Photo 1 of 2 Two winters ago a reader told me I had "an Iowa fetish" after I'd posted several photos of Hawkeye State bucks on the Whitetail 365 Blog. Well its time to spread the love (or psychosis, depending on your view) a little. I've already profiled two great Wisconsin bucks recently. Here are some more. - Scott Bestul The first giant is of a gorgeous, symmetrical 5X5 shot by Dan Bernarde in Buffalo County on September,17. It's rumored to gross-score in the 190's.
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**Another shot of Bernarde’s buck.
Photo 1 of 2 This buck, also a Buffalo County deer, is not only a 180-class monster, but something of a rarity. Though Wisconsin’s season opened relatively early this year (Sept.12), not many velvet deer are shot by bowhunters. This hulk was still packing, which will make a great trophy even more memorable. The deer was taken on opening weekend.
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I also received two more photos of Wisconsin bucks that didn’t provide much more info than the hunters name and approximate location of the kill. This beauty was shot near Prescott, WI.
Photo 1 of 3 This giant Wisconsin buck was taken by Jason Fitzsimmons, but alas, that’s all I know.
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Wayne Schumacher made headlines with the 30-point “Lucky Buck” he killed with his bow in Wisconsin’s Fon du Lac County, but his isn’t the only monster whitetail taken in the Badger State. Whitetail365 blogger Scott Bestul reports. Do you have more info on any of these deer? Let Scott know by posting in the comments section.