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YES, IT’S CRITICALLY IMPORTANT to hunt with a high-quality, deadly effective broadhead. But that doesn’t make choosing among the myriad offerings a whole lot easier. We’re here to help. Among the latest 2007 models, we’ve narrowed the list down to the three most promising.

[1] Perfect for the accuracy obsessed, expandable heads fly like field points. But you risk mechanical failure. And that’s why the seemingly foolproof mechanism of the new PISTON POINT ($38 for three; 406-669-4141; is creating such a buzz. This innovative head works like, well, a piston. On impact, the rear cylinder, which is connected to the tip by a shaft, thrusts forward with the full inertia of the speeding arrow to open the rear-deployment blades. These then lock into place and perform like fixed blades inside an animal. In flight, the head is .55 inch in diameter; after deployment it’s 1½ inches. Ideal for deer and smaller game, the Piston Point is original and potentially groundbreaking.

[2] You can count on a fixed-blade head to be durable and to maintain its integrity as it penetrates game. Magnus’ new SNUFFER SS ($32 for three; 620-793-9222; is simple, reliable, and deadly on deer and bigger game. Basically, it’s the excellent original Snuffer made far more compact for today’s faster arrows. Constructed of stainless steel that’s soft enough to be resharpened, the SS comes in 100- (1 1/16-inch cutting diameter) and 125-grain (1 1/8) sizes.

[3] After years of majoring in one-piece steel models, G5 now has a great new option for archers who want the guaranteed factory-edge sharpness that comes with replaceable-blade heads. Available in 100 and 125 grains, the STRIKER ($33 for three; 866-456-8836; features a unique blade-locking system dubbed ANIX that secures each blade snugly under the cut-on-contact tip. The ferrule is stainless steel, and the surgical .03-inch blades cut a 1 1/8-inch channel. This is an eye-catching design that should have no problem stopping your next buck, black bear, or elk.