old fisherman on bridge
May 1949
"Boys grow up to be men, but they still yearn for a scrap with a bullhead--even after they pass their eightieth birthday". Field & Stream Online Editors

passing it on

March 1956 (no caption)

old school lure maker

January 1958
“Old Peephole Hall was the first man to fish Robinson’s Bayou. It was here that he test ran and perfected his devastating “cluckers”

old school waders

August 1931
“Below the riffle we found a deep hole where northern pike lay. Bill is fast to one which is about played to a finish.”

old school saltwater fly fishing

July 1934

counting the catch

July 1937
“The President of the Old Duck Hunters Club.”

old fly fisherman

March 1931
“Yon warrior is Hen Magoon. He is of the generation before yours.”

old grayling photo

June 1932 The Kelly Rainbow.
Caption reads: “Kelly sizing up a 20-inch grayling”

hunting antelope

August 1952
“Bert waits in the shade of a juniper for an antelope to funnel into his “barrel.” Anybody know what this barrel is that the caption refers to? Send me an email if you do: nate.matthews at time4.com

smoking a pipe

April 1943
“Jordan Ray Avery”

squirrel hunter

October 1947 Lee E. Yeager (photographer)
“You can bet there is a bushy-tail in that tree. Farm folk look forward each year to a ‘mess of young squirrels’.”