Having a tac pen on hand can be extremely useful in facing a number of occurrences that could otherwise turn your day into a nightmare. And they can be handy in a variety of not-so-critical situations, too.

Top Pick

Solid and simply constructed, this is made to deliver a devastating strike in a dangerous situation. Atomic Bear

When most people talk about every-day carry (EDC), they’re referring to a concealed firearm used for self-defense purposes. In the absence of a gun, though, a tactical pen is a frequently overlooked tool that could save your life one day. Why carry a pen that can only be used for writing when you can get one that’ll help you defend yourself as well?

Emergency Back-Up

This option has a sturdy point made of tempered steel. Gerber

Many top-rated tactical pens are made rugged enough so that the user can break glass with the tip. Such utility can spell the difference between safe and sorry in an emergency situation.

Great Value

This item will also come in handy when completing everyday tasks. TF Takeflight

A pen that can write, be used for self-defense and break glass provides more than enough good reasons to make a purchase. But many models offer other features too, like built-in flashlights, bottle openers and more.