My first elk at 575 yards. Taken with a 308.

Daddy Daughter Hunting Trip

I took my 4 year old on her first hunting trip with me to my uncle’s farm in Goshen County Wyoming. I took her out in her winter coat, orange vest, and pink ear muffs. The very first morning this 13 point mule deer walked up the field we were watching. Hannah was very excited that we got a deer, and kept asking to have it mounted in her room. It is going in the living room.

24″ San Juan River Rainbow

Big fish like little flies such as the fish that took a size 22 midge that I fished on 6x tippet. It ran, jumped, and took me into my backing for a forearm-throbbing fight at sunset.

Left Side Junker from my uncles land

I killed him on my uncle Tom McMahon’s farm. I rattled this bruiser in from deep in the timber. At 20 yards, I let my arrow fly at Left Side Junker and put him on the ground. I must repay my uncle for allowing me to ‘shoot what I want’ that morning, but how?
9 year-old Brady is all smiles after catching his first Lake of the Woods lake trout. Upon it’s release, the trout was all smiles too!

my wife wont let me hunt my favorite spot anymore!!!

Got a good laugh from this photo…and a little enjoyment. I can’t be mad at her for running by my stand during an early morning hunt!

The Iron Giant Has Fallen

In early June my son and i caught a picture of this giant. I used trail cams to track and pattern this deer. As the summer went on and the size of this buck just kept getting bigger and bigger,It was only fitting to call this twelve pointer “The Iron Giant” Me being a Disabled hunter. I made a promise to myself, I was not going to stop until I had the giant down.

Many Firsts

On opening day of my second season as a Montana resident, I took this beautiful muley off of state land. He was my first deer bow kill, first buck in velvet, and first P&Y; trophy. Certainly one I will never forget! Can’t wait to get him back from the taxidermist.

Poachers Snares

Examining a huge pile of poachers snares gathered near the Serengeti

Paige’s Kentucky Bull

My 11 year old daughter Paige Webb took this 6X6 Bull here in Kentucky with one well placed shot from a TC Encore .308. It truly was a hunt of a lifetime!

My First Bull Elk

I am thirteen and this is my first year hunting a bull elk. I shot him with my Rifle up in De Beque second season. It is so exciting to have the chance to score something so bing and have my fourteen year old broher and dad there with me.

Adak Caribou

After spending the first day of our hunt hiking in on Adak in the Aleutian Islands of Alaska, we spotted our herd. Binoculars and rifle in hand, my hunting buddy and I climbed to an area where we could overlook the caribou, where the rocks aligned to make the perfect mount. The rest is history. All in all, I can say I can’t have asked for a better first day of the hunt!

Day after Hurricane Sandy

Fall Run is still here. Though Hurricane Sandy came through the Eastern Coastline of North Carolina the fish are still biting in Emerald Isle.
I had been watching this brute on our game cams for the last couple of months. This morning was perfect. 37 degrees, no wind and a clear sky. It will be hard to ever top this one but it will sure be fun to try.

Crawfish Dinner

Caught this Smallmouth bass on a CrawDad and threw it on the stringer. When I pulled in the stringer at the end of the day-this is what I see.. Dont know if he hit it while on the stringer or it coincidently went in his mouth or possibly was crawling out!

Sub-Surface Bream

This is a shot of bream I caught on the fly while wading the Chattahoochee. I wanted to test out my new waterproof digital camera (AW100) and came up with some interesting shots. This is one of my favorites.

Record Fish (almost)

Foggy Morning of Duck Hunting

Experienced prime hunting conditions as the weather begins to cool in eastern Ontario. Resulting in a foggy morning with lots of birds flying.
After my friend and I unsuccessfully tried to take a hog with our bows we decided to try my grandma’s farm pond for some bass. There was a cold front coming through so it was around 65 degress with some strong wind. I was using a white top water popper and had stopped reeling to talk to my friend when I heard him grab it and after a few tough minutes of fighting we hauled in the monster.

colorado springs backyard buck

this is a young buck with real potential,as long as he stays in the city limits.

Hooked sail in Costa Rica

Friend hooked this sail in Costa Rica so I started playing with my camera

Braeden’s First Buck

8 year old Braeden Brewer’s first buck taken in Satartia, MS in January of 2012. The deer was taken with a .243.

First bow harvest

This beautiful buck was caught on our trail camera and I knew I wanted this deer to be my first bow kill… I held out and yes of course the last hunt of the weekend here he comes behind the tree I was in, I leaned around the tree, stopped him and shot! All my practice and patience payed off…

Albino Whitetail

It is bow season and everyone leaves this one alone to pose and enjoy the beauty of the Ottawa National Forest in the UP of Michigan. Partride were great.

