On a fishing charter with my buddies; after fighting with blue sharks all morning, we finally landed this 587lb monster on a fresh bunker...on Charter Boat "NO TIME" with Captain Nick Savine. This will ALWAYS be a trip to remember.
Spring lake trout fishing in Colorado.

Will’s first pheasant

New Years Day, 2011, my 13 year old son Will shoots his first pheasant. His sister, Alyssa is behind the camera. Both are great shoots!

lake tyler

Ending to a great day

A nice striper!

I went fishing with my husband and some friends out of Chatham,Ma.Beautiful day,great weather, we had 10 stripers in boat by 8:30 am.

Costa Rica Mahi-Mahi

This bad boy hit our spread about ten minutes after I just “quick released a marlin. I was already whipped, but it was pulling real good. Turned out to be about 64 lbs. Wish I could have gotten a shot quicker with all it’s colors.

17″ Dolly from South Fork of the Boise river

I catch em, take pics and let em go. Caught several nice trout this last weekend and this was one of the better pictures. Takes many tries of many fish to get a good picture. Fish do not like to pose.

Monster Pike

My friend Todd Pulled in a big old fat Monster. Every year he seems to find a big Pike or two. He caught this one on a gold Mepps cyclops I believe.

Swinging Streamers for Steelhead

My name is Kyle McClelland, and I am 16 years old. I live in Northern Michigan. I took this fish while swinging streamers. This is my first year with the Fly rod as I started in December of 2011

Montana Creek Alaska

Drove to Montana Creek in Talkeetna Alaska from Fairbanks. Walked 4.5 miles to Montana Creek Falls.Threw a Black Dalai Lama in at base of falls. After 2 casts had 2 hits this beautiful trout committed to the fly. Was so excited once I had this fish in my hands.Could not ask for a better fish or place for this amazing picture. The 4.5 mile walk back in waders was a little more enjoyable.

Big Blue

I was fishing the tailwaters at Cannelton Dam from the Ky side. About 8 pm I had a hit and the fight was on. It took about 20 minutes to get the fish in. I was using a 9/0 octopus hook and 100 Power Pro braid line. Still looking for one bigger. This is one memory that will never be forgotten!! The fish was 54″ long and weighed in over 50#. That is as high as my scale went at the time.

What flash cam?

Testing my first flash cam and I would have to say after seeing this photo that flash cams don’t bother deer.

whopper wiper

I was drifting a live shiner rig on the bottom when this master angler wiper grabbed my bait and took off. It took over twenty minutes to land the fish. By the end of the epic struggle we had all nearly melted into puddles on the floor of the boat under the insanely high tempature of 109 degrees! The wiper measured 28-1/2″ and probably weighed around 15 lbs.!

Papio fish caught off Ma’alaea harbor, Hawaii

While my grandparents (from Eureka, California) where on vacation visiting us on Maui, we went fishing with a charter called “Aloha Blue Charters” and I happened to catch a 14lb. Papio. This fish was almost an Ulua. (A Papio is a baby Ulua, and at 15lbs., Papio’s become Ulua’s.) It was a fun adventure and we were able to catch one other Papio and a Mahimahi.

Kayak Stripers

Flats fishing in the Thames River, CT. If you’ve never hooked into a 30+” Striped Bass in a kayak you are missing out. The stripers are only in the river for a few weeks while they spawn, so you’ve got to be ready.

Fishing the Trinity River in Arlington, TX

This is my girlfriend’s MONSTER fish that she caught. She went on later to catch a 4lb foot and a half long channel cat.

Gods Twin Towers

I took this photo as a storm front came in while catfishing on my boss boat and nicknamed it Gods Twin Towers. We took it as a good luck sign from God that we were going to fill the cooler besides losing a pair of sunglasses and a anchor we caught 30 good size cats. Semper Fi

First Bowfishing Catch

I wanted to get into bowfishing (since I’m getting into bow hunting a little more) and this grass carp was my first! Shot it out of a neighborhood pond in KS. It topped out my scale which tops at 50lbs so not exactly sure how much it weighed. Nice first fish using a bow!
Me and my brother were fishing in a small pond in brandon Mississippi and it was an extremly hot day and he threw out middle and set the hook on something big and he ended up catching a 10.2 pound largemouth on a strike king jig with lake fork hyper worm on it.

Summer Steel

A beautiful evening on Northern Lake Huron. The steelhead were biting and this one took an American flag spoon which was fitting the day after Independence Day.

