Here’s some hair-raising proof that you never want to be between a mother grizzly bear and her cubs. The short video clip, posted to Instagram by Viral Hog, shows a grizzly galloping toward a slow-moving pickup then barreling through a barb wire fence before before bluff charging the truck and veering off.

“I got four grizzly bears running down the road in front of me,” the driver can be heard saying at the beginning of the clip. “A big sow and three cubs.” At first, all four bears dip through the fence and into a snow covered field after seeing the truck on the road. But then sow comes racing back toward the truck.

“She’s not very happy. Look at her charging me,” the driver says, beeping his horn at the massive bear. Running at full speed, the giant bear leaps into the air and gracefully slides through the a gap in the barbed wire before continuing on toward the truck. “She’s mad,” the driver says. “That was cool.”

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Cool from the safety of a pickup perhaps, but the amazing video footage is a sobering reminder of how quickly a sow grizz can close the gap if it feels like its cubs are being threatened. After the grizzly came just a feet from pummeling the truck’s side panel, it darted back into the field to join its cubs in a clump of alder brush. According to Yahoo News, the incident took place in Alberta, Canada.