Trail Cam photo of a snowy Coyote I got watching a whitetail scrape in North Central Idaho.

North Dakota World Class Whitetail

This buck was on trail cam in 2011 and was a “big buck” then but he “grew up in 2012”. This photo was taken 11/7/12 on our family ranch in western ND. Notice the antlers still sheading its velvet. The deer made it through the fall hunt and was last seen on 1/5/13. Deer experts put its score at +200

Mountain lion kitten Western ND

Cat photographed in Killdeer Mountains October 2007

Greenwood Lake Tiger Muskie

This Tiger Muskie was caught and released with a Buck Perry’s Spoonplug, on Greenwood Lake with guide Capt. Dave of Live to fish Guide Service.

Granddaughter’s first deer

My Granddaughter is 14 years old and shot her first deer with a cross bow at about 40 yards. She was a very happy young lady and Grandpa was just as happy.

father son hunt

This was our first father son blackpowder hunt. This deer came walking up behind us coming straight for our scent wicks. He stopped just a few yards away and we sent him to the ground. I don’t know who jumped higher, me or him.

Steel Curtain on the field..and in the field

when James Harrison isn’t in the playoffs, he makes the best of the free time

putting on the feed bag

Though this thanksgiving weekend fish measured 40 inches, it weighed 30LBs from a Bogagrip. It was caught trolling circles around a giant ball of shad. We were foul snagging shad with our 8 inch pikies anywhere from finger length to 12 inches.

Cave Junction, or Illinois River steelhead fishing

My name is crystal stewart this was my first doe i caught off the illinois river in cave junction,or i was so dang excited she ended up being 31in and 13lbs. She was a good fighter after resting up for awhile in a cove needless to say all i do now is fish, I love it!


First deer I’ve ever harvested. I took this beautiful deer with stick and string on public land. No feeder, no expensive guide or private hunting club. Just lots of hard work, long hours and dedication. It payed off well.
Elk feeding in meadow, finally the bull got within 50 yards, drew my Mathews DXT bow, and he started walking away at slight angle. G5 broadhead zipped thru just back of the boiler room angling slightly forward and got liver and lung at 53 yards walking. Went 80 yards and expired in 35 minutes. Praise the Lord for an awesome hunt and my first archery elk! Sincerely, Paul Sheets

Twin Toms

Jan. strutting toms in SW Minnesota taken with homemade sony S600 trail camera

duck, dog, daylight

This is picture was taken in NE arkansas on Jan 18, 2013. We had been on an evening hunt and as shooting time ended I got this imag of my dog Buffy on her way back to the duck shack.

Yucca Sunset

Got this picture as the sun set on our December muzzleloader hunt.

my biggest catfish

I had just gotten my own penn 320 and a penn powerstick and I told my buddy i wanted to go cat fishing for my birthday. So he called me the day before and said ill be at your house at 5:30am . Right when we casted the lines out the poles went crazy. And we had a take down and i pulled up this massive 41LB catfish

my biggest largemouth

it was my birth day catch. and i had wanted to go fishing so when we got there i went looking for a good spot and so i found a tree a dropped my lure down and my line shot off not knowing what it was i fought it for 5 or 6 minutes before i got it in and so i had it weighed by park rangers and it weighed 12.6 lbs.

Fly Fishing SW Colorado

Crystal clear Navajo Lake – Fishing for wild cutthroat trout at 12,500′

Heavy Weights

Huge New Jersey black bears getting along with each other, at the bait pile of apples. This trail cam photo was taken on the opening day, of the New Jersey bear season. I hunted this same location, that same day. I didn’t see any bears that day during the daylight hours. These bears move during the safety of darkness.Tell me bears aren’t smart.

stripes run deep

after and evening of trolling at the bottom of the watauga river, to the entrance of the watauga lake…we were cast netting for bait, i had a caught some unusual bait threw it in the tank……bout the time of setting our lines for stripers, i thought to grab my unusual bait and throw it out for a quicker bite, 5 minutes later this is what was hungry…bring it on

Game Over

This 6 pt. U.P. buck triggered the camera when he stepped out. Look closely in the upper left corner of this picture. Can you see the smoke from the muzzleloader as I fired? What are the odds? I framed a copy for my friends camp where we were hunting.

Grandpa’s Huntin’ Buddy

I took this photo of my husband and our Grandson Damen just after we had successfully bagged two Canada geese on our families farmland in Central Minnesota. Whenever and wherever we are hunting, our Grandchildren are usually along so we can carry on a family tradition.
Saw this guy “tall boy” 3 times this season first two with my bow and I didn’t get a shot off. He came to see me on the first day of Ohio muzzleloader and gave me a perfect 30 yard shot. Patience and perseverance pays off. God bless America and LONG LIVE THE BEAST!!!!

LM bass being a fat pig!!

I was fishing an impoundment in central NJ off a small bridge when this bass hit my yellow spinner. When i landed her she looked fat and pudgy, lipped her and looked down her gullet to find the tail of a smaller fish sticking out of its throat. She had a fish already in her throat and still went for my lure, what a gluttonous fat ass fish!

Parking lot surprise

After walking back to my car after a workout at the local rec center, this handsome fella was spotted about 20 feet from my car.

Late Season Buck

This buck was killed in Amherst, VA on December 20th. It stepped out of a thicket at noon to feed among some red oaks when I shot him with my Knight muzzleloader. Shows that there are some big ones left after rifle season!

Great end to a great day

It was the first time I have ever been fishing in Florida didnt caugh anything to impressive but wouldnt trade it for anything.

Tip Up Tattoo

What better way to prove your love of ice fishing? Here is a pic of my brand new tip up tattoo!

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