I caught this Coyote taking a long, hard look down into a Badger's den. It was taken in Northern Minnesota using a homemade, 10.1mp trail camera accompanied by a homemade remote slave flash.

Three fox pups

Sunset pic of three fox kits on thier den Homemade Sony P41 with SnapShot Sniper board

Boxing Bears

Being that New Jersey has had a few Bear seasons in a row now, I really found some interesting photos at my bait sites. This is the first time I set the camera up in the spring time, and it was quite interesting to see how the bears interacted with one another….as you can see!

Closeup wood duck

They are so colorful in the spring Home made Sony S600 camera with Snap Shot Sniper board

Can you give me a lift mom?

We have trail cams set up on our baits every year and came across this awesome photo of a mom helping her cub up to look in the barrel for food. by far the best ive ever seen! amazing how they act just like us sometimes! reminds me of holding a kid up to the water fountain!


Camera set up on the same tree four three years now and you just don”t know what you will get next.

…corn bandits!

these crows were finishing off my corn faster than I could spread it!

Eagle with Wolf Kill

A wolf killed this deer the day before near the dorms at Conserve School. I put out my trail camera to see what creatures might come by to take advantage of the situation and caught this beautiful eagle.

Love is in the air in Wild Wonderful

This pic was taken 30 yards from our cabin deck in West Virginia. We also took multible still shots with a camera as we were on the deck at the time. The big boar looked to be about 400 pounds.

Bull elk with cool lighting

The gold morning light makes the rack on this bull look pretty sweet.

Wolf in the Lolo Zone

Just a wolf following around a herd of elk in the Lolo zone again. The winter was mild and both the elk and wolves looked extra plump this spring.

Fox kit on point

I found a fox den and set up my home made Sony P41 camera with Snap Shot Sniper control board I’ve gooten thousands of pics in the last month watching them grow

Strutting Tom’s

Two of our strutting toms. Looks like they’re about to fight.

Sow and the cubs

Here’s a picture of a sow and cubs I had coming into a bait in Idaho. Every time I went in to refill the bait station she and the cubs would scurry up a tree and chomp at me. Hornery ole gal! Really glad I utilized trail cams this time around.

Red-phase Ruffed Grouse in Full Strut

With an early spring here in northern Minnesota, I anticipated the grouse would start drumming early. I blindly set up on a drumming log I had located last year, using a homemade 6mp trail camera and much to my amazement this was the very first picture on the memory stick!


Two Golden Eagles fighting over a mountain lion kill.

Who Me

Taken Marshall Ill . Just looking at it you can create many titles.WE HAVE 7 BUSHNELLS AND WOULD LOVE TO HAVE MORE .

Caught in mid-flight!

These does look like they may have heard the owl leave his perch, and are about to hear a faint whooosh as he goes over their heads.

Doe and two fawns

This doe and her two fawns were frequent visitors to the water trough.

Hurry up!

New born fawn and its mom crossing their daily trail.

Smile, Your On Trail Camera

This New Jersey Black Bear was fascinated by my trail camera. I got at least twenty close up photos of him. This one was my favorite because you can see the Bear’s nostrils, eyes and ears perfectly.

Dancing in the rain

This bear decided to dance in the rain while trying to get apples out of the tree.

Eerie Morning Mist

This is almost an artistic photo from our trail camera last summer. This doe looks like she is either posing for the picture or looking into the distant fog for a lost fawn perhaps.

spring rain apparition

spring rain apparition

Sunset woodies on farm pond

Homemade Sony S6oo camera with Snap Shot Sniper control board

Needle in a Haystack

So a team of biologists have been studying fishers in my area. They put collars on them to track their movements and I just happened to capture a collared one on camera. It turns out this little guy likes to hang out in my backyard.

Eurasian Lynx

This is my favorite photo of an elusive and rare beauty of our forests here in the Carpathian Mountains, especially because it was pure luck capturing this fast animal with a slow camera like my first trail cam the StealthCam Prowler …

Line em up!!!

A great photo of a doe with triplets.

Survival of the Fittest

This was a surprising shot. Eagles eat scraps from a local butcher at the edge of our field, near our home in northern Wisconsin. I guess I need to put more food out – they are fighting over what is there.

Fox and Coon Stare Down

Got this cool picture of the fox passing right in front of my camera just as a raccoon looks up and spots him.

Non Typical!

Hope to see guy in October!
My wife/I bought 12 acres this spring and I purchased a trail cam to see what animals I have there. My first set up was on a well used trail, crossing our creek. I can see antlers growing on 3 of the deer and I hope to keep tabs on them as they develop. I think this is a beautiful photo and am excited to see what else we will see.

Nosey Bear

This is the first pictured captured before this black bear decided to play with my camera for a while. I’m was sure glad i had a steel bracket and python cable keeping my camera secure.

Bobwhite Quail “Solitude”

Trailcam in Northern California

Play Time

It’s all fun and games until someone gets bit on the nose…

Early Season Scouting on a New Property

I had a friend who had just gained access to a new property to hunt, so he asked me if we could set up my camera to get an idea what may be in the area when the season arrived. As you can imagine, we couldn’t believe it when we checked the camera. If you look carefully, you can count 15 different bucks in that photo!


Here’s the little thief who’s been stealing bait in my wolf sets!!

up close and presonal

Had camera out looking for turkey and got this nice pic. they like to lick my camera for some reason

on the run

running deer on cam

Ghost Hawk

I had my camera set up on a deer that had gotten hit by a vehicle hoping to capture some pictures of coyotes. I was amazed to see I had a picture of a Leucistic Red-tailed Hawk

the curios one!

this was one of my very first trail cam pics here

Wrestling Match

My trail cam caught these two playing around. It was a bit of a surprise since we had never seen any bears in that area before. It looks like they are trying out for the Olympic wrestling team. Maybe we will see one of them in London later this year!

Get outta here!!

Mr. buck decides he doesnt want that turkey around him!

Can fishers climb?

Set out the cam to catch the elusive fisher… turns out they can climb like gymnasts when there’s chicken to be had.

Great Blue Heron

This camera is mounted to a stake pounded into the bed of a spring- fed pond and this Great Blue Heron waded by it.

Tom struting and Hen fanning him down .

Hopefuly we will see him again in turkey season struting into my call!

Band of Brothers

This group of Thug Jakes were seen harassing gobblers the whole turkey season. My camera captured this photo right as turkey season was winding down in AL. It was only fitting that this coyote (we had been seeing and get pictures of lots of them too) appears to be avoiding the group of Jakes that he has just encountered in the field.

Great Blue Heron

We set up our very first game cam on a small beaver dam that was a deer crossing, and caught this heron crossing

Sandhill Crane

Set up my trail cam for some deer and surprisingly got a huge sandhill crane spreading its wings.

Strutting Tom on the Move

A side view, trail cam photo, of a Tom Turkey strutting and walking.

Who says trail cams are only fun in the fall? We asked you to set yours out this spring and send us your best photos. You certainly didn’t disappoint; we got hundreds of great photos and gave away nine Bushnell Trophy Cam HDs to lucky readers with the best photos.

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