We've watched this buck grow a nice 8pt rack from early spring. He was off limits to hunting for me and my boys. I was going hunting one afternoon and here he was crossing the road with a string of Christmas lights wrapped around his head. My son saw him 2 weeks later and had removed his lights-his doe probably told him it looked ridiculous.

My first Exotic

My name is Janet and i am 23 yr old model, with a passion for outdoors! I finally had been able to go on a hunt for my first Fallow deer. After many photos taken, i sent some to my friends and family, which needless to say all the guys thought I was just taking a picture with the animal. Ha! Sorry dudes, I shot this all by myself! 🙂 Well the picture says it all!

Now that’s a fish!

My 8 year old son Zach, landed this 7lb. 9oz. largemouth at a public fishing hole in our city park on 7/23/2011.

11 Year Old completes “Maine Grand Slam”

My son completed his “Maine Grand Slam” by harvesting a turkey, bear, moose and deer all within the 2011 hunting season. This feat is almost unheard of being done by an 11 year old. It is very difficult to draw a “Maine Moose Tag” which is done through a lottery. He was lucky enough to be drawn his first year of application.

Brothers Tag out on Same Afternoon

Hunting BLM ground we blew the stalk for the big guy, but fortunately guessed which direction he was heading, and trailed him for over two miles. We closed in and my brother dropped him. With only an hour of light left, we checked the next drainage. Using a ridge as cover, we stalked within 100 yards. The larger buck green scored 169 with a 28 inch spread. A great weekend for two brothers!

The Licking Branch

Does had been feeding heavily in an oak grove on acorns. I had set up with my camera knowing bucks would be in to scent check the does. This buck stopped at a scrape and I was lucky enough to snap this shot.
This is my brother and I, with our 2011 PA bucks. What an awesome way to celebrate the American tradition of Thanksgiving with the harvest of two mature PA bucks.

Big jack rabbit

Killed this rabbit in Kansas on a pheasant hunt.

My first buck! Double drop tines(one is a crab claw)

This is my third year hunting, second for archery. This is my first buck ever and i shot it with my bow at 30 yrds at 1:00 pm. Followed F&S; best days of rut for Nov 12 and this led to my buck! I look forward to the Nov issue every year!
I took this bull in New Mexico during the rut. Unbelievable experience being in the woods and having bulls bugle all around you. Lucky enough to share the experience with my family.

Bald Eagle

I often have birds come and eat any remaining scraps that the bears may not have eaten the evening before.

First Ice Fishing Trip

Went on my first ice fishing trip of the season up at Huntington Reservoir here in Utah. Had a blast on the ice catching a lot of tiger trout.

Wallsburg Creek

Caught this guy on a size 18 blue midge larva.

Last Retrieve

Last Retrieve on an afternoon duck hunt…

The definition of happiness!

My 9 year old son Jacob and his grandfather, were with me as we were walking into the woods the first Saturday. I happened to look down the hill to my right and there was this big 8 point about 75 yards looking up at us. After firing one shot from MY grandfather’s Winchester 88 – I took this picture of my son holding my buck! He was thrilled! That’s why we hunt!

Busted in the Woods

A Picture of a bear that My buddy, and i captured while using Game camera’s where we hunt, and the magazine was Photoshopped in, not sure what he was really looking at but it made for a good picture!
Out on 12 inches of ice in Colorado. Our trout are on a rise and fishing has been GREAT!!

My first Alaskan King Salmon!!

Did a day of guided fishing on the beautiful Klutina River, in Copper Center, Alaska. This was one of three Kings I landed that day, it was the highlight of my summer for sure. Decided to catch and release all three fish that day, it was awesome to get to catch these monsters! Beautiful fish, beautiful place, I hope to go back next year.

Frosty Morning Strut

I have a wooded area and two fields joining my property. Almost every morning I have Turkeys come into my backyard. There are three toms and several hens. Usually, toms strut and fan their tails in spring, however, this photo was taken December 12th, 2011. They have been putting on a showy display since Thanksgiving.

Starting Young

Here’s my pal Jesse, 8 years old, learning how to help skin a bear. Nothing better than sharing the outdoors with our youth.

Buffalo – Land Between the Lakes

This photo was taken by my 12 year old daughter. She was on a duck hunt with her daddy in West TN around the first weekend in December. They went on a ride while they were there and traveled to the Land Between the Lakes. She was just taking pictures for me to show me their experience, but this picture is great and I think worth showing off!

Christmas Day Limit

Wife and kids wanted to take a nap after the day’s festivities so Mav and I headed out for walk to burn off some holiday food. Great way to spend a couple of hours with my young pup. He put all of these birds in the air plus a couple that I let get away with warning shots.

Dream Stream Brown

Its fall and every one knows what that means. Big browns on the spawn. Just another day on the dream stream in colorado. We catch fish like this all winter. There are 2 kinds of fish located in the DS residents and lake fish. Both are huge fish but the lake fish can push 30 plus and not many residents do. Was a fun day and tube jigs got it done.
It began to sleet and snow, covering the sound of my progress through the woods. I looked to my left and spotted half of this monsters rack in the thicket only 65 yards away. Disbelieving, it took me several seconds to compose myself enough to pry the binoculars from my eyes. I squeezed one off, hitting him in the shoulder.

Good day fishin!

