Richard Grunsted, of Iowa, tagged this buck with a .270 from 370 yards in northern Utah.
Richard Grunsted, of Iowa, tagged this buck with a .270 from 370 yards in northern Utah. Sal Corbo
Paul Amato took this buck in southern Colorado with a .243 Ackley at 275 yards. Sal Corbo
Roger Mower of Wyoming took this double drop-tine muley with a .300 Winchester Magnum at about 400 yards. Sal Corbo
Steve Hawkins, from Nevada, shot this buck in the mountains outside Reno with a 7mm at 375 yards. Sal Corbo
Peter Vaith, of Utah, drew a tag for the Bookcliff Mountains and took this big deer there on opening day with a .338 magnum at 525 yards. Sal Corbo
These are a giant set of sheds that were mounted on a skull, from a famous deer known as the “buck of justice,” says Sal Corbo, who puts these calendars together. There were six years of sheds found from this deer. Sal Corbo
Sam Minkler of Arizona hiked into the Grand Tetons of Wyoming through rain and snow for six days before shooting this buck at 400 yards. Sal Corbo
Randy Ulmer took this buck with a bow while hunting with his best friend and two sons. Sal Corbo
This mule deer was killed by Peter Starvos of Durango, Colorado, in 2006. He shot the buck in Idaho with a .300 ultra mag at 285 yards. Sal Corbo
Brad Borden took this muley buck in November of 2005 after waiting 14 years to draw a tag for the famous Arizona Strip. He shot the buck at 250 yards with a .300 Weatherby. Sal Corbo
This monster buck was taken back in the 1940’s. He was hanging in a saloon for many years, and is one of the largest ever harvested in Colorado. Nobody knows who shot him. Sal Corbo
This buck was taken by Michael Denton during the 2005 archery season on Arizona’s Kaibab Plateau. Sal Corbo