Dinner Time

Black Bear in the dumpster across the street from my house one of several in the neighborhood

Doe, Spike Buck and Fawns

This doe will not allow other bucks to get near her fawns. For some strange reason, she will let the spike buck to get close. Maybe, he was her fawn last year.
Caught on the Three Lakes Chain in northern Wisconsin

Twin Fawns

I been getting a lot of fawn photos with my trail cameras. It is amazing how gentle the does are with fawns from other deer. A doe was eating when another doe’s fawn stood overtop of the doe’s head. The fawn legs were on each side of the doe’s head. If the doe would of raised her head fast the fawn would of went up with her.

The Cycle Continues

My dad got me my first Golden retriever, Gunner, when I was in 5th grade. Four years ago, I lost my huntin’ buddy after 11 great seasons of chasing birds around Southeast Missouri. Now, I am finally finished of optometry school and the cycle continues with my new partner-in-crime, Percy. I can only pray I will be fortunate enough to experience all the memories with him as I did with Gunner.

Yampa River Fly Fishing

I am a resident of beautiful Steamboat Springs, CO. I shot this photo of the pristine Yampa River one mid-June evening this summer. I think that the lighting and the three Fly Fisherman in the distance make this photo one of my favorites that I have ever taken. I hope that you enjoy it as much as I do! Best, Zac

Rhode Island Stripe Bass

Jaymes caught this off the Rhode Island beach trolling. Jaymes is 11 and he has been fishing since he was a baby. His goal is to catch every sports fish in the Atlantic. Tough goal but he has knocked out quite a few species already. Nice 20 pounder Jaymes!

A Glorious Day on the Rio Grande

The Rio Grande in South Fork, CO, has got to be one of the greatest spots to fish. Period.

Manistee River Steelhead

My name is Kyle McClelland, and I am 16 years old. I live in Northern Michigan and this is my first year fly fishing. I was able to land this Steelhead just over 14lbs while swinging streamers on the Manistee River!!

Foggy Pheasant

This guy posed for me on a Fence post just off the side of the road in the early morning fog on the way to my fishing spot.

Crazy Catch

Five year old Owen caught a sunfish and put it in a mesh fishing basket to show his aunt. When they went back down to the dock to see his fish there was a 4lb 10 bass in the basket…but no sunfish!!! Luckily mom had her camera along so we could snap a quick picture before letting it go.
Caught her in late april on a top water popper.

The Calm Before the Storm

I could see this storm moving in towards the ranch, just making it back from my fishing trip in time.

Sammy’s Big Bass

One of his biggest. He could barely hold it up for the picture.

Fallow/White tail cross???

Driving the back roads of Texas this week and spotted this deer in a pasture of mesquites.

Schuylkill flathead

My son pulled back on a rod that was giving line. At first, it did not seem to be a big one, but we moved to the back of the boat to clear our anchor lines. About 10 minutes later he finally landed this 45″ flathead. It broke our net and we could only measure it since we did not have a scale large enough to weigh it.

Giant Buck

My dad has always dreamed of a big buck. Its been on his bucket list. He couldnt have been happier, and with the bow no less.

I like big butts and I cannot lie

Big Timber Lodge, Kodiak, AK.

St.Clair Muskee

A nice little charter on Lake St.Clair. We pulled in six that day, this was my best one.

Bobcat licking his lips.

Bobcat feeding.

growing mule deer

early season scouting

Nephew Sam with his first Murray Cod

This photo is of my nephew Sam who lives in a small town called Wangaratta in Australia. I think he was about 7 years old at the time and he was fishing with his dad, who just happens to run the fishing section at the local sports store. He’s a great fisherman (like his late grandma) and pretty soon (when I am visiting from London) I hope to get him started shooting.

Eye Injury

This doe has lost an eye. This trail camera photo shows blood on each side of the eye. The eye cavity is filled with white pus. I post another photo earlier in the trophy room of her but it was not as good as this photo. Click on the enlarged button under the photo and check out this horrible injury. That is her fawn in the background.

Goofy Deer

just a little buck feeling good

Mid-Season Goose Limit

It’s great when you can shoot a goose limit and be back in the office before it even counts as a day off!

Culled Kudu

This was a Kudu the property owner asked us to watch for. It is full grown, but it’s horns don’t have three full turns like they should. They asked us to take him if we spotted him. My buddy actually pulled the trigger. We all agreed it looked like a mountain nyala.

Double your pleasure…doubled

Twins Ashley and Mark Guilinger, hunting with their father Stan, bagged these twin gobblers on opening day of the 2012 Illinois youth turkey season. Hunting in Mercer county, they nailed their 18 pound birds an hour after sun up, as the gobblers hustled into the decoys set up 15 yards from their cover.

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