When you see a dirt road winding and twisting up a ridge outside your window while cruising on the freeway, do you just want to take the next exit, shift to 4Lo and blast to the top of the mountain? If you answered yes to any or all of these questions, then you’re like us, and if you’re like us, you’re going to want to hear more about General Tire’s Grabber X3.

We all have that one friend on another level…They’ll say things like, “It’s about the journey, man—not the destination”. While most of these friends’ decisions might be questionable (we’re not naming any names!), deep down, you know they’re right. General Tire’s engineers put the Grabber X3 through brutal testing and packed it with a slew of features to guarantee you not only make it to your destination, but that you enjoy the journey, too. 

Let’s start with the good stuff. The Grabber X3 is an extreme, all-season mud-terrain tire for light trucks and SUVs. While there’s no shortage of rubber to choose from in this category, there are some common trends and issues to watch out for. Let’s be honest…big tires look cool, and most of the trucks fitted with them don’t see anything much rougher than the speedbumps in their Starbucks parking lot, but massive tread blocks and hard compounds can ruin your plush ride in an instant. At what point does comfort outweigh aesthetics? That’s a personal question, we know, but General Tire built the Grabber X3 so you don’t have to battle with such a dilemma. 

The X3 was developed with harmony in mind; gnarly off-road prowess is delicately balanced with quiet on-road manners, and aggressive looks seal the deal. Beefy tread blocks form a pattern you can’t wait to see imprinted on the trails, and they make their way to the edge of sidewalls for that classic mud-terrain look. Whether you want to run the OG Smooth Red Letter (SRL) sidewalls or go minimalist Black Sidewall (BSW), General Tire has you covered. And with sizing from 15”-22” wheels, the options are endless.

Open Google maps, and the world is your oyster. There’s no terrain the Grabber Xcan’t handle; deep mud, loose dirt and rock-covered trails are no match. It’s one thing to approach sketchy terrain with the confidence you can make it to your campsite, but having the confidence that your tires will take the abuse you throw at them is really where the Grabber shines. General Tire infused these do-it-all tires with Duragen Technology—the same tech used for strength and reliability they’ve become synonymous with in their race programs. Badass? We think so!

Duragen Technology not only makes the Grabber X3 strong, but it also makes it cut-and-chip resistant thanks to a thick skin and carefully formulated compound. The icing on the cake? Extended tread life. Again, it’s not necessarily hard to find tires in this sector that check these boxes, but often, a tire like this is LOUD on the road. Have you ever been passed by a lifted off-road truck at 80mph? There’s no howl like it. And if you can hear it from inside your vehicle…Just imagine how loud it is in theirs. General Tire isn’t about that life, and we aren’t either, which makes the Grabber X3 our go-to choice when your weekend adventures take you deep off the beaten path. 

Mud-terrains usually don’t do snow or rain, either. They’re notorious for being one-trick-ponies—but again, General Tire saw this not as a chance to do more of the same, but as an opportunity to do better. The Grabber X3 is a true all-season, meaning whether you’re in below freezing temps, deep snow or a torrential downpour, you can kick back on your journey, worry-free about whatever obstacles mother nature has in store for you along the way. 

In our experience, with a pastime like camping and overlanding, looking cool is almost the number one priority, but you don’t look cool when you’re stuck halfway up the trail in a mud pit, begging someone for a tow. The General Tire’s Grabber Xgets a perfect score from us because it talks the talk, and walks the walk—see you on the trails.