On a hunt in Maine, Jacob Satterfield killed this massive moose. It had a 54-inch spread and scored 176 BC.
On a hunt in Maine, Jacob Satterfield killed this massive moose. It had a 54-inch spread and scored 176 BC. Field & Stream Online Editors
This impressive 6×6 scored 387, taken by Jon Cornell on his first elk hunting trip in the West. Field & Stream Online Editors
Cory Worischeck shot this bull using a Hoyt bow on an opening day rut tag in Arizona. The main beams measured over 60 inches. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Curtright, with his 6×6 Roosevelt elk taken in Washington’s Cascade Mountains with a .338 Winchester and Federal Bearclaw ammo. The bull gross scored 353, netted 346, which put it at 14th place in the Washington state record book. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Mittner shot this big bull Caribou in Quebec. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mary Eames shot this big 6×7 on her first hunt, September 20, 2005. Field & Stream Online Editors
Dede Speight with a caribou she shot in the Northwest Territories in August, 2006. According to Speight, the dog, Moose, “carried out both hind quarters.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Pete Baldwin of Scottsdale, Ariz. shot this bull in Ennis, Mont. in November, 2006. Field & Stream Online Editors
Says dad Darcy, “My 8 months pregnant wife and 21-month old daughter Kayla with a very happy Daddy!!! Got a muley buck with them as well.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Terry Ostrom took a trip to the East Kootenay region of British Columbia, Canada, and brought home this bull. Field & Stream Online Editors
Pete Zoretic downed this 5×5 bull in Gunnison, Colo. Field & Stream Online Editors
Thomas Slaughter shot this caribou in Adak, Alaska, in calm weather. But as he tried to pack out the next day, it rained and the wind picked up to 70 knots. He had to cover 14 miles, and spent 36 hours in pup tent when the wind speed exceeded 100 knots. Says Slaughter, “All in all it was a great trip…” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Dahlstrom of Pocatello, Idaho, with an elk he took with his bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
The first time Jim Clark ever entered the Michigan Elk Hunt lottery, his name got pulled. On his fourth day hunting, after tracking a bull about five miles, he came upon the 6×5, 625-pounder in heavy cover. He dropped it with a Browning 300 WSM. Atlanta, Mich. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Willis of Longmont, Colo., harvested this bull elk last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tom Sorenson with an Idaho 5×5 that he shot on an early November morning. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim Snodgrass shot this 6×5 with his bow in New Mexico in September. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Conner killed this bull moose last season while hunting in Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Dean took this bull near Grandby, Colo., on opening day in September. He shot the elk at 25 yards with a .50 caliber muzzleloader. Field & Stream Online Editors
This nice elk was taken by Richard Weiss from St. Ignace, Mich. Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Wasson from Longmont, Colorado, shot this 5×5 bull, his first elk, after hunting for them for 10 years. 0ctober 2006. Field & Stream Online Editors
Breann Decker from Pagosa Springs, Colo., poses with her elk. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kim Crockett used her husband as a guide to get this Colorado bull. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tim Butler of Cologne, Minn., shot this bull, his first elk with a bow, while hunting in Colorado. Field & Stream Online Editors