Reader Shots: Photos of the Week
Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Sutherin took this 12-point buck with his bow last season during a hunt in Ohio. Field & Stream Online Editors
From all the way across the big pond, Dr. Alex Newman sent us this shot of a “brace” of impressive trout he pulled from a lake in Oxford, UK, with his fly rod. Both fish topped the 10-pound mark. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eleven-year-old Jade Trusty poses with dad Jason Slaughter after a successful turkey hunt near Bethany, MO. Jade shot this 23-pound bird just before dusk. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Van Sicklen of White Lake, MI, with his first elk. Van Sicklen dropped the bull last October. Field & Stream Online Editors
Two-year-old Natalie Mather landed this sunny, her first fish, over Fourth of July weekend. It appears her family planned to celebrate Natalie’s achievement later with a mean fireworks display, which you can see is set and ready for ignition in the background. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
Greg Blair of Bradleyville, MO, reeled in this new Missouri state record striped bass on July 13th. This fish pinned the scale just shy of 57 pounds. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Barthlow and Katie Blum boxed these two big mahi mahi in the middle of a thunderstorm while trolling off Sugarloaf Key, FL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Tutka of Troy, IL, took this 13-point buck during the 2007 shotgun season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Hohl’s gold spoon got whacked by this nice lake trout while casting from the shores of Lake Superior. Field & Stream Online Editors
Calvin Davis of Clovis, NM, with his first elk. He shot it in the Gila Wilderness in 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tracy Leaman with a 6-pound bass she caught after sundown with a crankbait on Lake Cumberland in Kentucky. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Saunders of Richmond, VA, with his first tarpon. Saunders bested the 125-pound fish the June while casting in the Florida Keys. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sean Russell of Rowayton, CT, trolled up this 63-inch bluefin tuna during a trip to Cape Cod. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Raia traveled all the way from Nutley, NJ, to Montana, where he scored this heavy bull trout on the Blackfoot River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben Hugghins nailed this whopper 3-ounce largemouth bass in a neighborhood pond near Bessemer, AL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim Bennet of Spokane, WA, poses with a 45-pound king salmon he boated in the Kashwitna River while in Alaska this June. Field & Stream Online Editors
This 33-inch pike gave Adam Crail quite tussle in the Milk River near Cut Bank, MT. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jose Cartaya of Newton, NJ, got this big salmon to eat an egg on the Salmon River in New York last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cody Stone of Kill Devil Hills, NC, shot this deer the 2007 rifle season. The buck gross scored 123 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Meghan Carlin proudly shows off some trout caught by her dad on the Lehigh River in Pennsylvania. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Alleman with a doe and 8-point buck he shot last January hunting swampland outside of Lafayette, LA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Donahue and some buddies cashed in on a stellar striped bass bite out of Cape May, NJ, last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Osborn filled both his tags within an hour during his first antelope hunt in 2007. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Lawler with a 24-pound turkey taken near Canton, NY. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamie Wepkin of Baraboo, WI, shot this 25-pound gobbler last May during a hunt with his dad. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kev Abbot of Detroit, MI, with a heavy carp taken from Ford Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christopher Gerhrki, 9, of New Bern, NC, with the results of his first deer hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
With help from former Alaskan fishing guide and dad Matt Low, young Thomas Low of Eagle Mountain, UT, bagged his first salmon in 2005. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dane Schuckman of Creedmoor, NC, battled this bass in a local reservoir after it inhaled a Heddon Mini Torpedo. Field & Stream Online Editors
Laura Hearlihy of Centennial, CO, used a gold Kastmaster to draw a big strike from this trout in Aurora Reservoir. Field & Stream Online Editors
Carolyn McCollum hooked this channel catfish on a red horse creek minnow in Georgia’s Brood River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Raymond Swanstone holds up a 4-pound bass he caught in a Northwest Missouri farm pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Preuss of Prairie Village, KS, beat this 38-inch tiger musky with an 8-weight fly rod while fishing in Minnesota. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nine-year-old Jarret Patterson landed this 6-pound trout in the Chattahochee River on the first day of his summer vacation. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Cox of Greencastle, PA, with a nice redfish he caught right off the dock of his beach house in Bogue, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cody McCutchen caught this 13-pound mangrove snapper while fishing out of his homeport of Corpus Christi, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Octavio Delgado of Milwaukee, WI, fought this jack Crevalle for 45 minutes before boating it off the coast of Ixtapa, Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew White of Forth Worth, TX, holds a 2-pound bass caught from the shore of Lake Fork. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamie Nagel of Shade Gap, PA, made the long trek to Alaska and ended up catching his first king salmon. The fish gave him quite a ride along the banks of the Little Susinta River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Saleh Husseini of Manhattan, KS, with a catfish he pulled from a nameless local pond. Field & Stream Online Editors