U.S. Reel 230SX
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U.S. Reel 230SX
¿¿ $150 ¿¿ 314-962-9500 ¿¿ usreel.com This company's spinning reels don't get a lot of media play compared with other brands, but I give them huge points for daring to be different. The spool on their new 230SX and on some older models is much shorter and wider than those on comparable spinning reels. This means several things. The larger diameter produces longer casts. Also, more line is retrieved with each turn of the handle, so twist is reduced. -Because the spool is shallower (from top to bottom), the main shaft moves up and down less while you're reeling, which allows for a smaller reel body. As a result, it's easy to feather the spool's upper lip with the index finger of your casting hand, giving you better control over your cast. Finally, the spool has a removable arbor. The unit holds 138 yards of 10-pound mono when it's in place and 221 yards without it. If you're a bass fisherman, you know line ¿¿capacity is seldom an issue. Over time, using the arbor will save you money on line. No one else to my knowledge does this, and it's a great idea. The 8.9-ounce 230SX has a molded carbon-fiber rotor and side plate. More Top Spinning Gear
Daiwa Tierra
Cabela's Tournament ZX
Abu Garcia Cardinal 800
Shimano Tiralejo
Berkley Lightning. Field & Stream Online Editors

Daiwa Tierra

Daiwa Tierra
$115 · 562-802-9589 · daiwa.com The most important of several new spinning reels from Daiwa this year, the six-model Tierra series offers premium features at a midrange price. Eight bearings, a tough tubular stainless-steel bail, and a fully sealed drag combine to give you smoothness and durability. The midsize TDTR3000 version weighs 10.7 ounces and ¿¿carries 200 yards of 10-pound monofilament. An aluminum spare spool is also included.

Cabela’s Tournament ZX

Cabela’s Tournament ZX $70 · 800-237-4444 · cabelas.com This new eight-ball-bearing reel series from Cabelaユs is an exceptional value. Each model there are five sizes in all reads Daiwa on the handle, a clue if I ever saw one. They have tough aluminum bodies, anti-twist line rollers, and precision gearing. The midsize 2500A style weighs 9.9 ounces and holds 170 yards of 8-pound monofilament. All models come with an aluminum spare spool for easy line changes.
Abu-Garcia Cardinal 800
Abu Garcia Cardinal 800 $130 · 800-237-5539 · abugarcia.com The biggest news is that Abu Garcia has finally updated its drag washers to a carbon-matrix material with outstanding performance. Five 800-series models also have sealed stainless ball bearings for corrosion resistance and updated gearing for smoother, stronger operation. A midrange C804 model holds 210 yards of 10-pound-test and weighs 10.2 ounces. Each reelユs main shaft is also specially coated to reduce friction. Field & Stream Online Editors

Shimano Tiralejo

Shimano Tiralejo $240 · 877-577-0600 · shimano.com Inshore saltwater tackle is hot this year, and Shimano leads the pack with its new Tiralejo surf rod series. The reel seat can be loosened and then re-clamped anywhere along the extended grip to suit the physical stature and style of any caster. Available counterweights insert into the butt for proper balance, and premium graphite rod actions give outstanding distance without breaking your back. Eighteen casting and spinning models are available. A 9-foot, two-piece spinning rod (TRS-90M2) rated for 3/4- to 2-ounce lures is shown.


Berkley Lightning $35 · 800-237-5539 · berkley-fishing.com Popularly priced Lightning rods have long been a Berkley mainstay, and the entire series has been redesigned for 2007. New titanium-footed guides reduce weight and line wear, while new cone-locking seats hold reels securely. There are 23 spinning and baitcasting models available. Shown is a 5-foot, two-piece ultralight version (LRS502UL) the trout guys will just love.