As I have moved into hunting mode, I am begining to miss those evenings on the lake, with a topwater lure waiting for the Bass to jump up and take it away. So in the mean time, I figured I'd celebrate my other favorite hobby on a pumpkin, for the trick or treaters,neighbors, and more than likely the deer who steal them every year to enjoy.


My pumpkin is a survival pumpkin. It is keeping my beverages cold which is essential for survival. I have to stay hydrated to handle the gouls and goblins trick or treating. Stephanie Roddy

Bedded Buck

First hunting season that I’ve carved a pumpkin before going hunting…guess I’m a little antsy!

Field & Stream Cover

My 2 year old daughter and I decided to try replicate the last Field & Stream issue. I used a Dremel tool and ended up with “orange” all over me, head to toe.

Jumping Bass

Made a miniature fishing pole out of wire and set it up so it was hooking this large mouth that I carved.

Wolf Howling

I thought it would be a cool idea to carve a wolf now that the wolf season has now opened up in Wisconsin.


Always wanted to try a deer-themed pumpkin. Took about 2 hours with an Exacto knife and small wood chisel. Turned out pretty good for a first attempt!

Halloween Timber Wolf

I live in Carson City, Nevada. So I figured that a wolf carving would be appropriate supporting the Nevada Wolf Pack! Spent some time on this guy, and he turned out pretty well.

If At First You Don’t Succeed

Target practice is important for any hunter, but this pumpkin wishes the archer was a little more accurate.

Storm and Cheyenne

Best two dogs a man could ask for. Can’t think of anyone else I would rather enjoy the great outdoors with.

Trudy’s Bass

My girlfriend Trudy loves to fish for bass,so I carved her fishing…

Full Moon

I carved this as a gift for my sister, who loves wolves.

The REAL Deer o’ lantern

My dad always carries a camera with him when he bow hunts. It’s a good thing he does because he captured this picture. i think the deer had some halloween spirit.

Dream Buck

I carved this pumpkin by free hand looking at a photo of a European mount. My wife isn’t exactly a fan of my hunting so I figured this may be the only buck mount I’ll be able to put by the fireplace.

Minnesota Whitetail

I didn’t get a deer this year, but I managed to get the big whitetail etched. Had the flash on so it didn’t glow like it usually does.

Bass by day… and by night

My pumpkin is inspired by my love for Bass fishing. The pumpkin has a bass on the front amoung the weeds the bass calls home. On top of the pumpkin is a dragon fly sitting on a lilly pad. This is a tribute to the Sportsman’s Paradise we live in Louisiana. John Roddy

Creature from the Black (or in this case blue) Lagoon

First attempt at an intricate pumpkin, almost waited too long to get this entry in. Total time approx 9 hours including detailing.
I made this turkey to bring good luck for the impending fall turkey season on Long Island. It’s a 3D made from two pumpkins. I’m really excited for this turkey season, as it will be my first, and hopefully this turkey can be a sacrificial offering to the great turkey gods to bring me good luck in my hunting adventures.

Sir Prance-A-Lot

Thanksgiving is for the Birds!

topwater bass strike

While carving a pumpkin with my son (he wanted a carving of batman) I decided i would carve one for him and one i wanted… seeing that fishing is slowing down up here in new hampshire i figured id carve a largemouth jumping out of the water.

Hunter, Dog, and Ducks

First week of waterfowl season here in Illinois. Couldn’t help but make a tribute pumpkin. It proved good luck as the next morning we had a great duck hunt.

Hunting Harvest moon

As the moon rises the trophy buck walks through the forest listening to the birds sing there last song.

Buddy the Duck Dog

I’ve been training my Golden Retriever Buddy for duck season this year. I carved this pumpkin of him yesterday – he is holding a duck in his mouth. Hope you like it!

Deer at twighlight

Whenever I think of majestic bucks, I think of them roaming the woods at night with the moon in the sky and stars shining bright. It’s mysterious silhouette highlighted in the night sky gives me the goose bumps. I think this pumpkin represents the dreams of all us hunters and the respect we hold for nature.

Bear Hunting

This is my last carving i did and im not to impressed on it now that i look at my photo but this took me along time.

Cold mountain trout

You don’t usually see a beautiful trout break the water surface at 930 PM, but after spending the afternoon carving Mickey Mouse for my 18 month old this lovely fish had to wait to take shape until I was all well and sleep deprived.

