasses for Dall Sheep. Find this picture and more at
My 6 YO son,learning how to safely carry his gun while hunting and how to take site and shoot at flying birds. Our guide decided to let him shoot at birds that were pointed to help them flush while controlling the dog. The guide didn’t realize that He had been practicing, and after taking out three birds with head shots we went back to practicing our wing shooting…after the covey rise!

Pretty Girl at River Bend

My first time to a Pheasant shoot was incredible fun. The dogs were so beautiful and right on point. Look at this pretty girl.

Monster Snook in channels at Cape Coral with a great story!

After an insane fight, I got her all the way to the boat only to hear my line snap just as my friend Brent reached for her lip. She turned her head and I watched the giant snook’s tail disappear under the boat. Brent fell to his chest and made an impossible blind grab for her tail. To our amazement he got it! Slowly he pulled her back and rolled to his back holding her like a baby!

Windsor Colorado, Beautiful Goose, Canada X Snow??

Closing day near Windsor, Colorado. We saw two of these in a group of about 8 Canada Geese, we were lucky enough to shoot this one! The other circled around but wouldn’t decoy. Very successful day punctuated with this very rare goose. I’m not into trophy hunting but this one is definitely going on the wall!

Movie Star Muley

This muley buck loves to pose for the camera. Is he worthy of the pages of F&S;?


Pitched some cut bait to this guy just before dark off the Florida coast.

King and Queen of Ducks

One year old German Wirehair Pointer- Gretta, three friends, and myself took a one week road trip from NY to ND this fall for a trip of the pup’s and our lifetime, only to be beat by this falls trip. The dog retrieved 60 of 80 birds roughly, making some great long retrieves while swimming past the easy ones for the lab we also brought

First Trout

Took the grandkids to a NWTF Jakes event heres the boys first trout.

Elk Hunt in Texas

This was my first Elk Hunt. It is a 4×5 and shot with a .458 Socom. February 2012

Last day of bow season in Ohio

8 pt. Gross score was 150+

First time walking on water

Brought my grandson, my Little buddy and and his mother ice fishing for there first time. It was a cold snowy day, the kids made slush men while I tracked the fish down, everyone caught fish but the slushmen made for a short day, frozen fingers. The kids want to go again, mom I’m not so sure. The kids even fed an eagle a perch. Great day on the ice.

Plain Luck

Me and my buddy were looking around for a spot to go turkey hunting and we ran acrossed this 150’s class deer. Crazy huh? I don’t know if we will ever be lucky enough to find something this big again by accident. No arrow or anything around his body just bone. Me and my dad cleaned the buck up for my buddy since he was the one who spotted him first.
Fair chase harvested this MONSTER on November 5,2011 @ 4:50p.m. with my Compound bow on a residential farm I’ve been bow hunting since 2002.It’s a 17 point nontypical Official B&C; score of 203 3/8″in Stark county, Ohio around the Brewster area. Not enough room here for my details of this unforgettable harvest-Hope everybody had a good season

Trophy Bull Elk Hunt – Utah

Shot it just before dark. Nice 6×6 with very thick antlers
On opening day of KY gun season, late in the day, 7 does entered the field in a single line. I thought to myself, if he is going yo come out, this should be the reason. Not seconds after that thought left my mind, he entered the field from the left walking straight at the does. With a blur of quick thoughts and a bang, he was down.

Monster Toccoa Rainbow

28 inch, 11 pound rainbow caught on the lower toccoa

Piedra River Brown

My dad and I did a southwest Colorado fishing trip this past July. I pulled this brown trout out of the Piedra River west of Pagosa Springs.

First deer with my bow

It was November 14th. I got in the stand at 10:00. Finally a couple does ran past me. I stood up hoping there was more and sure enough I heard one running behind me and heard grunting and saw this monster running right at me. He ran past me and I grunted. Turned broadside, put an arrow through both lungs. 28 inch neck. 164 unprofessionally scored, green, with 8 inch bases

Biggest on trail cam ive ever had

Seen him only once in 2010 during archery, didn’t have an ethical shot so i waited and he never gave me the opportunity. In 2011 i got several videos of him a little narrower but with a drop tine.


Snook caught in Tampa Bay Area on live baitfish.

First Time to Field Dress – Shot Through the Heart

This not only was my first time to participate in field dressing after a hunt, but it is a photo of the hole made by the .458 socom that went directly through the heart of a 4×5 Elk.

You coming or what

Jake ready to go after a snack

Coyote being run off a kill by a wolf pack

I shot a whole series of photos of a wolf pack running a coyote off a buffalo kill. I thought for sure the coyote was dead meat, but it ran towards us, and used us as human shields against the wolves…..coyotes are fast learners when it comes to survival, but I guess you have to be when your life depends on it.

Rocky Mountain Big Horn

Hunting with the camera in Yellowstone last week. Spotted this ram, and waited for him to line up with the dead tree to get this shot. Yellowstone is an amazing place in the winter, but a little cold, it was in the mid teens when I shot this photo.

snow goose

me and my dad SD snowgoose great day with First Flight Finishers

Sailfish fishing of Golfito Costa Rica

Sailfish fishing with Bobby McGueness in Golfito Costa Rica. Pull sailfish standing with no belts incredible Beast.

Ohio Opening Day Buck

Cold and rainy but well worth the wait for this 11 point deer. I thank the Lord for this blessing.

Colorado Broken Mule Deer

This Colorado mule deer had a broken main beam from the 2011 rut season. He would have been an impressive deer if he had both antlers, anyone have any idea how much he would score with both antlers? Find this picture and more like it at
After we walked a 8 mile loop we got back to the fourwheelers. we start packing and i walk off to go to the bathroom with my gun on my back and look up, there was my buck. So i shot it, I go to look in my bag for the camera and it wasnt there so i had to hury back to camp to get a picture before it got dark but as you can see i didnt make it in time.5×6 28 inch spread with 6 inch eyeguards

Never grow Old

Loren Lyons of Oskaloosa,KS qualifies a THE Game Face for F & S. How many 98 yr old hunters were out in January 2012 trying to punch a doe tag? Pic is of Loren in the deer blind this January with his Browning A-Bolt Medallion in 243 Win. waiting for a shot.
This is the 3rd year in a row that my wife/fishing partner has managed to find a steelhead over 31 inches. This one is a buck, 32 inches 14 pounds. It nailed a small orange yarn fluffball w/shrimp scent. We were fishing a Central Oregon Coast river whose name seems to have escaped me at the moment.

Sail Fish

This Laker was caught on a public lake in Colorado on January 1 in 2012. What a way to start off the year. Caught by Brock Burke ice fishing.

Massive king salmon

We had an amazing day on the Kenai, landing two monster kings. This one tipped the scales at 53-pounds! He put on an incredible, aerial show as we brought him up to the boat.

Bowfin on a wax worm through the ice!

My friend caught this 24” Bowfin a few weeks ago while fishing for bluegill through the ice on the Mississippi River! After a 5 minute fight we discovered the fish was not a northern, which we thought the first time he went past the drilled hole…

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