I wish I could tell a story of what is going on in this picture. Here we have a guard fox and another fox climbing a tree. I wonder if it is danger approaching or a hunt. What a nice catch my Trail Cam captured. Enjoy this one, seldom seen.

Knock knock, anybody home?

Big cat getting up close.

Black Bear Cub Checking My Stand

I hunt in North Eastern PA, My stand kept becoming lose and after putting a trail cam up facing the stand I found that a cub was playing on it.

King of the mountain

Big black bear checking the wind.

Foggy Fall Morning

The buck I hunted all year for teases me by working a scrape on a morning I am not in my stand.

Albino Moose

Just in time for the Halloween Holiday! 🙂 We got this picture of an albino moose on our game camera.. thought it was too neat NOT to share!

Fighting Cows

In all the years of hunting Elk I have never witnessed cow elk fighting.

Waiting for a slip up

3 years now ive had a pic of this buck i found his sheds 2 years ago have never seen him in the woods

Come on mom!

Cougar party.

Rutted Up Buck!

This deer has shown up a few times at night now I have pics of him during daylight, this is a sure sign the rut is kicken in! He also has a giant swelled neck.

curious bear

Its a nice big sow with 3 cubs that are always getting into trouble with me when I’m hunting and when playing around with my camera.

You look tasty.

This coon and buck had been eyeing each other down all night while eating corn, I guess the coon finally got fed up. Or maybe he just wanted some meat with his corn.

Ohio Farmland Buck

This ain’t the big one.

Battle in the air

After shooting a doe in archery season, I put the trail cam on some of the remains to see what uses the woods when I’m not there watching. In one week I had over 250 pictures of fox, coyote, crows and deer, but this picture of these two Redtail Hawks topped them all.

This bear is HUGE

Yes this is a huge Bear and it is on our Property in PA. Sorry cannot say where we would love to harvest this one . This is the first time we have ever seen this one. We have other pictures of bears but this one takes it too a whole new level. Hope you like and enjoy.

Sunset Buck

The Perfect Sunset!

Coyote stealing a pear

This guy came in for several nights when the pears were falling off a tree in my in-laws yard.

No Baiting In Vermont

I placed my trail camera facing this apple tree scouting for the upcoming Vermont archery deer season. I try to put my trail cameras on natural food sources or game runs because it is illegal to feed wild game in Vermont.

Squirrel or Possum???

Got this pic 2 years ago on a snowy evening. At first I thought that the prey in it’s mouth was a possum, but after two years of analyzing it I am pretty sure it’s a grey squirrel. What do you all think?

Animal activist theft

I was having problems with people messing with my stuff and decided to put out a camera. I found this women (who hates hunters) stealing my pile of corn I was using for baiting (which was legal at the time). I called the police and she ended up with a $400 fine.

Not bad for Georgia

been taking his picture for 5 years now. No one has ever seen him except on camera.

Double Main Beam Buck

friend of mine caught this buck on his camera and close to a month later my 12 year old son Levi Hurley harvested the monster 13 point Double Main Beam Buck , everyone thought it was two deer in the cam picture but i guess Levi proved them wrong…!

owl in your face

just a owl making his rounds around the corn piles looking for a snack great detailed photo my first owl

Breeding Bear

My wife drew her first kill tag for a Wisconsin Black Bear in 2010. I also drew a kill tag. We started a couple baits going & set up the cameras. Was stunned to catch these two breeding right at the bait site.

The Ghost

In 2007 we hung a stand 100yds from our cabin, so that I would be able to bow hunt and and still be close to the kids.Last year we captured “the Ghost” on camera and he’s now even bigger!My husband is NOW begging to stay back with the kids just so he can have a crack at The Ghost…I don’t think so, but I’ll let him field dress him for me if I get him! Who says a bow hunting wife isn’t giving?

Two Small Bucks Sparring

These two guys hung out in front of the camera for 15 minutes playing around and sparring.

Three Legged Bird

This gobbler looks as if he has three legs.

another great trail cam shot

great shot of elk from my son in laws camera

Jumpin’ Jack

Trigger speed says it all. This rabbitt is 3-4 feet off the ground. There must have been something chasing it. It could have been a bobcat because I got a picture of one a couple of days earlier. They aren’t very common here in Indiana, but we are starting to see more of them.

Bulls Fighting

My buddies and I couldn’t believe this picture. What an awesome sight!

Wait up mom.

High mountain goats

How ’bout a kiss

I had a camera set up in my backyard to confirm the presence of foxes. It didn’t take long to capture this moment.

Grey Fox with her baby

This picture was captured in my small back yard area in Pittsburg, Ca. It shows the love a Fox has for its young. I am blessed to have such wonderful wild animals living around my neighborhood. I lived in some beautiful areas in the United States but have never seen the variety of animals that I have here. Enjoy the picture, more to follow from the Stealth.

Bull Elk Stare Down

Caught a herd of elk on my camera with a big bull making sure a spike knew his place in the pecking order

Fried Backstrap On A Biscuit!!

Trail cam set up on lease in St. Francisville, LA

coyote with no manners

This coyote obviously doesn’t appreciate the corn that I put out. He decides to clearly tell me what he thinks about it. Little does he know that I had a pic of cottontail just a couple hours earlier.

Scratch that Itch

The severity of the itch is inversely proportional to the ability to reach it.

OOPS, I think its set to high

This Pic was taken on Ft.Hood Tx. I never used a trail cam before and this was the first pic I got when I got it home. OOPS, I think I set it to high. Went back out to the area and rest the cam and now I am getting great pic of deer and no longer pics of Apaches flying by.

Child Abuse

I never new does hit there young. I wonder what that fawn did???

Gone with the Wind

Trail Camera

Who’s the boss now?

Another preseson buck captured with my Trophy Cam

Snow cat.

Where are the rabbits?

Albino Buck

This albino was born in 2009. He has an albino doe twin. Pretty cool. Erie, Pa.

Grey Fox Pair

I have over 40 pictures of this pair, and I have never seen either of them out of my stand. They seem to be fully nocturnal, and must like the heavy cover on my farm.
Setup along a rub line, got him coming right at the camera head down.

Owl in Flight

Caught this owl(?) in takeoff at one of our stand locations.

Northern Wisconsin Cruising Cat

Imagine my surprise when going through my trail cam pictures and getting this beauty! Awesome distinctive markings on the ears.

Lab? or Lion?

This was taken on a trailcam in Schuylkill County PA. There have been rumors of cougar sightings perhaps by accidental release. I’m almost positive it is a stray lab but you never know

Camp Buck

Never did get a look at this guy in person. Have at least a hundred picks of him from Aug 08′ – Feb 09′.

Feeding time

Time to feed.

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