Took a charter fishing trip out of gulf shores. These are vermillion snapper.
2011 Hohenfels German-American Friendship hunt on 15-16 December. This 8 point stag and another came in from 225m away and broke down the trail on my right. I grunted to the pair, when they changed course and headed right in front of my seat. I shot him with an 8x57IS from 75m. This stag was estimated 4 years old, and was the best class 2B stag taken on the day!

BC black bear

Taken with my old Darton in BC. Squared 6’6″.

dinner time

I was hunting and a weasel was wondering around my stand and then it grabed a mouse and posed for a quick pic.

Mountain ptarmigan

I always combine a business trip in the north of Norway with some bird hunting. This was a rainy, sleety day just north of the Arctic Circle.

Coyote on the fairway

Living on the Valley Course of the Terre Du Lac golf community in Missouri I see more game than when I am out hunting. I have even seen a Mountain Lion (one time). Turkeys, deer and an occasional pheasant but it took a while to get a good photo of this coyote. I walk the course every day to see the wildlife. I don’t play golf though.

San Juan Rainbow to remember

This was a 22” Rainbow I caught on a size 24 hook on the San Juan River in NM. Most trout in a single stream that were legal size I have ever seen!
Shot this guy opening morning of the Wisconsin gun season. Had him on camera early in the year and could only dream of a shot. Opening morning did he get my blood pumping. He scored 180 3/8 as a 15 pointer

Anthony and Joe’s catch of the day

On April 10, 2011 we caught this 70 lb flathead catfish on one of our trout lines in the Big Black River in Madison County, Mississippi.
Started shooting snows brought down 4 in 2 shots and would had more if gun wouldn’t have jammed.
What a fantastic season this has been! I shot this 23 Point Buck with my bow and my 6 year old son shot his first buck, a 9 pointer during youth season the following day. My dear is unofficially scored at 209 3/8…Amazing feeling!

Duck Dogs

First morning of the 2011 Texas duck season. Dixie and Cutter retrieved their limit of birds and happily posed on the log from which we hunted.
Shot this guy on some public hunting land in Iowa. Walked in behind me and presented a perfect broadside shot at 35 yds. Ran all of about 125 yds before piling up.

Son’s first albacore on the fly

My son, RJ, 9 caught his first albacore on the fly in October during the Montauk Fall Blitz.

Opening morning buck

This is my third year having a deer permit. At the age of 13 this is my biggest buck so far. I’ve taken two other bucks that were close to this size in previous years. We manage our land with a philosophy of ‘let em go let em grow’. We shoot nothing under 150 inches. It’s hard to bypass bucks when they look big, but the reward at the end is well worth it!
March 22, 2011 I harvested the #2 World Ranked Osceola Turkey for beard length. Bird weight 19.9375lbs – LS 1.25 – RS -1.50 – Beard 14&3/8”. Certified by the NWTF and The Florida Game registry. NWTF record book Spurs #11 Weight #70 Beard Length #2 Overall #37.

Swamp Buck

My Dad with his huge 10 pointer. In addition to the 10 point rack the buck also sports 4 stickers coming off of the G2s and G3s.

Geese taking flight on Idaho’s Clearwater River.

Drifted into a large flock of geese while Steelhead Fishing…guess I should have brought the lab and shotgun and hunted, since we didn’t catch any fish…

Florida’s “Black Bass”

You don’t here the term “Black Bass” much anymore. You hear a lot of Largemouth, Largies, LM’s, Bucketmouths, Buckets, & Greenfish just to name a few. Back in the day they were just simply called “Black Bass”, and you can see why when you look at this one that Louie recently caught. Now that’s a “Black Bass”!!!

Thanksgiving Day Brown

My buddy and I had some of the best 2 days of fishing we’ve ever had anywhere this Thanksgiving. With hunting season in and being a holiday, we had the stream to ourselves. We have awsome families that don’t mind us taking off to chase our addiction for big trout, even on Thanksgiving.

Two ducks, and riped waders

Its 5:30am lost in the woods, trying to find the new hunting spot, cant see two feet infront of you let along your dog (dozer), lost my shotgun on the way back to the lake(I did find it) all the decoys are tangled, and a rip in my waders! It was a bad start to the day, but in the end it all worked out. Dozer did everything right, and we managed to bag two nice ducks.

First cast!

My 6 year old son Nathan, caught this largemouth on his very first cast of the day. We were celebrating his birthday party with his friends and family…. what a gift. Happy Birthday!

Daughter’s First Deer

This is my daughter’s first deer she is 21 yrs old. We decided to have some father/daughter time. We were in a box blind in Stafford County, Ks. We had over 60 deer all around the blind(all does) from 20 yds to 300 yds away when this buck came out behind us. She stayed calm put the cross hairs on it and had a clean one shot kill.


Chukar hunting in Nevada. Romeo is a Bracco Italiano. I have 5 Braccos They all love to hunt.

Stroll in the woods

Picture was taken by Jody Zeisloft In Acadia National Park
Hunting near the Rainy River along the Minnesota/Ontario border, this buck of a lifetime made a mistake at midday when he left his bedding area in a tall CRP field to follow the doe that had snuck away from him minutes earlier. We spotted the buck hours earlier, well before shooting light (full moon) as he followed the doe to the CRP. Patience pays off!

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