Broderick Stearns from Sulphur, Oklahoma, had to act fast to capture this lone doe he encountered in Chickasaw National Recreation Area. To get the shot before the colors faded, Stearns hopped out of his truck and ran down the trail into position. We think the end result is stunning. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Smith’s father, Ed, snapped this photo of a 9-pound largemouth bass caught on 6-pound-test at Lake Perris in Southern California. Afterward, the fish was released to fight another day. Field & Stream Online Editors
Most of the ponds and streams were frozen on New Year’s Day in Washington, D.C., when James Whiteside III captured this photo of a wood duck. Field & Stream Online Editors
Photographer Antonio Paterniti took this picture of a dragonfly landing on his friend’s lure at Lake Needwood in Rockville, Maryland. Field & Stream Online Editors
Peter Piatt from Chico, California, came across this fisherman at Burney Falls near Redding. He claims he was just testing out his digital camera, but from the looks of this beautiful photo we think he’s already a pro. Field & Stream Online Editors
As he was getting into his boat to head out for a day of fishing, Mike Honsey of West Des Moines, Iowa, took this picture on the Rainy River near Baudette, Minnesota. He calls it “Smoke on the Water.” Field & Stream Online Editors
While ice fishing in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, Rich Cannon took this photo of his dog Gabby. She seems to be saying, You guys are crazy. It’s cold out there! Field & Stream Online Editors
Lori Matranga of Burleson, Texas, took this picture of her husband at the Boliver Peninsula. He was fishing in the evening as the shrimp boat passed by. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joan Soles of Pine City, Minnesota, was out taking sunrise pictures with her digital camera when she decided to check the public landing on Pokegama Lake. One man was trying to get the boat started as the other was casting. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nancy Cornelius submitted this photo her husband took of their son and his friends. The three hunters were setting out decoys as the sun rose on the couple’s ranch in Wadsworth, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors
Broc, Cynthia Petito’s Hungarian Vizsla, is caught on film in the middle of an early-morning training session in Jacksonville, Florida. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bret Poppleton captured the sun in all its magnificence while camping in Rocky Mountain National Park. He couldn’t believe how blue the sky was against the beautiful backdrop of the Continental Divide. Field & Stream Online Editors
Corine Green from Ontario, Canada, watched as this fox snake ate a perch near Parry Sound this past August. Field & Stream Online Editors
This elk appears to be striking a pose for Dottie Shepherd of Dallas, Texas. Field & Stream Online Editors

The subject matter of the photos varied from scenic landscapes to hunters in the field as well as photos of Junior with his first catch.

The quality of the photos we received was outstanding.