<strong>2002 F&S; Photo Contest Winners</strong> This photo was taken by Brady Walker of Wellington, KS. It is of his 5 year-old lab "Meat" with a green-winged teal that was shot in Oklahoma during an early January duck hunt.
2002 F&S; Photo Contest Winners This photo was taken by Brady Walker of Wellington, KS. It is of his 5 year-old lab "Meat" with a green-winged teal that was shot in Oklahoma during an early January duck hunt. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bob Wisth of Rubicon, WI took this photo of a whitetail fawn bedded under thick cover. Field & Stream Online Editors
This photo was submitted by Aaron Speak from Maryland. It was taken in the evening during a fall day on the Susquehanna River near Lewisburg, PA. Field & Stream Online Editors
This photo was snapped by Ken Leech of LaPine, Oregon. It’s of his fishing buddies heading out for trout at North Twin Lake in a freezing drizzle. Ken attests that they, “..fished until their worms froze.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Mock of Glendale, Arizona took this stunning shot of a wolf swimming across a salt water channel in Alaska in the early morning. Field & Stream Online Editors
Sixteen-year-old Luke Lermond of Lincolnville, ME took this unique photo with his mother’s digital camera. It was taken on Megunticook River in Camden, Maine. He hooked the bass and was reeling him in when the snapper grabbed the fish. And, as Luke said in his e-mail, “I guess the turtle didn’t have catch and release on his mind.” Field & Stream Online Editors
This beautiful photo of a mountain range reflected in a river was taken by Charles Phillips of Gonzales, CA in Yosemite National Park. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jill Hitchcock of Lafayette, CO snapped this great shot of a bighorn sheep in her native state. Field & Stream Online Editors
This shot was taken by Sherwood Lundgren last summer at Pine Lake by Eldora, Iowa. Field & Stream Online Editors
This beautiful photo of a Bull Moose in Yellowstone National Park was taken by Gene Putney of Longmont, Colorado. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jan R. Johnson of Englewood, Florida snapped this very interesting shot of her “singing fish” in the pond behind her house. Field & Stream Online Editors
Holly Aloi, a ranger at Denali National Park, captured this picture of two Dall Sheep while out patrolling the backcountry this summer. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ronald Carreau of New Bedford, MA captured this serene image of a White-Faced Whistling Duck. Field & Stream Online Editors
This photo of Mule Deer buck in Fremont County, Colorado was taken in late winter by Van Truan of Pueblo, Colorado. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Romero of Shelton, WA took this shot of a beautiful Salmon fighting to get back to the water. Field & Stream Online Editors