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<strong>Do you love the outdoor sports</strong> so much that you've inked them onto your body, permanently? If so, we want to see your tattoo. Take its picture and <a href="https://www.fieldandstream.com/pages/list-firearms-superlatives/">send it to us</a> by midnight on April 30th, 2010. Our editors will pick their top three favorites and announce them on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. The best one wins a <a href="http://sogknives.com/store/E37T.html">SEAL Pup Elite</a> and <a href="http://sogknives.com/store/S60.html">PowerLock multitool</a> combo, and the two runners up get a <a href="http://sogknives.com/store/FX-20.html">Revolver Hunter knife</a>, all from our friends at S.O.G. Knives. <strong><a href="https://www.fieldandstream.com/pages/list-firearms-superlatives/">Click Here to Enter Our 2010 Hunting and Fishing Tattoo Contest!</a></strong> In the meantime, you can click through our picks for the 65 best entries from our last tattoo contest (deer tattoos only), which was won by John G. Fedish, whose tattoo is shown at left.

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Do you love the outdoor sports so much that you’ve inked them onto your body, permanently? If so, we want to see your tattoo. Take its picture and send it to us by midnight on April 30th, 2010. Our editors will pick their top three favorites and announce them on Wednesday, May 5th, 2010. The best one wins a SEAL Pup Elite and PowerLock multitool combo, and the two runners up get a Revolver Hunter knife, all from our friends at S.O.G. Knives. Click Here to Enter Our 2010 Hunting and Fishing Tattoo Contest! In the meantime, you can click through our picks for the 65 best entries from our last tattoo contest (deer tattoos only), which was won by John G. Fedish, whose tattoo is shown at left.
Kirk Paddock: “This is a reminder of a 10-pointer I harvested in 2002.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Blake Cohen: “This tattoo is of the 150-inch, 10-pointer I shot with my muzzleloader Thanksgiving weekend.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Deming: “I incorporated my love of hunting with my love of tattoos. I have another deer on my chest, but I thought this was the best.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Mills: “This is based off a couple of sheds I found and was a 20th anniversary gift from my wife.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Danberg: “I live and die for whitetail, and I know I will forever.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jesse Ross: “I was looking for a good shot of a non-typical to get a tattoo and I just couldn’t get this one out of my head.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jay Bjorklund: “I live and breathe for deer hunting season to come around. I had this tattoo done last year while I was down in Florida. It’s only the second deer the artist had ever done.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Heather Vaith: “My boyfriend got this tattoo because he’s an avid hunter.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ryan Mondary: “That’s me and my sister showing off our tattoos while I was on leave from Iraq.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Charles M. Freeman: “This serves as a remembrance of my son who died at 24 years young, Dustin Raymond Freeman. The bottom deer is the one and only deer he ever shot — a 12-pointer. The other three are mine, and the top is an albino.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Kyle Reese: “I got this done because I’m an avid hunter and fisherman. My next tattoo is going to be a largemouth bass.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Bill Galante: “I took a friend’s son hunting and taught him what I know. These are three of the bucks he’s shot, so therefore, school’s out! He can teach me now.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike McNulty: “I’ve always wanted a whitetail deer tattoo and finally got this one last fall.” Field & Stream Online Editors
James Eichinger: “Being an avid whitetail photographer and bow hunter, I wanted to put a mark on my arm. I’m proud to show support for the sport I love.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jonathan Warren: “I just can’t help but love deer!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chad Bullock: “I got this tattoo because my older brother, who was killed in a car accident two years ago, got me started in bow hunting. He was my hunting mentor and partner and I miss him every day. I’m thankful for the time we spent together.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Cain: “The reason I got this is simple. I’m all about whitetail hunting.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Korey D. Pruitt: “I had the idea for this tattoo for a long time, but it took over a year to find an artist who could draw it to my liking. I’ve been an avid deer hunter for over 20 years.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jared Guillien: “Deer hunting has always been in my blood, and on my 18th birthday I decided it was time to put it on my skin. When I get cabin fever, I just take a look and I’m instantly in West Salem, WI, 15 feet high in my favorite hickory tree with my bow.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chad M. Jarvis: “My younger brother Jesse passed away in an ATV wreck. Hunting was something we loved to do together. So every time I see this arm it helps me remember those times.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ellsworth Orndorff: “This tattoo represents a 9-point non-typical buck that I harvested.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Mark Garrison: “I got this done because deer have always been my favorite animal to hunt and just see and learn about.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Donald Poppenfuse: “This was to thank my dad for getting me into deer hunting. The writing says ‘Thanks Dad’ in German. I had this done a month after his death.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Nathan Atwood: “I always wanted something that wouldn’t go out of style, and hunting whitetails never will. My three little girls got me a shirt for Father’s Day with this deer on it, so I took the shirt to tattoo parlor and that was that.” Field & Stream Online Editors
