Brandon Boggs brought John M. & I run his bush lines in th Atchafalaya River after a long day of hog hunting .. this pic was taken at the camp .
Lil Buddy was given to me by Tenmile Outfitters in Mittie Louisiana .. he was chewing up the young hogs on the ranch and 10mile had enough.. he is a Mt.Fiest
This lunker was only about 10 feet under the ice when hooked and stayed there for the entire 1 hour fight. Ice fishing on a public lake in Colorado. Have caught 3 others just like this.

Perfect Timing!

Early in the season, I was not getting many deer showing up on my camera but this deer timed it just right!

Ice Out Fun

While the ice was going out on the river in front of my house I knew I had jump on and ride a ice burg down the river aways. Everyone says i’m crazy and they are probably right!!!!
Caught this beast on a Berkley Power Bait Power Hawg…Hit my lure hard like a boulder took my line..Took a little bit to get in but excited with what was on my hook..Love this sport!!!!CAUGHT AT 1:30PM NOT AM WOULD NOT LET ME ENTER THE AM/PM

Monster Pike

Caught after sunset. Just a hog of a Pike.

Newborn Whitetail Fawn

After many years of trying to photograph a newborn whitetail fawn, I finally succeeded when I found this one laying near a mayapple patch.

Brown Pelican

As a wildlife photographer, I have to always think like a bowhunter. Get up close, wait for the right angle, and adjust my camera and lens for the perfect settings, just as if they were as important as my sight pins. Nothing excites me more..

Cottontail Retrevirer

Maggie, is fine waterfowl retriever but loves to retrieve cottontails after duck hunt is over.

Clear Water and Deep Pools

Brent and Dogs enjoying the lower water before runoff and more importantly the spawning Rainbows of the Cache La Poudre river outside Ft Collins, Colorado.
Didn’t have a boat trailer for my boat, so my buddy and I had the great idea of throwing it on the roof of my 1994 integra. Worked just fine and we caught fish that day!

Wolf Hunting in Idaho’s Selway Backcountry

Hiked 5 miles in to try and call in a wolf pack.

This is a bunch of carp

Louie caught two of these tanks on a recent trip to the sub-tropics of southeast Florida. This was the bigger of the two. We estimated it to be 35-40 pounds. They are some terrific fighters on light tackle.

crazy bird

Every time this grouse sees my truck it comes running up to the road and chases me. I think it’s a rattling noise my truck makes because other people have tried getting it to come to them. I tried hand feeding it the other day but it would only come about 5 feet away.

My New Quad!

Taking My New Quad out for a spin! Note Safety First with the helmet & dark safety goggles! (welding # 10!)

Don’t need a big ATV in Alaska

The 87 250cc Suzuki LT4x4 did more work and went more places than all the big ATV’s combined. 15 forward and 3 reverse, 2 wheel, 4 wheel and 4 wheel lock with it’s ultra light weight on the Tundra is awesome! I’ve hauled out a many moose with this ATV in one trip by dragging or by cutting up.

One shot one kill

September 2010 opening weekend of rifle in Whitmore, CA. I still have the bullet I found inside of him.
i hunt hogs with dogs and the girls were given me an ear full about “how i bring the boys and not them” .. so i did , they’re hooked now !!

A Brave Turkey

This brave turkey is on top of the log directly behind the deer. He is only a foot away within striking distance, for any doe to pounce on him with her front legs. I like how the deer are staring at something, with their eyes and ears locked in. Possibly a buck is coming in to eat the corn.

Early spring NE Ohio Largemouth

1 of 13 fish I caught this day.

Alaskan fishing boat at sunset.

A nice shot of an Alaskan fishing boat at sunset. I took this from a cruise ship on my honeymoon.

“Flight of the Mallard”

Walking through a small park, I captured a mallard making it’s way to the pond.

Piebald in the Fog

The fog is neat and it reminds me of all those foggy mornings deer hunting. I named this piebald Whitey and his dropped his eight point antlers in the middle of February. The young seven point buck in the background is still carrying his antlers and it is March 22nd. They both should be big bruiser bucks this coming fall.

The abuse I get for taking my friends hunting.

