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For $600, you could buy a very good knife of a modern steel, a strong folding saw, a contractor-grade hammer, and a proven Swedish-forged backcountry axe—and you might still have enough cash left over for a front brake job on your pickup. Or, you could purchase a beast that company ACLIM8 is dubbing a “weaponized survival tool.”

Behold—the COMBAR Pro multitool!

No surprise, the COMBAR Pro was born on the Internet, with a very successful Kickstarter campaign. It’s hard to justify the cost of this thing—not to mention another $45 for a belt holster, or $95 for the case—but if you need a gift for someone who has everything, then this tool is pretty unique.

It’s hard to imagine the ideal user for this (bushcrafter? off-roader? hipster?), and, yes, the COMBAR easy to make fun of, but the tool is well made. It locks up tight, and stays tight even after extending wailing away in the woods. The textured-glass reinforced handle is light and strong. The spade blade is titanium. Everything clips in and out with a satisfying snap. My biggest gripe (aside from the price) is that I wish the axe blade and knife blade were something a little sexier than the ho-hum 420J2 and 420HC, respectively. The saw, on the other hand, sporting a Bosch reciprocating wood blade, is a beast.

That tool alone would be good to have at camp or for trimming branches in the treestand. Unfortunately, it’s just one feature in a multitool…that costs $600.