In the hot summer months, this stream crossing becomes a great photo opportunity. Out of hundreds of pics and videos this was one of the best shots.

The Big Boys

I was amazed to see both of these bucks on the same photo.

Roosevelt Elk with hanging velvet

I saw this bull while scouting and decided to put cameras up to find the trails he uses. I checked the cameras two weeks later and found that i had got a picture of him!

high country goats

I put in for a goat tag in this unit in central Idaho after seeing goats during a deer hunt last year. Went hiking in there this summer to see what the area looked like and found a big herd of goats. Set up a trail camera and in 2 days had a bunch of pictures.



Bigfoot blasting through?????? You decide

It wouldn’t be a contest without the possible Big Foot photo right!


A threesome of playful cubs who appear to be making a pyramid….

Bangin heads

caught these two young fellas pushing each other around in a draw that has always been full of does.

The Great Divide

This NE IOWA monster has a giant spread and very respectable mass. He ranges from crp fields to several 50 acre timbers. What an awesome picture.

Sneaky Bucks

I’ve been watching these bucks all summer, along with several others. I hope to take the big ten pointer during the opening week of the Missouri archery season in September.

Whitetail Doe and Timber Rattlesnake

Doe sniffing the southern end of a northbound Rattlesanke

Pups at the Salt Lick

I already knew there were a lot of coyotes in the area I hunt. Almost without fail, afternoon bow hunts are serenaded by a pack of coyotes in full chase right at dusk. At least these four little pups provided some very entertaining trail camera pictures. They have shown up at this mineral lick several times. I really like this picture because one of them is gnawing on it!

“When it’s 102 outside, you do what you have to do.”

I couldn’t figure out where the water was going and why it was so dirty. Now I know.

Super deer to the rescue!

This bandit raccoon corn thief doesn’t stand a chance against super deer! This deer is part of a study being conducted by the UGA Deer Lab evaluating the effectiveness of a new fence design as mitigating deer-vehicle collisions. For more information on this deer study and others visit:

The lightning buck

I was amazed at this photo when I pulled the card on my trail camera.


With the wicked storm brewing in the night sky, and sinister glance of this mean looking buck… darkhorse seemed like a fitting name.

He just had to take the apple with him

Captured with my bushnell trophy cam on a piece of our property near Thunder Bay Ontario. The bear began running just seconds before we pulled up in the truck to retrieve the camera. If you look closely you can notice the apple in his mouth as he ran away. We have since had the same bear on camera 2 more times within a 2 mile radius.





young cougar

Within city limits.

Where do all our cats go?

Even with our dog here on our farm, the coyotes find a way to pick off our cats. One coyote will draw my dogs attention while the others come in for the kill on the cats. This trail camera picture was taken about 500 yards from the house.

wide one

hunting in a new area n got this nice buck on film


I found a dead deer in a ditch within the city limits. I assume it had been hit by a car on the near by road. I put a camera on it to see what would come snooping around. I had over 100 pictures of various predators in a matter of 72 hrs.. Winter is tough on the meat eaters!

Afternoon stroll

I got a picture of a bobcat in 2008, having been trying to capture another one since. She just came stolling by. At least from the size I’m saying she. I was so excited!

Beep Beep

We were going through our trail camera photos and found this raging road runner “flying” by the camera along with a 165 inch crab claw 10 point in the picture after this one!

They can read!

I posted Field and Stream’s “The Gun Nuts” sign up that reads “I Love Guns” hoping to get an interesting picture of something with the sign. Well to my surprise this sow and her 3 cubs apparently have evolved and learned how to read.


Got this toad leaving a pear tree in early august 2012

Kung Fu Deer Fight!!!

Couldn’t believe it when I went to view my trail cam pic’s and saw this one!!! Talk about perfect timing!
I passed on this Buck last year and it has paid off. He has put about 20 inches on since last fall, it will be hard to pass on him this year but I can’t help but think about what another 20 inches would look like!

Typical females

Caught these 2 does fighting with both their bambies watching. What are the odds?

“Thank you Lord for this hunter.”

He has been marking this tree and rubbing all over it. He’s about 15 feet from the ground blind. He looks like he bowed his head to pray.

Mirror Image!!

These guys look like they are looking in a mirror!!

talking bull

A couple of nice bulls talking around the dinner table. Getting ready for the rut.

Shoulder bump

This must be the deer version of a “high 5.”

wrestling cubs

Sony S600 homebrew Momma has her hands full with 4 little ones


Nice buck in our area>>>>>>>>>>>>

Lunch time mamma

Have several sets of fawns on my property. I have seen fawns feeding once while hunting before but this is the first time I’ve gotten a picture of it.

waiting on october

watched these bucks since early velvet hoping i can get a shot when the season gets here

nice for arkansas

found on public land

Food Plot Snack

Near Spirit, WI. This buck, which has been tracked all Spring and Summer was caught entering in the food plot for dinner.

Doing the waltz

A couple of young cows arguing over who gets the first taste.

Kitty Cat

Once in a lifetime pic never saw it person really makes you wonder what is really out there

pileated woodpecker

Cool pic of the Pileated.

Yogi Finds His Pic-a-nic !!!!

Just checking my trail camera to get an inventory of what animals are on my property and find this bear sitting like a person at the dinner table eating his lunch.

This is gonna leave a mark

These two need to learn to share and play nice

OKAY….I’M MOVING OVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

A pair of excellent bucks visiting our area.

See Something Missing

We keep our cameras out all year and this is the first picture we have of this doe. Do you see anything missing? She’s missing her rear left leg. With all the marks on her back and side I’m guessing she was hit by a car and survived! The good news, we have a trail camera video (July 2012) of her with her fawn.

Noon Time Buck

This picture was taken at noon on a Friday, while me and my dad were at a football game. We got to the camp late after the game and the next morning went out to hunt where the picture was taken and didn’t see a single deer. My dad got the SD card from the camera and showed me the picture of the buck. We never saw him again and noone that we know of has killed or seen him since.

Nice looking guy

Quite muscular don’t you think? Always excited to get a cat on camera.

Doing their best to stand out..

A co-worker kept telling me that she always sees a family of albino deer, either in her yard, or on the neighboring property. Didn’t take long to get this picture. She won’t let me hunt, unless it’s with a camera

Cover Photo Buck

Last year we nicknamed this beautiful eleven pointer “Field & Stream” since he looked like the kind of deer that could grace the front cover. He always seemed to be striking a pose for the camera too.

Where the Wild Things Are

Sometimes the wildest creatures in the wilderness are the ones that are domesticated.


I had to double check this photo several times, but the more I look and the closer I look, I am convinced this buck has a single antler growing directly in the middle of his head!

Who Dat??

I think they heard something. Nice shot of everyone getting along.

Surprise attack!

Everything about this picture makes me laugh!

Big Buck

threw some corn out about 20 yards behind my house just to see what would be drawn in, didnt expect this…

These are the editors picks for the best photos from the first round of this year’s Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest. With more than 400 submissions, it wasn’t easy to whittle it down.

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