First Buck of the Season

I wanted to do something a little different.

Corvus corax

A common companion to many a day spent out on the hunt or a hike. I wanted to go for a scary pumpkin this year but couldn’t get away from the woods…

The One That Got Away

After not getting the last buck I shot at, I decided to carve a buck on a pumpkin to try to give me some luck when i go out hunting on Halloween evening.

Wolf Howling at the Moon

I love hiking, camping and just spending time in the outdoors. All the plant life and creatures found in nature are amazing, but I find the wolf to be not only beautiful, but majestic and powerful. They are truly the king of the woods, as the lion is to the jungle.


A much too friendly shark carved for my kids, from one of their favorites movies.

Pope and young pumpkin

I am a 30 year old operation iraqi freedom combat veteran , and police officer from Alabama . Im an avid hunter and fisherman and enjoy sharing my passion with my wife and seven year old. I’m a huge fan of bow hunting anything and believe that bow hunting is a true test of a hunter. I’m a big buck fanatic and chose to carve this pumpkin and placed the antlers in it from a 3D target

Burning to be on the flats

Enough said!

Whitetail Buck and Doe

I thought the image of a buck and doe together nicely captured pre-rut season in Missouri… if you want to find a mature buck, go where the does are.

Antler Face

2 Sheds + Buck Track + Buck Skull = Pumpkin Face

Maryland’s Fall

Whitetail jumping a fence, striped bass breaking water.

The Rut

The same deer from the cover of the last issue of F&S;! Hope you like it! Happy Haloween!

Wolf Howling at the Moon

I thought it was a cool picture that would work for the contest.

My Bone Collector

3 hours that my wife would have rather had me raking leaves produced this.

Year of the wolf

Wolves have been in the news quite a bit in the past year. I contemplated participating in the wolf hunt this year but ended up deciding that it would take time that I didn’t have. I carved this howling wolf in my pumpkin this year so that everyone that saw it would think of wolves and how special they are.

Duck Dog

Me and My Lab love duck hunting so it inspired me to carve this master piece. Duck hunting is our way of life we can’t wait for duck season to roll around.

My Halloween Hunting Dog

Carved this pumpkin as a portrait of my hunting dog PeeDee. He really hopes we win!!!

hunt’em up

picking up my new pup in a few weeks, got to get her first pumpkin done

Whitetail buck pumpkin

The rest of the Family carved pumpkins as sea turtle, dolphins, & Scooby Doo. I was thinking about hunting season & just had to carve mine as a buck !

Choot Em

I already harvested a nice 6×6 in CO and bagged my WI archery buck. With the extra time we came up with an owl creation on the right and a dandy buck with the new catch phrase.

Nocturnal Buck

My wife and I wanted to show our artistic abilities and ended up setting the scene with two pumpkins. We came up with Nocturnal buck as the title b/c the big boy is out there underneath the moon and stars while we can only chase him during the day. Happy Halloween!

Flushed pheasant

I carved this pheasant with my sister and it took about 45 minutes. Afterwards we cooked the seeds over a bonfire.

Browning, Bone Collector, and Buck

Had a Halloween party and was helping younger ones carve pumpkins. Got an email about this contest and thought what good timing and so I just started carving.

Moment of Truth

When I think of October 31st I think of big bucks on their feet. I shot my first buck on Halloween when I was 13 years old. Two years ago I shot a big 4 year old ten pointer on Halloween. It is one of my favorite days to be in the timber. This pumpkin depicts a scene I hope to encounter each year.

Survival By Z-MAX

Inspired by the current Zombie Apocalypse and Walking Dead trends, I carved out this zombie pumpkin. You can’t tell from the picture, but there are pumpkin gut ‘brains’ out the forehead. Thank You Z-Max!!

We asked readers to find a pumpkin, carve it up, take a picture, and enter the photo in our 2012 Pumpkin Carving Contest for a chance to win knives and machetes from Gerber. Congratulations to user wrongdekade, who wins a Gerber Ultimate Game Cleaning Kit AND a Gator Machete Pro for his pumpkin creation entitled, “Largemouth Pumpkin.” The second place winner, stephanie103, gets a Gator Machete for their pumpkin cooler entitled, “My Survival Pumpkin.”

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