A YouTube video of a bicyclist getting taken out by a leaping deer shouldn’t be funny…but it’s hilarious. The deer just flies into the frame from out of nowhere, clips a speeding cyclist—these guys look like they’re spinning along at 30 miles per hour at least—and keeps going. The animal’s feet never touch the ground.

The clip is accompanied by the following description, which sounds as if it was written by a committee of insurance underwriters: “During the Wise Choice Cycling Club’s Auto-Immune Disease Awareness Ride today, one of the riders had an unfortunate incident involving a deer. The rider was able to complete the ride as this happened about 3 miles into the 26-mile ride for the day. The deer also walked away from the incident unharmed.”

Actually, the deer isn’t shown walking anywhere, in the video at least. It just disappears off the side of the road. You have to see the wild encounter, which lasted only a couple of seconds, for yourself. It took place on September 12, 2021.

People’s reactions to videos like this are always telling. Sooner or later what’s really on our minds comes out. One commenter on the YouTube video played on the cyclists’ trope that, in an accident, your first concern is not the rider. “Oh my gosh,” they wrote. “Is the bike okay?” 

Besides that comment, there was a lot of general agreement that helmets save lives, as well as the throwing of shade on those who disagree. 

“Shut up to the people who say ‘I’m careful/I avoid cars/I ride slowly,’ Anything can happen,” wrote one person.

But the really interesting thing? Reading down the hundreds of comments on the video, you see a growing appreciation for the deer: “Everyone is talking about the cyclist. Holy $#!% that deer flew across the entire road!” said one commenter.

“It didn’t even touch asphalt!” adds someone else.

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“The skill at which that deer saved itself from breaking its neck was amazing.”

One viewer, seeking to broaden the geographic range of the conversation, wrote: “[We’ve] got the same problem here in Australia, but with kangaroos.”

One American commenter wasn’t going to let that proclamation stand unchallenged.  “I ride in Kentucky,” he wrote. “I’ve come upon Bears!”