After taking some friends goose hunting I get this photo in my email. It was a great hunt but I got a lot of grief for shooting the only 2 lessers all morning. Would do it again…
I bought this Steyr Mannlicher Carbine chambered in 8x56R a few months back for cheap, and I decided to sporterize the rifle into a nice whitetail brush gun. This is the first time I have attempted anything like this, and I am pleased with the results so far.

A beautiful site.

Around my area, the pheasant population is diminishing. One day, I was looking out my back window and noticed this guy scurrying acrossed the yard. I ran to grab the camera and got this image. I was excited to see him along with a few hens again a few days ago. This was taken in Bay County, MI.

heart shot

perfict shot with my crossbow and razor sharp muzzy arow tip

Motorcycle Seat Holster

Wouldn’t this be cool for ATV!

Missed by One Shot by the other

While hunting with my two boys on our lease in southwest GA my Older son Will shot this 200 lb 9pt. My youger son Jordan shot at a buck first but after I looked for blood and found nothing we determined that he missed. While looking for blood we unknowingly jumped this and my Older sone shot it. When Jordan saw the buck after a short blood trail he said, Dad thats the buck I shot at.

My first Sturgeon

My first Sturgeon, Spearing Lake Winnebago Feb 2012 50.3# 58.9″

Kootenay Lake Rainbow

After about three hours of fishing this Gerrard Buck slammed the minnow imitation and put up a 20 minute battle. He made several dives and performed some amazing acrobatics. We netted him and lifted him into the sailboat, then immediately took him down into the gully to be sure he didn’t escape before we took this photo. As you can see by the looks on our faces we were happy fishermen!

Big Joe with Big Small Mouth

My son and I went fishing on the Spokane River at the mouth near the Coeurdalene Lake. Joe was using nightcrawlers that we raised ourselves. At first he thought he was stuck on a log, but he had hooked a huge smallmouth. We are not sure of the weight but he was about 50″ and the bass took up a good part of his upper body.

Norfork Rainbow

Caught this rainbow on a trip to Arkansas in January 2012. Just a stocker but fun anyway.

Double Carp

Me and a buddy caught two carp on the fly simultaneously and standing within a few feet of eachother.

Teaching my Little Princess

Summer of 2010. We were at our camp in Potter County with family for a short summer vacation. Allie was almost 2-yrs old. This was the first time she wanted to fish with daddy. My wife, Kristen, took the photo and framed it for me.

Boatload of cats

Fished with shad for three days no luck. Cought a big carp cut it up and they tore it up!

White River Brown Trout

I caught this 24in brown trout on the White River near Mt. Home, Arkansas in Feb. of 2012. The temps were cold (20 degrees), but the fishing was incredible!


They love the barnacles on pilings.

Ohio Public Land Bass

Not sure what this weighs but it was a tad over 24 inches long. Not bad for Ohio.

Concealed carry at banks is ok

Just came across this one

first year

I shot this Eight point buck with my bow opening day of the 2011 season. It was my first buck with bow. It is the first deer my first son Hunter who i am holding was able to touch. What a great year it was. I also shot my first coyote that morning.

My Favorite Gun

The other day we were discussing our favorite guns This reliable little JP Sauer .22 pistol is a personal favorite of mine and I am never without it. It saved my life a few years ago when attacked by a Grizzly while hiking in the mountains with my wife and her family. I was able to escape, walking at a brisk pace, after I shot my brother-in-law in the knee.
137.1 lbs. 76.9 inch female lake sturgeon. Speared on Lake Winnebago during the Sturgeon Spearing Season. Estimated at 71 years old.

Manitowoc,WI harbor area

40+ MPH gusts will do some amazing things..

Albert the albino catfish!!

I caught this albino catfish several years ago & released it in a friend of mine’s pond. I took my daughter fishing there last year & she caught him again. We decided to name him Albert!

Last Chance Bobcat

End of the season California Bobcat was taken at night. But, we didnt have time to skin it until morning. By the time we did, it was frozen as solid as a popcicle.

Daughter’s first fish

I took my daughter fishing for her first real experience. None of that fill the pond and catch a fish type stuff. She tossed her line in the stream and in a matter of seconds “bam” A descent sized Northern Pike was on the line. It took her a minute to get him to shore, but the smile on her face was priceless. All I told her was to throw her line that direction and the rest was history.

Dream Stream Cutobow

Another nice cutbow out of the Dream Stream – Charlie Meyer State Wildlife Area, South Platte River, CO

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