John Burke: “I got this done because my 16-year-old brother Jared had been killed in a hunting accident with me in Illinois 8 years ago. I drew it myself, and it is a constant memorial to him and serves as a reminder to those that knew him to be safe when hunting.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jon Wilson: “I have two passions…hunting and Scottish bagpipes. I’ve played in pipe bands for over 20 years and this tattoo shows between the hem of my kilt. It’s significant to me because it’s my first trophy buck taken during the rut.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Nick Meredith: “I love to hunt and fish, but ever since I joined the Marine Corp, I haven’t had time, so I got this tattoo to remind me of the outdoors while I’m deployed overseas.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Clay Nally: “I decided to get this tattoo just because I love deer hunting and European mounts.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Shannon Lewis: “This tattoo represents the passion I have for hunting and the respect I have for whitetail deer.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matthew L. Zicafoose: “I got this tattoo to do something different and preserve my deer hunting heritage.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chip Wooten: “My father started taking me hunting when I was 10. I got this tattoo so people will see it and ask me about deer hunting.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jody Bowers: “This tattoo reminds me of things I have done in the past that I do not want to repeat.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jimmy Tricoukes: “I’m sending you this shot on behalf of my brother. When the season hits, he’s a ghost. This is one of five whitetail tats he has.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ben: “I got this tattoo as a Valentine’s Day present from my wife in 2007.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Derick Harrington: “I always wanted something relating to deer because I love to hunt. It just seemed like a cool thing to get.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Benjamin Brannon: “I’m a hunter. I spend a lot of time in the woods. This deer represents that part of me.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Zac Williams: “I got this tattoo to honor and acknowledge the American tradition of hunting the majestic whitetail deer.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Matulka: “I’ve always loved deer hunting, and I thought this is the only tattoo I could get that wouldn’t look bad as I grow older because my passion for hunting will always be there.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Clint Turner: “I always wanted a deer tattoo, so I got this last summer while on vacation in Florida. It’s a souvenir I’ll never forget.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Bruce Mandrell: “I have lung disease from being exposed to to a chemical. I was told I wouldn’t be able to hunt like I used to, so I had this put on my shoulder to show how much deer hunting means to me.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Wolfe: “I got this tattoo two years ago. My dad and I looked for the right picture for quite a while, and when we saw this one we both agreed it was the right one. Now with both have this tattoo.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Rocky Rockholt: “I got this tattoo because I am a die-hard deer hunter and I love European style mounts.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Riley: “I’m an avid bow hunter, and more often than not, the deer get the best of me.” Field & Stream Online Editors
John Phillips: “I live for deer hunting and watching big deer.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Hughes: “I got this just because I love bow hunting for whitetail deer.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jim Fuller: “I got this ink done because I eat, sleep, and breathe deer hunting and wanted this as a tribute to the best big game animal on the planet!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Rick Fognano: “I always told myself the first rack I took would also be the inspiration for my first tattoo. After I shot this 8-point buck during the 2006 muzzleloader season, I went straight to the tattoo shop to make an appointment.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Peter Lechnir: “Got this for the love of bow hunting. Why else?” Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott “Sparky” Chevalier: I’ve taken two bucks in three years of hunting, both is a .50-caliber, half-stock cap-lock replica muzzleloader.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Jeff Cantara: “I love everything about whitetail deer. It goes beyond hunting them. I enjoy photographing them as well as just seeing them.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Greg Potts: “I am an avid hunter, and yes, deer do get under my skin.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Ricky Holloway: “I love the outdoors and love deer hunting. I had a picture of a 236 B&C; with two drop-tines and wanted it on my arm. The artist who did this changed a few things so you could see all the horns.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Andy Townsend: “I had always wanted a tattoo, and there isn’t anything in my life that means more to me than hunting.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Matt Joralemon: “I love deer hunting, but I didn’t want some Bambi-looking deer on my arm. So this was what I ended up with.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Brad Mertz: “Got this tattoo for the simple fact that I’m a die-hard deer hunter. That’s it.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Josh Durecki: “I this is a tattoo of my first buck. I shot it when I was 14.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Derrick Resler: “I decided to get a deer forever inked on my arm because of my passion for deer and deer hunting. The sport has been passed down through my family for generations. Now I share it with my son.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Michael Gordon: “I’ve got a serious passion for the whitetail deer!” Field & Stream Online Editors
Harry Saddock: “I got this done in Lincoln, NE, while traveling for work as a birthday present to myself. It’s my favorite woodland critter!” Field & Stream Online Editors
John Lauer: “I got this because other than my wife Karin and my son Hunter, deer hunting is my favorite thing in life.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Butch Patrick: “The deer head was the logo of mu company, Whitetail Roofing, and the horns represent all those I’ve collected over the years. The tattoo just seemed right.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Mike Gummel: “This tattoo is of a deer I killed in Delaware about 4 years ago.” Field & Stream Online Editors
Chris Watson: “I’ve been hunting since I was 6. Now I’m 48 and figured what better way to show off my favorite hobby than to get a tattoo?” Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Hitchcock: “I know this is not a deer, but growing up in Colorado, it’s easy to fall in love with this deer cousin, the Rocky Mountain elk.” Field & Stream Online Editors