My first bow kill

This my first bow kill ever. He is a 9 pointer with a 21 inch spread. I killed him with my Mission Craze i got back in the summer. I killed him on 10/9/12 at 7:30 am. It was so foggy you could maybe see 15 yards infront of you.

my trophy striper


Last Fish of the Day

Fishing in South Georgia is great, Cason Kinstle reaping the rewards. Not to mention, yummy dinner! Great job!

Big Blue on Lake Conroe

Me and my wife had juglines set out since friday evening and had not caught a single fish. Then Monday morning this 55Lb blue cat was hangin on our line. He was so heavy he broke the net my wife dipped him with.

First mule deer hunt

My son Owen holding up our 4×4 Montana muley. Awesome first out-of-state big game hunt for him to be along for!

Girls do it bigger!

Fishing with my brother and the kids late afternoon on a stormy hurricane day. I threw out my set up which consisted of a spinner and a rubber minnow and WHAM..immediately I know I had a lunker. He put up a vicious fight which included three huge surface breaks. He tried to retreat down into the marshy shore and my brother had to hang off the dock with a seven foot net to help get him out.

Birthday Buck

My son shot this on Wisconsin’s youth hunt this year. It was also on his 13th birthday. This was the heaviest buck we have ever seen. It weighed 270 before being field dressed. 230 field dressed. It scores roughly in the low 120’s. What a present.
I just started shooting the muzzleloader two weeks ago, I normally shoot modern. This weekend was my first elk hunt. We had been hiking all morning and were on our way out, about 1 1/2 miles from the truck when this elk stepped out of a small timber patch in to a thinned area. he gave me a shot right away and I took him at 50yrds.

Wide Willy

I had seen this buck on my trail cam twice. He looked bigger in the flesh than he did on the videos. I saw him work his way up the valley towards me. Then he cut across the hillside and came out in an open field next to me. I let him get in the clear, grunted at him and let the arrow go. Watched him go down 70 yds away…

Shot image

Took this image with my GoPro HERO3 while it was attached to my hat during a pheasant hunt.
Shiras Moose taken this year with R & K in Utah, using a Remington Model 7 in 300 WSM.

First buck ever

Married my husband a year ago. He is quite the hunter. Naturally I ended up with a bow in my hand. Opening weekend – we sat in the stand and saw NOTHING. Went the next evening, saw a coyote, and then caught a glimpse of brown behind me. Two bucks came in, this guy up front. Shot him at twenty yds and he only ran about 30.

Manitoba buck

We hunted hard morning and late afternoons for a 6-day hunt. After a few days of seeing nothing but does, coyotes and a few moose we were getting discouraged, but we kept positive. After my 4th day I seen a nice 8 point but had no shot, I thought that was my only chance. Not soon after a twig snap and this bruiser walked by and gave me a shot. Green score 150/8 pt. and 325lbs

fly fishing on the lower provo river

had a blast fishing the provo river late in october.It is a beautiful time of year!!!

Nile. crocodile

This is a really good croc, just a tad under sixteen .

Alaska Silver

Fished the Alaska Peninsula for silver salmon. Have been heading back to this destination for the past 24yrs.
Fishing with John Harvey aboard the Cap’n Wha Happen? Off Nausett Beach Cape Cod where the Great Whites roam. John successfully flyfishes while I use sluggos and we give em hell out there, every summer. This one was a beauty.

Captain Craig Hill, Flounder Gigging Adventures, Swansboro, NC

Captain Craig Hill’s Adventures: Tuesday Night, Oct. 23, 2012. Captain Hill’s adventures took him to the waters of Swansboro, Emerald Isle and Cedar Point, NC. This particular evening he started out with an incoming tide at almost high and brought back 6 flounders in the 5-10 lb range. This time of the year, being late October through November, you see doormats of this size on a regular basis.

up from the lake

Shot with camera only.One of our pals.
Came across a small herd of Buffalo’s and decided to take a walk with them. Truly felt like it could have been long ago.

father and son deer

shot this nice deer last year in Oklahoma
This was my first time in the salmon run at the Salmon River. I’ve never experienced anything like it and i’ve spent my whole life outdoors hunting, fishing, and hiking. Spending time in waders fishing with my family was a true blessing.

Sunset on the Ugalla River

This what Africa is all about

Boundary Waters Pike

One of many northern pike caught while trolling around on a recent Boundary Waters trip.

Bull Red

Got up with a friend when I was sent to florida on business. Caught this in the middle of the night on a clean incoming tide. Not too bad for a work trip.
It was a windy morning in southwest montana.I decided to hike up the easter side of the highland mountain range into the wind. After a long hard walk i found the elk grazing in a draw. i didnt think i was going to get a shot of but then he turned for a perfect broudside shot at 300 yard, thats when i got him.

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