I was fishing in a high alpine lake in Colorado and after a successful day, was leaving when I spotted a fish swimming near the shore line. After closer inspection I saw that he had a mouse in his mouth. I had heard that some fish will occasionally eat small rodents but this was the first time seeing it up close and personal.


Got this standoff between a bobcat and a coyote on my farm in Bradford County, Pennsylvania.
This lunker was only about 10 feet under the ice when hooked and stayed there for the entire 1 hour fight. Ice fishing on a public lake in Colorado. Have caught 3 others just like this.

It’s all in the moment…..

For me hunting and fishing is all about the journey. I really enjoy looking back on my trips. Today I was looking back at pictures that I took in Alaska while fly fishing. This was a moment that I will remember for a long time! The male was trying hard to get to her cubs and she did a great job of protecting them.

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This beautiful PA black bear cub gave some serious thought to joining me in my tree stand during an archery whitetail hunt in Dushore, Pa. His curiosity gave me just enough time to grab my camera and fire off this ‘shot’. He quickly joined his sister in a nearby tree and we three hunted out the evening together.

Big Deer

Saw it on the side of the road

Running Free

I took this picture as this buck was trotting away from me. What a beautiful morning picture.

Maddy’s Whopper

This past weekend my duaghter went on her first Striper fishing trip with me. We hooked into this giant and even though I landed the fish she stuck out her arms and said, “Daddy, put the fish in my arms! I want to hold him.” The fish was as big as she was but that didn’t stop her. I was one proud Dad!

Howlin’ for You

Coyotes are usually fast movers on my trail cameras. However, this one posed nicely on fresh snow for my Moultrie Game Spy M80.

Jerry’s Biggest Pike

My friend is a Gulf War Veteran and it was his dream to one day go to Canada fishing. His dream came true. Part of that dream was to catch a monster Pike and a big Walleye. I wanted to make that dream a reality. We had 12″s of rain but with the Good Lord’s help his dreams came true. Memories for life.

Girl out fished the boys!

I caught this large mouth bass late march in Missouri. Weighing into nearly seven and a half pounds!

Arizona Beast

My first elk at 575 yards. Taken with a 308.

nursing twins

I was walking behind my house when I came upon this set of twins nursing. The mom was busy grooming one of them so she didn’t notice me and I got within 15 feet of them.

Louisiana Sunrise

Great Louisiana sunrise looking over the spread.

Blackbird Tornado

I saw a huge flock of Red-Winged Blackbirds swirling down in an alfalfa field on my way into the stand for an evening bow hunt last season. Luckily I caught the birds in motion at a great time.

Giant Brown on the Firehole River Gets us in Hot Water

My good friend Gary Rudy (pictured) and I were fishing Yellowstone when a small rainbow caught by Gary was suddenly engulfed by this monster 25″ brown. With only a #18 beadhead miraculously in its jaw, we had to beach the fish fast and the only place was a small hotspring. I had to reach in to corral the fish but barely got it to the grass before scalding my hands! Now that’s a a “hot fish”!

My Wife’s First Gun

My wife received her first gun. She grew up in suburbia, but now she is getting comfortable and even wants a Benelli ultralight 12ga. One upside, it is cheaper than jewelry. She is looking forward to using her 870 for hare, coyote, and birds.

Otter takes over a local trout pond.

An otter set up a winter home on a local trout fishing pond. Near Kamiah Idaho.
I caught this 49″ 47.5lb striper off my kayak while trolling live eels on a full moon night off the north shore of MA. My biggest bass ever! Awesome sleigh ride!


As a medical school graduation gift my dad took me to Alberta for a Spring black bear hunt. With two tags, it came down to the last night to harvest my second. I passed on nice sized black bear around 6:00 since it had rubbed bare spots in its coat. I was being picked up from the stand at 9:30. At 9:00 I saw this amazing bear creeping in like a ghost. I still can’t believe it. What a gift eh?

Morning Mist

I snapped this photo while having a cup of coffee near the madison campground in Yellowstone NP. Fisherman: unknown

Ice Out Fun

While the ice was going out on the river in front of my house I knew I had jump on and ride a ice burg down the river aways. Everyone says i’m crazy and they are probably right!!!!

Bear vs Deer

I was so proud to kill this 4pt w/my muzzleloader. My husband put me in my tree stand @ 4pm and @ 4:30pm I shot it and called him and he said to reload and sit while he went and climbed. At 6:30 the bear came in and stole my deer. I was so upset when my husband came to get me @ 7 I told him he didn’t have to worry about cleaning that deer, the bear stole it. We did not find the deer.

Another Canning River sheep from the Brooks Range

This is another Dall ram from the Brooks Range. 59 and still hunting hard.

Biggest Bull Yet!

Here is my biggest bull yet! Shot in the Cabinet Mountains on opening morning. Yeah Buddy.

Moose In Montana

Moose feeding in a Montana Lake

lake tyler

Ending to a great day
Nov 9, 2012 was the day the Deer Gods smiled on me twice. I had my Mathews bow in my lap when this buck came up over the hill and stood 20 yards to my left. Perfect shooting lane. I sent the arrow and down on the ground he went. He got up stumbled back down the way he came. I thought he was done! 4 hours later I happen to stumble on him 1/4 mile away!

Many “Firsts”.

