This deer was caught on trail cam during the middle of the day. Who says all the big ones are nocturnal? The deer looks more like a northern deer than a SC deer.

Fighting foxes

I had my camera on this fox den for three months and caught lots of action.

Running Pronghorn

I thought this was a gorgeous picture with perfect timing of a buck running on the beach of The Great Salt Lake on Antelope Island. I love everything about this picture; the clarity, lake, beautiful sky, timing, and of course the animal.

Showing off his Rack

This amazing mule deer wanted me to get a close look at all of his extras. He is a very old buck that has actually regressed for a couple years (watch “Muley Freaks Vol I” and keep an eye open for “The Fog Buck”). Lucky for him, there are plenty of monsters on Antelope Island and only a few tags. He’ll die of old age and hopefully we’ll see some of his sons one day.


This was a great picture from a Busnell of a big bull and his little friend. They posed perfect for the camera

oklahoma backscratcher

this guy is sly he only comes out at night. My hunting buddies and i nick named him Backscratcher because of his drop tine.

Wide Open Skies

Everything about this picture is awesome. Gorgeous sky on Antelope Island with coyote posing and great clarity. Gotta love this picture

Leopard And Cub

This female leopard and cub are using the bar in our bush camp as a den

The Gambler

I shot and missed this deer at 33 yards, a day later he is mocking me in front of the camera.

Sow and Five Cubs

Really cool pic of a sow and her five cubs!

Flock of Starlings

Bushnell camera caught a flock of starling as they swarmed near this spring.

Fork Horn Battle

There is still some tension between the young guns after the rut is over.

Desert Monkey Rare Find

These two with a small family are causing ruckus in this area.

Bald Eagle versus Golden Eagle

One of the interesting pictures we found on the trail camera at one of our wolf bait locations.

Red Baby

Neat picture of newborn calf with mom. Cows segregate themselves from the herd for a little privacy while birthing and then group back up with everyone shortly thereafter. Considering this, the calf must only be a few days old. They lose the red hue after 1-2 months.

Trudging Along

I really like this picture of a good buck making his way through the snow. The rut was on and he was following his does

Muley Ghosts

Two great bucks in a standoff over who gets to drink first from a spring

Wolf checking out bear bait

I got five pics of this wolf checking out our bear bait.

Wont be hiking in the dark in this area for a while

We have pictures of this lion and a couple others along with a bear and some rare kudamundi frequenting this spot.

White Buck

I have observed this deer for the last three hunting seasons. He is at least 3.5 years old.


Took this picture right after the first snow of the year, and the deer were feeling a little frisky.

Hoo you looking at?!?

This picture comes from a trail cam I had placed over a windmill. It being the only fresh water in 800+ sq yards, it sure draws alot of neat pictures. I have caught just about every game animal on this camera. I sure hope everyone enjoys these as much as my family and I. Thanks, T.Crawford


This Iowa brute has been relatively visible in the last months, but we haven’t been able to capture him on camera….until now. Most our encounters have taken place at least 100yds away. Its nice to finally get a close up of this incredible deer. Hopefully the shotguns don’t get him.

Black Bear with Snow

This New Jersey black bear walked by my trail camera, following a mountain snow storm.

Best For Last

Check out this big ole bull that showed up at the wallow! I’ll post several photos I got of him, because he’s impressive from so many angles!

Stickers Everywhere

I loved the lighting on this amazingly trashy mule deer. I normally prefer frontal pictures, but the back view of this buck is unbelievable.

Huge Black Bears

These two large boars are very close to each other. Breeding season that would fight for dominance for the females.

Early evening dinner

Good sized black bear feeding on the remains of an elk.

A few weeks of scouting and hunting

i started hunting this new area and after a few times of hunting and scouting i started seeing a bunch or rubs and scrapes in the area. i set up this trail camera accordingly and a few days later this monster white-tail buck appeared.

Caught In Mid Air

Had my camera on a small tree facing a well used trail where the deer have been crossing the fence. I have three pics in sequence of this doe jumping the fence, with this being the mid-air shot. I was surprised at how clear the pic came in.

Buck of a lifetime

This is a trailcam pic taken two day before my 12 year old grandson shot him with his crossbow.

Big bobcat

This guy has been coming in to a recent elk carcass, got some great pics of him.

Herd at Sunset

This picture was taken as part of the Antelope Island bison herd was walking on the beach in the sunset. Love the lighting in this picture

Wisconsin Fisher Cat

Saw him about a year ago,no one believed me.Well here it is!

Bighorn Rams

Caught a pair of rams on camera in Cheesman Canyon on the South Platte in Colorado. I’d never heard of bighorn in the area before, but they’re definitely around.



Puma Traveling Through Wine Country

This beautiful cat is strolling above the vineyards.

Licking branch

Sun linght caught this small buck in great light checking out scent on a licking branch

Kangaroo Buck

This was the first day of the Pennsylvania archery season. I think this buck was a little bit excited.

Grizzley Bear

I set up my Trail camera at Peterson’s Point Lake Lodge in Augaust of 2012 on one of the few trees in the barrens. The date and time on photo is incorrect

Kansas stare down

I knew I one big buck on the property. Never thought that I would ever capture 2 of them together at this time of the year. The big guy didn’t stick around….suprised me.

Wide but Broken

This buck has a 35+ inch spread but busted off his entire left g4. Its a shame especially because the g4 in question had a nine inch inline. Can’t wait to see this buck next year!

Lightning Intrigues this up and comer

The only time I’ve ever seen lighting in a trail cam picture

The Fog.

Cool picture with the low laying fog.


I woke up one moring to find my glen del buck was destroyed. So I put out my game camera and this is what I found!

Backyard buck

Picture was taken in February in Northeast Iowa 50 yards behind my house.

Off To School.

This picture of a doe & fawn “kissing” through the fence almost appears as if she’s telling him to have a nice day at school before he hops on the bus.

central illinois whitetail

i have been tracking this whitetail buck since october when he first appered on my trail cam, unfortunately he hasnt came close to my stand yet

Fawn in the Fall

The little fawn still has his spots and it is September 22nd. Most fawns have lost their spots. This fawn must of been born late.



These are the editors’ picks for the best photos from the fourth and final round of this year’s Fall Trail Cam Photo Contest.
Congrats to users JOHNMO and cnggack who each win a Bushnell Trophy Cam HD (MSRP: $323.95)! And congrats to Jace Taylor, who came in third place and gets a Bushnell X-8 Trail Cam (MSRP: $222.95).

All four rounds are now complete. A grand prize will be awarded to the photo we choose as the best from the whole contest. The grand prize pack includes a Bushnell Legend Ultra HD 4.5-14×44 MilDot Rifle Scope (MSRP: $453.95), a pair of Bushnell Legend Ultra HD Binoculars (MSRP: $412.95) and a Bushnell G-Force 1300 ARC Laser Rangefinder (MSRP: $605.95). The total value of the grand prize pack is over $1,400!

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