Reader Shots: Photos of the Week
Field & Stream Online Editors
Brent Barnes played tug-o-war with this massive sturgeon for over an hour before subduing it on his kayak. The fish was safely released back into San Francisco Bay. Field & Stream Online Editors
Casey Walker of DeWitt, IA, shot this monster buck with a muzzleloader during the 2007 season. Field & Stream Online Editors
Keri Book of Palmyra, PA, with her first turkey. It took five years of hunting for her to finally get a good shot at a gobbler. Field & Stream Online Editors
Ken Smith of Front Royal, VA, shot this bear with his bow while hunting in Saskatchewan last May. Field & Stream Online Editors
Bryan Brumwell of Minot, ND, sent us this shot of his hunting dog Bailey in mid-air. Field & Stream Online Editors
The rest of these photos might not have made it into our picks of the week, but check them out, because they’re still pretty cool. Here are the runners up. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Arant and Matt Willoughby noodled these big cats from the Ross Barnett Reservoir near Brandon, MS. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joseph Wade, Jr., 16, shot this carp while bowfishing the Mosquito Creek Reservior near Colebrook, OH. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jamie Smith of Salem, KY, with her 5-pounder caught along the Lake Barkey shoreline. Field & Stream Online Editors
Nathan Vasek of Laramie, WY, with a pronghorn he shot last fall. Field & Stream Online Editors
J.C. Blauvet and son John pose with a nice Rio Grande turkey. J.C. booked this hunt for his son as a graduation present. Field & Stream Online Editors
Walker Knight with a mixed bag of waterfowl he shot near Katy, TX, last Decemeber. Field & Stream Online Editors
Jason Lochner of Irwin, PA, shows off his 20-pound gobbler taken in May. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tahnya Neal of Olympia, WA, needed some help from her guide to hoist this 62-pound salmon she caught in the Kenai River. Field & Stream Online Editors
Joe Suriano hooked this muskie on his third cast of the morning while fishing a private lake near Rockford, IL. The fight lasted 20 minutes. Field & Stream Online Editors
Tyler Jones of Luray, VA, shot this black bear with his muzzleloader last November. Field & Stream Online Editors
Lisa Harrington of Peyton. CO, landed this heavy trout during a fishing trip to New Mexico. Field & Stream Online Editors
Kellis Winn, 10, scored this 24-inch redfish while wading the shallows of Rockport, TX. Field & Stream Online Editors
Davis Bradley, 8, caught this 12-pound channel cat near Marion, IL. Field & Stream Online Editors
John Priest (left) Jim MacWalter and Andy MacWalter pose with some birds they shot last December during a hunt in Connecticut. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Kemps sent us this photo of his wife with a fat Colorado rainbow trout. Field & Stream Online Editors
David Nesbitt landed this rainbow trout while fishing outside of Asheville, NC. Field & Stream Online Editors
Seven-year-old Roger Fuller of Rudolph, WI, with his first northern pike. Roger caught it this June on Abram’s Lake in Ontario, Canada. Field & Stream Online Editors
Will Muckle of Mascot, TN, pulled this snapping turtle from a drain pipe on his family’s pond. Field & Stream Online Editors
Paul Boss of Alger, MI, had to call this turkey away from two hens to get his shot. Field & Stream Online Editors
James Butcher fooled this bass on a Jitterbug early in the morning during an outing on Mazonia Lakes in Braidwood, IL. Field & Stream Online Editors
Isaiah Copper holds up his first fish. The monster was taken with help from Isaiah’s granddad during a trip to Lake Lanier. Field & Stream Online Editors
Anthony Henry of Coopersville, MI, caught this bass while slow-trolling a spinnerbait. Field & Stream Online Editors
Christa Schrowang of Derry, NH, with a 1-pound bluegill caught during her third lifetime fishing trip. Field & Stream Online Editors
Charlie Aleval of Brownsville, TX, hooked into this bass on July 4th. Field & Stream Online Editors
Steve Jostes nailed these two bass on Wisconsin’s Devil’s Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gary Wilhite of Glen Rose, TX, used a live perch to hook this 25-pound falthead catfish Field & Stream Online Editors
Suzannah Brooks, 11, used a Rebel Broke-Back Minnow to pull this bass from a pond near Quantico, VA. Field & Stream Online Editors
Gage Freeland of Bastrop, TX, with a nice bass he caught on a spinnerbait. Field & Stream Online Editors
Robert Rowsome with a nice bass caught at dusk near Silver Spring, MD. Field & Stream Online Editors
Eric Osborn with the first freshwater drum he’s taken with his bow. Field & Stream Online Editors
Brian Johns of Coalinga, CA, with a 30-inch catfish. Field & Stream Online Editors
Justin Makara stuck this chunky largemouth in a small Connecticut lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Five-year-old Jadyn Kawecki reeled in this bass all by herself in Minnesota’s Long Lake. Field & Stream Online Editors
Scott Barnum shot these turkeys on a hunt outside of Bloomington, MN. Field & Stream Online Editors
Darren Fixler of Orlando, FL, hooked this bass on a small pond near Disney World. Field & Stream Online Editors