On opening day of my second season as a Montana resident, I took this beautiful muley off of state land. He was my first deer bow kill, first buck in velvet, and first P&Y; trophy. Certainly one I will never forget! Can’t wait to get him back from the taxidermist.
October 2012 Pete Fochesato and son Conner killed this 9×10 out of Winthrop, WA. According to Fish & Wildlife’s Scott Fitkin “This is likely the biggest buck out of this area in 17 years”. At its widest the rack measures 33-plus inches and weighed 281 pounds with the head and hide on, 201 rolling into the cooler. more story at http://nwsportsmanmag.com/2012/10/26/the-father-son-and-tripod-buck/

Daddy Daughter Hunting Trip

I took my 4 year old on her first hunting trip with me to my uncle’s farm in Goshen County Wyoming. I took her out in her winter coat, orange vest, and pink ear muffs. The very first morning this 13 point mule deer walked up the field we were watching. Hannah was very excited that we got a deer, and kept asking to have it mounted in her room. It is going in the living room.

24″ San Juan River Rainbow

Big fish like little flies such as the fish that took a size 22 midge that I fished on 6x tippet. It ran, jumped, and took me into my backing for a forearm-throbbing fight at sunset.

Left Side Junker from my uncles land

I killed him on my uncle Tom McMahon’s farm. I rattled this bruiser in from deep in the timber. At 20 yards, I let my arrow fly at Left Side Junker and put him on the ground. I must repay my uncle for allowing me to ‘shoot what I want’ that morning, but how?
9 year-old Brady is all smiles after catching his first Lake of the Woods lake trout. Upon it’s release, the trout was all smiles too!

Look what I caught!!!

My daughter and I were fishing and we threw two lines in the water and I was going to let her do all the work that night. Within a minute she had that little guy on the line and not 15 seconds later had the bigger one hooked. She reeled the first one in and then reeled in the second one. She was so excited because she did it all herself.

Dream buck!

I thought he was 15 points for the longest time but turned out to be 17.This buck came in once I was so shook up he left without giving a clean shot. He walked completely out of my life But Something made him come back! This time i had no other choice this time i didn’t let him walk back out of my life this Time i put it on him.

fawn wading to beat the heat

i spotted this little guy at one of my favorite bass fishing holes just wading in the water i thought it might be stuck in the muck on the bottom but when i got to about 5 feet it decided to make its exit it was a very cool experience

Thank You

Thank You to all the men and women who have served past and present. This nice mule deer found a nice place to beat the heat this summer in southern Wyoming.

Thresher Shark

On a fishing charter with my buddies; after fighting with blue sharks all morning, we finally landed this 587lb monster on a fresh bunker…on Charter Boat “NO TIME” with Captain Nick Savine. This will ALWAYS be a trip to remember.
Spring lake trout fishing in Colorado.

Will’s first pheasant

New Years Day, 2011, my 13 year old son Will shoots his first pheasant. His sister, Alyssa is behind the camera. Both are great shoots!

Costa Rica Mahi-Mahi

This bad boy hit our spread about ten minutes after I just “quick released a marlin. I was already whipped, but it was pulling real good. Turned out to be about 64 lbs. Wish I could have gotten a shot quicker with all it’s colors.

Cool Pic

My hunting partner from texas took this pic of me while we were hunting a Slough in Texoma. Didnt get much action that morning but the sunrise was well worth it


Caught at Fishpond Lake in Letcher CO.KY. Weighed in @ 12lb 6oz,251/4 inches in length with a 22in.girth.

Turkey hunting Idaho’s NezPerce National Forest.

Doing some public ground gobbler hunting and camping with my sons, William and Quentin. We were rewarded by getting up before daylight with this nice Tom.

Stalked By A Predator

This stray or house cat is caught in the act, of stalking two hen birds. The cat has surprise on its side but I bet on the hen bird in a confrontation. If the cat is a pet, then the pet owner is stupid, for allowing their cat to kill , be killed, or be bitten by a animal that is infected with Rabies disease. It is amazing what your trail camera can pick up when your not there.

On the Scent

Black Dog and white snow made for a great shot as we strolled through the woods and he caught the scent of something under the snow.

Caught it all by herself!

5 year old Makenzie Detter was fishing a private pond with her Dad & Grandfather when she grabbed a worm, baited a hook with it, and cast out. The worm barely got wet before this lunker snatched it up. Makenzie set the hook and reeled it in, all by herself.
Brandon Boggs brought John M. & I run his bush lines in th Atchafalaya River after a long day of hog hunting .. this pic was taken at the camp ..
Lil Buddy was given to me by Tenmile Outfitters in Mittie Louisiana .. he was chewing up the young hogs on the ranch and 10mile had enough.. he is a Mt.Fiest

Perfect Timing!

Early in the season, I was not getting many deer showing up on my camera but this deer timed it just right!


I spent several days last week in Yellowstone hunting with the camera. An amazing, and extreme place in the winter. Watching the buffalo plow snow looking for grass is something everyone should witness.
My second year bow hunting I went on a quick hunt before football practice. I called this buck in and shot him. Went to practice and came back to find my 180-class deer. He had a gross score of 194 3/8 and a net score of 186 4/8. By far the biggest buck in my family, and after all the time and effort put in, it was worth it.

Double Buck Story

My husband and I got these two bucks within a half hour (and a quarter mile) of each other on opening day of shotgun season in Ohio 2011. His was a huge 8-point, with a spread of 26 inches. Mine had 10 points, but was small by comparison. Still, it was a very successful morning for both of us!

Washington State Bruiser

My cousin Mark, on his first deer hunt, shot this monster in north central Washington state with his grandfather’s sporterized WWII M1 on land owned by the family for five generations. This is by far the grandaddy of all deer taken on this property.

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